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Friday, December 30, 2022

Thursday, December 29, 2022

2022: Year in Review

What.a.year. 2022 was some of the highest highs for me and some of the lowest lows. I decided to move across the country knowing no one (yet again). Changed jobs at my company for something that truly scared me and you know what? Past me was right, it's terrifying to join a new field. I started another TikTok account (two clearly wasn't enough) and I've been struggling to deal with the consequences of moving. Don't get me wrong it has been lovely and I'm fairly obsessed with Charlotte, but it has come with its challenges. Overall I love 2022 for its faults and phenomenal moments and I'm so glad y'all were along for the ride. See you in 2023!

We experienced the aftermath of the worst hurricane to ever hit my childhood community.
We said goodbye to my Denver, Colorado life via a Parent-Trap-themed party.
We visited North & South Carolina(s) on a mom-daughter trip.
We updated our Black-owned restaurants in Denver.
We screamed Taylor Swift songs in a giant scarf.
We participated in our last Sampling for Hope.
We visited Steamboat Springs on a girls trip.
We had our first photo in a visitors guide.
We made period kits for people in need.
We moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.
We had our first interns in the program.
We created a friend group in Charlotte.
We checked off states in the Midwest.
We finally made it to Devils Tower.
We said goodbye to my coworkers.
We went on a lot of press dinners.
We traveled to Toronto, Canada.
We threw a Mamma Mia party.
We hosted an epic potato party.
We went to Hayden, Colorado.
We visited Serena in Portland.
We moved across the country.
We created my first snowman.
We did a lot of presentations.
We got vaxxed (a few times).
We reunited with our bestie.
We turned 26.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Resolutions in Review


It's strange. This year felt a lot like 2020 did, for me. You see, I set my resolutions in 2020 and then 2.5 months later everything changed. And a similar thing happened to me this year.

I typically spend an extended time at home in Florida during the holidays — often not coming back until at least the third week in January. I did the same this year and when my roommate picked me up from the airport she shared that she was going to buy a condo this year and move out. I felt the bottom of my stomach drop out because I had lived with her for four years. I loved her as a roommate and the idea of having to move somewhere in Denver without her or just moving in Denver (a city which I liked but never looooved) was daunting.

So I sat on it for a bit. And then my birthday party happened...or should I say my first birthday party happened. And we had an epic snow storm...as is usual in Colorado in February. But I put a ton of effort into my Mamma Mia bash and people had to cancel because of the snow (as they should have, I'm not mad at my friends, I was mad at the weather). And then I found out some other very upsetting news and I had a full on breakdown. It wasn't pretty. There were so many tears...over a lot of different things. I haven't really talked about it now that I'm typing this out...I don't think I really told anyone how disturbed I was by everything that was happening at the time. I don't think I actually grieved it all properly (not the birthday, the other thing). It was a rough night.

Fast forward to the day after that menty b and I made up my mind, I was moving to Charlotte. I rescheduled the birthday party, told my parents & roommate and we were a go. Then came the part of asking my then boss if I could work remotely permanently, something I was super stressed about but she agreed to easily. It was all going so great.

Then May/June happened in which a SVP at my company approached me to take on a new role at our company. It was scary but I pretty readily agreed even though the transition would take place only a month before my move across the country.

And now you're probably thinking, isn't this what goes into your "Year in Review?" And normally, yes. But, I wanted to give y'all the backstory to why my resolutions tanked in May 2022. I got so stressed with the moving and the new job and the sadness of moving away from all my friends and the depression of giving up pretty intense success from TikTok and some other stuff that kind of ruined the year in some ways but made the year extremely memorable in others. So, let's review these resolutions!


It was my goal to get Haute Table back to looking normal — those triangle error message photo boxes are super annoying. And some of it happened, I try to fix a few a week, but mainly just getting a normal blog post out was difficult this year. I will continue to work on it though.


I definitely have gone to more breweries this year than last year! Is it because I've been with my parents more this year? Probably. But I am trying to seek out breweries in Charlotte with some of my new friends so this is ongoing.


OMG this was going so well. And then everything else happened in my life. I even started a series "Everything I Cooked In ___." But this fell by the wayside when everything else got stressful. I did find an incredible tomato soup recipe and maybe we'll see this resolution come back in 2023...

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Monday, December 26, 2022

Monday Links

Happy week where time flies and doesn't at the same time!

Antisemitism has no place in this world.

Loved reading about Emily's trip to London.

Nancy Meyers is my favorite director ever and I want to be in a kitchen designed by her as well.

An interesting app for party planning — from book clubs to weddings — that I'm interested in.

Some things to watch when you're off work.

Might need this cookbook for 2023, what are some of your favorites?

Desperately want a Mr. Christmas for next year.

I loved Lady Chatterley's Lover and the main man is so good! Here are some thoughts you might have while watching it...

36 most anticipated Charlotte restaurants and info on newcomers and expansions! But as a downer, here are books Charlotte-area libraries are trying to ban.

Adding Brevard's downtown and Durham's Dickens lover's home to my Christmas must-visit list next year.

Are these PJs a want or a NEED?

5 free museums in Paris to check out next time you're there.

Thoughts on the 100 best films of all time? I do love Vertigo, Rear Window, GoodFellas and Casablanca.

Need this peanut butter pie in my life.

Definitely want to institute this in my family next year.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Happy Holidays

I hope y'all have a lovely few days off and get to spend them however you wish!

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Potato Party

There is something so comforting about a potato dish. And when I was thinking about what to theme my holiday party this year...I couldn't stop thinking about the great starch. So, I give you the potato party. The perfect way to get through the cold months with your friends. Task every person with their favorite potato dish, provide the atmosphere and drinks and there you go!

I made potato garland with all kinds of potato types. You just need card stock, scissors, a printer, a hole punch and string.

I bought a bag of mini potatoes and just placed them around my apartment.

Everything was so delicious!

My Christmas Decorations

I thought I'd share my Christmas decor with you this year, because I love it. This is the first time I've lived alone since college and I wanted to go all out. I did a choose-and-cut real tree from Red Barn Tree Farm early on in December and kind of decorated for the season throughout. My theme was disco christmas and I'd love to hear y'all's thoughts!

I was inspired by the disco ball ornaments in the dollar section at Target. They had three sizes and it was too good to pass up. I can't find the exact versions, but these are close enough. I already had two disco balls but I wanted to get nutcrackers covered in mirror tiles...turns out that doesn't really exist so I decided to make my own! You just need mirror tiles with adhesive and it's not a hard job. I also got this grey tree collar and I love the look. Tree skirts annoy me way too much!

For the tree topper I bought a party hat, covered it in mirror tiles and added silver tinsel to the bottom. I also bought tinsel strings for the tree, because why not?

I spotted this light-up reindeer that is inspired by Mr. Christmas at Walgreens.

This aluminum Christmas tree comes from my dad's side of the family and I just thought it complimented my disco theme so well. Target has a new version.

I had to trim some of my tree off, but it smelled too good to get rid of it!

This mug is very old (back before I knew how awful Anthro treated people), but you can find it here!

Just put this silver tinsel garland everywhere...

My mom bought me this sparkly Christmas light garland years ago, I found it on Poshmark but it looks like it has sold!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Stocking Stuffers

Still looking for some easy stocking stuffers for your friends and family? Look no further! I've got you covered with some interesting things that you should still be able to get in time for the holidays. What's your favorite from below?

Some highlights: I love my Deep Conditioning Mask from this brand and my family loves to do Foot Masks around the holiday season. These Orange Blossom Earrings feel perfect for the Floridian in your life and this Sleep Mask looks incredible for migraine sufferers.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Week Re-Cap

OOO boy! It has been a long time since the last re-cap, huh? Well...I traveled a LOT in November. San Antonio, Austin, Tallahassee, Bermuda and of course tried to learn more about my new city, Charlotte. It was a whirlwind and I just got extremely overwhelmed, but here we are, back again! How are y'all??

Had some extra time at the airport for a beer with a view.

Hannah's cats looooved me.

Besties + margaritas + movies = happy times.

The best sweet potato muffin.

Cute little San Antonio coffee truck

Finally visited Boerne!

The town has such cute antique and vintage shops.

A Greek lunch

After reading about Carriqui in Texas Monthly I was desperate to visit, so we did and it was good!

Went to Lightscape at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

The wallpaper at a speakeasy.

Hannah and I are obsessed with the peppermint whipped cream at Target (I love the marshmallow one too).

Reese Bros BBQ

After years of wanting to visit Kitty Cohen's in Austin, we did!

The new flowerbeds at UT are so cool!

A Sunday farewell over brunch.

Lucky Goat's Candy Cane Latte is incredible.

Some pretty flowers from a walk.

Bada Bean's cranberry orange muffins are incred.

Big Shoals State Park was so cool!

Waffle from Canopy Roads

More pretty flowers on a walk.


The best time of year at my favorite grocery store.

Finally went to Kool Beans in Tally!

Love a little neighborhood.

Got to watch the incredible FSU soccer team!

Cold Hearted Gelato

Finally visited Terrapin in Athens.

Pre-work-trip coffee.

Dinner from Optimist Hall

Lunch at Undercurrent Coffee

Finished this one!

Sweet potato cake at B.W. Sweets

My favorite breakfast sandwich at Laurel Market.

Fall walk

Ace No. 3

Steak N Shake's holiday milkshake is incredible!

Mezeh's bowls are solid.

The pizza at Heist is really good!

Big fan of Mattie's Diner's pot roast.

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