Friday, July 31, 2020

Denver Diaries: 88 Drive-In Theatre

So, it's summer in Colorado but it's also a global pandemic. How do you get out of the house, safely, and do something fun? The answer is the 88 Drive-In in Commerce City — north Denver, not far from the Shops at Northfield. It's totally classic — a dirt lot with a old-school snack stand and a massive screen. For just $9 you can see three movies starting at 8:30pm. While the movies don't start screening until that time, I highly recommend getting there early as we arrived at around 7:50pm and the lot was almost full. They label the parking areas by the size of your vehicle so your view shouldn't be obstructed. The snack bar dishes up various delights (think pizza, hotdogs, burgers, etc.) and we opted for the medium popcorn, because, why not? We also brought pillows and blankets, put the seats down and created our own oasis in the fresh Colorado air. Everything about the experience feels nostalgic and kind of like you wandered into the set of Grease. Would y'all go? — xoxo darling, Hayden

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Target Dress Round-Up

We all know I'm obsessed with Target but I think they are killing it with their dress options this summer. I mean look at these ladies! I would wear each of them to a socially-distanced picnic or for my once a month trip to the grocery store or even on an online know via Zoom because why not? Which one is your favorite? — xoxo darling, Hayden
1. Red Printed Dress, 2. Yellow Dress, 3. Burnt Orange Dress, 4. Pink Gingham Dress, 5. Blue Dress, 6. Black & White Dress, 7. Green Dress, 8. Pink Tank Dress, 9. Red Dress, 10. Pink Shirtdress

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Week Re-Cap

Sunday morning tacos from El Taco de Mexico.
Happy Wednesday my dudes. It has been a pretty good week. I saw some friends for dinner (outside & socially distanced), tried some new restaurants and got caught up on some things. This week I have no plans...wild I know, but I'm sure something will pop up! How are you? — xoxo darling, Hayden
Y'all, they put Pride & Prejudice on Netflix and I've already watched it twice.
A dinner at Roots in Broomfield.
My spirit group's alumni happy hour.
Saturday dinner from Cuba Cuba.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Latest TikToks

Here are my latest TikToks, I start making my own tomorrow so be sure to tune in — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 100: The Wilma Mankiller ##LegendaryChallenge ##GreentoPurple ##BeautyReview ##foryoupage

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 101: The Susan B. Anthony ##LaughPause ##LegendaryChallenge ##ChocolateRecipe ##foryou

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 102: The Eve ##FurnitureFlip ##HomeGym ##LegendaryChallenge ##feministcocktails ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 103: The Women’s Suffrage ##GimmeLove ##ReadingList ##foryoupage ##feministcocktails ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 104: The Emma Goldman ##TheOldGuard ##FoodReview ##HungerGames ##foryoupage ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 105: The Mary Wollstonecraft ##ColorCustomizer ##TheOldGuard ##FashionFavorites ##foryou

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 106: The LGBTQ Movement ##TikTokTaughtMe ##MagicMoment ##TheOldGuard ##foryoupage ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 107: The Bernardine Dohrn ##BeatsDaisyChallenge ##FashionEdit ##VibeZone ##foryoupage ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 108: The Marie Curie ##UnitedWeDance ##TwoOptions ##BeatsDaisyChallenge ##SummerProject

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 109: The Florence Nightingale ##BearWeek ##UnitedWeDance ##Phrog ##BeatsDaisyChallenge ##fy

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 110: The Birth Control ##MoreHappyDenimDance ##UnitedWeDance ##NicerToMe ##HiddenGems ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 111: The Rosa Luxemburg ##LaceEmUp ##MoreHappyDenimDance ##OneLoveOneHeart ##TextReaction

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 112: The Vagina Monologues ##LetsFaceIt ##LaceEmUp ##MoreHappyDenimDance ##Manifestation

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 113: The Judy Chicago ##TodayYearsOld ##LetsFaceIt ##LaceEmUp ##IceCreamDay ##foryoupage

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 114: The Sylvia Rivera ##WhatsUpDocChallenge ##LetsFaceIt ##PokemonGO ##foryoupage ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 115: The Take Back the Night ##LetsFaceIt ##WhatsUpDocChallenge ##IAmLost ##SkinCare ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 116: The Antigone ##SlurpeeSummer ##WhatsUpDocChallenge ##TikTokFanFest ##LetsFaceIt ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 117: The Bettie Page ##elfMagicAct ##SlurpeeSummer ##LetsFaceIt ##TokyoOlympics ##fyp


Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 118: The Our Bodies, Ourselves ##PlayBall ##elfMagicAct ##SlurpeeSummer ##FanArt ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 119: The Free the Nipple ##TooManyShoes ##elfMagicAct ##BiggestFan ##NotTheOne ##feminist

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 120: The Betty Friedan ##GreekFreakOut ##TooManyShoes ##PetsOfTikTok ##MeetMyParents ##fyp

Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 121: The Incite ##NobodyNeedsToKnow ##FashionEssentials ##GreekFreakOut ##TooManyShoes ##fy

Friday, July 24, 2020

Denver Diaries: Paint Mines + Elizabeth Roadtrip

Possibly one of my favorite things in Colorado, Paint Mines Interpretive Park is an easy drive southeast of Denver. Plus, the park is free to explore and everyone in the family will love it. Giant rocks of varying pinks, yellows and bright whites emerge as you walk along the pathways. The colors are caused by oxidized iron compounds that are found in varying amounts throughout the rocks. It kind of feels like it could be in Star Wars, but also on an Instagram model's feed. You can spend hours getting lost in the canyon-like bits or hiking around the top looking down at everyone trying to find the best angle with the pink rocks. 

Once you're done exploring the geologic formations I suggest driving north to Elizabeth for lunch at El Abuelo Family Restaurant. They do classic Tex-Mex food in a friendly atmosphere. Once your done hop back in your car and drive down to Main Street for adorable storefronts and a great little brewery.
Elizabeth Brewing Company is in a two story building with a great taproom up top. They make various types of beer but if they have a pine-y IPA, I suggest it. 
After you've downed a sudsy beverage, make your way back to Denver. Hope you've enjoyed this lil roadtrip — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Monthly Inspo No. 9

It has been a while since I've done a Monthly Inspo but I was feeling inspired to make one. Weirdly enough, my Pinterest is my highest performing social media form and y'all, I'm still just as in love with it as I was back in high school. So many beautiful photos exist on the platform and I find myself looking at it for ideas all the time. Do you still use Pinteres?
 The photo of people clinking glasses on here is something I miss so much. Summer in Colorado is supposed to be about drinking with your friends al fresco after a food festival, but alas. I can't wait until we can all be together again, ya know? Anyway, hope you enjoy — xoxo darling, Hayden.
Images found here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Week Re-Cap

A paloma from Uno Mas in Platt Park.
Happy hump day y'all. It has been a good week but a weird week. I've been feeling a bit idea why (is it my birth control? is it the world? is it our president). But I've finally started allowing myself to see my friends — if you know me I'm a bit...more than a bit...neurotic — so that has been wonderful. Plus, I've been to a few press/media dinners recently and just socializing (from a safe distance) and people watching has been wonderful. How are y'all doing? — xoxo darling, Hayden
A taco Tuesday well spent...
A spicy pizza from Homegrown Tap & Dough.
Saturday night at the drive-in.
A socially-distanced birthday party complete with Mac Nation goodies.
Monday margaritas because...we all deserve that energy.
Breakfast for dinner at Fuzzy's.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Links From Around the Web

It's time to lose half your morning to clicking through to a bunch of links about interesting topics...because what else are you going to do during quarantine? — xoxo darling, Hayden

A new (to-me) baking website that looks ahhhmazing.

Venita's collection of Black-owned businesses, Zoella's round-up, and Carly's favorites!

Love these masks with a flap to insert your straw through — to-go iced coffee & a walk anyone?

20 books to read this summer. Plus, more from Fashion Magpie.

Voter suppression is one of my hot-button issues & these 5 books are on my list to read.

An interesting look at how much it pays (or doesn't pay) to be an influencer.

Some of the best queer romcoms to watch/read.

Okay, I want this kitchen, like right now.

Adding this book (and this one) to my must-read list.


Such a feel-good post.

Anyone want to buy a house with a massive garden and turn it into one of these?

30 dress under $100 rounded up by Gal Meets Glam.

Very excited for this movie!

Kind of want to make pizza...with these tips.

This Hamptons house is something of dreams.

My class ring is looking a tad bit dingy so I might have to use this wash.

Told Marcus I want to go to Salem in the fall after this whole pandemic is over...

This post about microaggressions broke my heart.

I've never purchased from Everlane but I love Jess and her honesty in this post is I think how all influencers should be when it comes to working with brands. 

Some of my favorite food writers talk about their favorite meals...

Shop these online plant stores to complete your summer garden — or balcony if you're like me!

Learn about this awesome Black architect.

The new Beyonce movie looks epic.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Best Ice Cream Shops in Denver

National Ice Cream Day is this Sunday so I thought I'd share some of my favorite ice cream shops around the Denver area. Did I miss one of your favorites? Or did I list one? Let me know below — xoxo darling, Hayden.


This food truck roves around Denver's events and they make ice cream out of fruit...that's it. There's no dairy, which is insane because Ba-Nom-a-Nom is some of the creamiest ice cream I've ever had. Get the classic banana with chocolate and you will not regret it. The chocolate with sprinkles is also a whole new kind of awesome. 
Cornicello is a great post-meal treat in the Milk Market. I recommend the birthday cake flavor as it doesn't have that fake, sickly sweet flavoring that some cake batter ice creams have. To be honest, it reminded me of the Romeo and Juliet flavor of gelato Barnes & Noble used to have...anyone else remember a B&N Cafe before Starbucks took over?


This softserve place comes from the people behind Little Man Ice Cream and it's delightful. Located in Park Hill — my second favorite neighborhood in Denver — it serves up different flavors of softserve with tons of toppings. I had the vegan peppermint in a cone with oreos and pretzel sticks and was incredibly happy. 
In North Cap Hill, Frozen Matter is a delightful treat (there's even a speakeasy through the back freezer). The staff are incredibly nice, and they do some fun concoctions. I highly recommend the marshmallow cloud topping...because it is a cloud of marshmallow and that is wondrous.
One of my favorite spots in Aurora is Happy Tea. Their bubble waffle sundaes are a delight with fresh fruits and plenty of sprinkles. 

High Point Creamery

This is a very famous Denver spot as they do the ice cream flight; meaning five flavors of ice cream, one of their sauces and a few waffle cone chips. It's a great way to find out what your favorite HPC flavor is. I think salted caramel is my favorite.
Ice Cream Riot has crazy flavors, cereal milk anyone?, but my favorite thing is the Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich. Let me say, I don't even like fact, I kind of hate them. But there is something about the texture of soft ice cream and a crunchy Pop-Tart that just goes well together. I loved it. 

Inside Scoop Creamery

There are two locations of this old school ice cream shop, but I like the one in Littleton. Located just off the main drag, they have a bunch of flavors and it's near some mural art that makes for a great background if you want to snap a photo of your cone before diving in. 
Probably the most iconic ice cream spot in Denver, Little Man is in a literal milk can. Like a giant one. It's right in front of Linger in the Lower Highlands neighborhood (right across from downtown). Their salted oreo is something of dreams.
This is that classic small-town ice cream parlor you grew up going to. Brightly colored walls, what seems like miles of buckets of ice cream and plenty of cone options. Since we've been in quarantine I go get a few quarts of their Elk Tracks flavor at least once a month. 
While we might not consider shaved ice ice cream...I'm going to include it. I've never had something so soft, light and refreshing in my life. Under all of that delicious strawberry sauce is a mound of this shaved ice that is like nothing you've ever tried. I think this place is a must-try if you've never had it before.


A new pop-up in the Source foodhall, Melted does some strange flavors of softserve in pretty cones as well as thai buns. I still don't know how I feel about it but the pink tiles and the added bonus of it being in the Source make it an easy choice.
A fast-casual Denver chain, Mici, has good food but even better gelato.

Milkbox Creamery

Located inside Union Station, Milkbox dishes up Little Man Ice Cream in a subway tile setting. I had the creamsicle (it was summer) and sat out in the station with a book. So good.

Nella's Frozen Yogurt

Like all of the chains but with a local feel, Nella's is a classic froyo shop. They have tons of flavor options and of course, all the toppings. It brings that nostalgic feeling of getting froyo after a high school football game with my girlfriends. 
Home of Taco Tuesday — that's right the ice cream taco — Nugg's is a classic ice cream spot on East Colfax. I 10/10 recommend the taco because it isn't over the top. They only put one scoop, so it's a nice treat without being over-the-top. Also, Caroline's Birthday Cake is a great flavor!
Located in Belmar, Paciugo is a hidden gem. It has really good coffee and even better gelato. Plus, the staff is super nice. It's the perfect place to pop into for a shopping break.


I think Snowl was designed with social media in mind because it seems like every corner has a staple of the perfect aesthetic restaurant. This was also the first place (and only) I have had Taiyaki — those adorable fish shaped cones. I had it filled with red bean paste, taro and covered in fruity pebbles. The cone was so good because it wasn't overly sweet.

Ahhh, the classic Instagram friendly ice cream spot the bestie and I love so much. Sweet Cooies kind of feels like you've stepped onto the set of Mad Men with mod furniture, turquoise walls and lots of gold accents. But holy moly, the Gooey Cooie. Basically, a warm brioche bun is stuffed with ice cream of your choosing, drizzled with royal icing and covered in toppings of your choosing. It is gooey and delicious and everything you could ever want. It is owned by Little Man Ice Cream so if you like that, you'll love this.
Every location of this local chain has done me well. Truly, every flavor I've tried and every form of ice cream to come out of their kitchen has made my day. The York Patty and Hammonds Peppermint Bark are my favorites but there are tons of other amazing options. If you like salty with your sweet, try the pretzel cone. 
Looking for Dole Whip in Denver? Look no further! Sweet Sweetz is just north of downtown in a historic neighborhood. The staff is incredibly nice and their softserve pulls are generous. 

Wonder Tea

I love Thai-rolled ice cream. This particular spot is in a grocery store. Wonder is another Instagram place, there is a cute green wall with twinkle lights and a golden sign. I had the mango ice cream, which was so light and airy that I wanted to go back for more. The people running the shop are so sweet and gave me suggestions on what to top it with — overall a fantastic experience.

Zero Degrees

Yes, this is a chain but it's so unique I wanted to include it. I have never had Ube in my life but when I saw a photo of that beautiful lavender milkshake I knew I had to get my hands on it. The place gets packed but you can always find a parking spot and the line moves quickly. Most people, myself included, were getting items to go. The milkshake was so unique and I love how they embrace the over-the-top-ness with the toppings.