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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap

Hello world! I hope your weekend has been fantastic! And Happy Easter! This past week was a time to relax (thank you for spring break!). I was able to visit LSU--one of my prospective colleges and visit many other places in Louisiana. Below are just a few shots of my week/weekend. Enjoy!

Pork Chop at Bella Bella-Tallahassee

Chocolate Mousse Cake at Bella Bella-Tallahassee

Cookies & Cream Donut--Krispy Kreme Tallahassee

Welcome to Mississippi

Welcome to Louisiana

Quiche Lorraine-La Madeline--Baton Rogue

French Press Coffee-La Madeline--Baton Rouge

Chocolate Almond Croissant-La Madeline--Baton Rouge

Boudin Balls-The Chimes--Baton Rogue

My dad & I with the Mike the Tiger statue at LSU

Begniets at Coffee Call--Baton Rouge

Oak Alley

Palmier at La Madeline--New Orleans

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pinterest Love

View from St. Germain-Pres
That top... 

Love the shoes

Creamy Tomato Soup

How adorable

I have been to so many of these, 
and cannot wait to travel to the others. 
Umbrella perfection

Vineyard Vines

Love the light

This is the truth.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gotta Dance Tour--Naples Philharmonic 2013

I deem my life special, I love everything I do (or at least I try to), and to most people things are pretty ordinary. But then I am lucky enough to have something extraordinary in my life, and that was what dancing at the Naples Philharmonic with Jack Everly conducting was. I rehearsed and memorized many versions of the dance and worked my butt off for about a year, for the six performances. Our piece was the finale of the show, and I was only on stage for 40-something bars, but needless to say it was magical. There are so many amazing people who were along for this journey. These people include my wonderful parents, my dance teacher Jaime Knaub & her mother Kimberly Knaub (Kellyn Celtic Arts Irish Dance Academy), Jack Everly  (conductor), Tim O'Hare (the famous Irish dance teacher), Bridget, Ted, and Michael (the world champion Irish dancers), and of course my fellow dancers, Othello, Bethany, Kenya, Marissa, Sarah, Paige, Shelby, Colton & Sophie. All of them truly inspire me and I cannot wait to continue performing with them. Along the way we also met the Lombard twins who were featured in the movie Step Up 3D and a wonderful Broadway couple. The whole experience was truly magical--check out the pictures below!

One of the make-up pallets used

My hair in the standard up-do

Lipgloss is a must.

Sharing their love of the dance

Get jumpy with it.

Good luck smiles on the bottom of Shell's hard shoes.

Wigs on Wigs

Good luck flag stuck in the lights

Marissa + Lipgloss

Official dressing room

Othello + Sophie

This shot is so awesome.

Dressing room lights

Wig problems

Team work

Braiding process

With Tim O'Hare and his dancers!

With the Lombard twins-Facundo + Martin
YES they are from Step Up 3D

Again with the Lombards

Group shot 

With Bridget Linton

With Ted

Opening Night

Closing Night

Rehearsal with the fam

Dressing room shot on Closing Night

Close Up

With World Champ Michael Putman

We're adorable. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Orange Crunch Cupcakes

On Captiva there is a restaurant everyone knows about called the Bubble Room. The menu is pretty good, but what makes the trip worth while are the cakes. Everyone has a favorite, from White Christmas to Red Velvet, to Orange Crunch. I love them all, but Orange Crunch has a special place in my heart and that is why, once a year I make my spin on it with my cupcakes. Enjoy!

{What you need: vegetable oil, orange cake mix, 
brown sugar, eggs, cream cheese, butter, 
walnuts, confection sugar, salt, vanilla}

It's all in the prep work

Preheat & bake at 350 degrees f. 

 I bought pre-cut walnuts

Add two sticks of soft butter

Add brown sugar

Crush graham crackers

Stir until it mixes and you can mold it.

P.S. For these cupcakes I used a box mix because I was in a hurry, usually I use the restaurants recipe. Also, the crunch recipe can be found online and the cream cheese is simply 1/2 cup butter, 8oz cream cheese, 32oz of powdered sugar, and a pinch of salt. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Re-Cap

Although I have quickly posted outfits and various other items, I feel like I have not really re-caped my actual life for you all since February. It is kind of insane. My life has had so many twists and turns that I do not even know where to begin. But since I am a photo person I decided to go through my phone and camera and upload the photo's that have happened since the last time I did that, so I hope you enjoy my life for the past month.

A handwritten note from USC

Delicious coffee chocolate enjoyed while 
getting my make-up done for the Phil.

The first time we saw our dresses, wigs, & tights.

Norman Love chocolate brownie

Did anyone else see Google on
St. Patrick's day? Well, that is my life. 

A new bff of mine, we take fabulous photos.

Loukoumades at Greek Fest

Dolmades at Greek Fest

My radio on St. Paddy's Day. 

A pedicure that has since been
 ruined due to the Phil performance. 

Did I mention I finished the yearbook? :)

A shot my mama took of me at lunch one day.

Vogue Paris & Vogue Italia fresh 
off the plane from Germany.

A chocolate-y Bennett's donut.

Detail shot--shoes from Paris, a tassel fell off, 
but I feel like that gives them character. 

Heaven...food from Germany

Detail shot--a shirt from UO.

With one of my favorite middle-school authors, Ally Carter.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Quotes of the Week

Hey y'all! I am finally going to start updating the blog again, thanks to spring break! Tomorrow I will be posting a "life re-cap" because it has been so long and I have so much to share. I also have a yummy cupcake recipe for Wednesday. And of course a post all about my journey as a dancer for the Philharmonic, with maybe a book review thrown in the mix. As of now I am in Tally yet again, we are putting down eco-tile in our kitchen. On Wednesday I leave for Baton Rouge to do a college tour of LSU which I could not be more excited for. The quotes for this week have something to do with the south in some small or large way. Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

P.S. doesn't it seem that Winston Churchill has a quote for everything? 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pinterest Love

Hi all! I know it has been so long, but I am going to try to make a ton of posts this weekend. I hope you have all had a fantastic week!

This is me...all the time.


I love all of these shades.

How cool is this? 

No taco toes! 

This is amazing.

Colorful Hermes clutches!


Chanel anyone?

So adorable.


Pinterest Love