Friday, November 17, 2017

Intense Wanderlust

     This fall has been difficult in a weird sense of the word. No, I'm not talking about school/organizations/friends, I'm talking about the most intense wanderlust I have felt in a long time. Normally I can tamp it down but this fall it has been leaving me feeling empty and craving travel photos on Pinterest. I swear I have planned 800 trips that I have no intention of going on purely because I want to go so bad.
       I'm not sure what started it - maybe it was two summers ago I had the most amazing adventure of my life and this summer I was in Florida working 5 days a week...or maybe it is all of the bloggers I follow...or maybe it is something else. But I've been craving travel. My trip to LA and Dallas helped a little but it still only slightly lessened it. I am so looking forward to heading off to Pittsburgh and West Virginia today because I love the north and the cold. I will try to take some real cute photos {I've been feeling inspired by Julia at Gal Meets Glam lately}. But will this quench my wanderlust thirst? No clue...I hope so, because it has been difficult to focus when my mind just wants to be seeing new things, experiencing new cultures and learning new information. 
       Now that I have written this blog post I realize maybe it is a strange form of senioritis that has me feeling this way? I love college and I am going to cry the day I have to leave it but maybe I am finally starting to crave a new adventure?
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gift Guide Under $40

Tea Set // Pillow // Scarf // Headband // Austin Print // Unicorn Headband // Whale Ice Cube Tray // Pom Pouch // Scallop Sticker Pocket // Tassel Earrings // Top // Agenda // Stapler // Bandana // Pom Pom Necklace // Passport Holder //  Dinner Plate // Calendar // Sunglasses // Umbrella
Tea Set - How cute is this individual tea set?! I've been really into drinking tea lately instead of coffee (because one day I had over three cups of coffee...) and I love this one from Anthro so much. Plus, this is a great gift for a friend that loves tea or a hostess. 
Pillow - If you have someone that loves Lilly, Florida, Hawaii or the pineapple should buy this for them. It is the perfect accent pillow for any prep, especially in your dorm room. What a great way to "re-do" your apartment for the spring semester! 
Scarf - I love pretty much everything Pendleton and then I found out they had a National Park collection...I want it all. This one is from Glacier National Park and I just really like the stripes on the white. The collection is pretty expensive but this scarf is on sale at the moment, so if you like it go buy it while they last! 
Headband - How cute is this oversized bow headband? I would love to believe that headbands are coming back into style because I seriously miss them. I was one of those little girls who had a headband for every outfit...were any of you like that? Seriously, I loved them and I still have one that I use when I put my make-up on but it is falling apart. Let's bring them back y'all! If you aren't into the velvet bow, this one and this one are real cute too. 
Austin Print - I featured Evelyn Henson's work in my last gift guide but her prints of the cities/towns needed to make it in too. I absolutely love them and want her to do Fort Myers so bad. But until then I might need the Austin one for my future apartment/home in my new city...wherever that might be. You can get them from all over so if your family vacations to a certain place she may have one.
Unicorn Headband - This whimsical little thing is just too cute. Like you would have absolutely no where to wear it but...there is something about it. I could totally see myself buying this for my best friend {maybe one for me too} and wearing them around my apartment for a birthday or something. They would also be really cute instead of party hats for a 21st birthday. 
Whale Ice Cube Tray - If you love whales like I do this ice cube tray is a must. I never make ice {hello ice maker} but if I was throwing a party in the summer I would NEED these trays. They would make a really cute hostess gift or if your friend loves VV they're an option. If you aren't into them these pineapple ones or these hashtag ones are adorable. 
Pom Pouch  - Packed Party is one of my favorite brands, they have been for a while but they just keep getting better! I love this pom pouch because it would make such a cute clutch that would go with my entire wardrobe. It's great for a new friend, secret santa present or you can stuff it with a bunch of little gifts to really make some one's day. 
Scallop Sticker Pocket - I have not really been into this trend of pockets on the back of phones because most people put some ugly logo on them and they are that weird rubber material that I don't like. But dang, I could get behind it with this sticker from Kate Spade. I love that it is made out of high quality material {shout out to my wallet that has lasted since high school} and it has those scallops. 
Tassel Earrings - These are so popular around the influencer world and while I don't have my ears pierced I wouldn't hesitate buying a hostess or friend this gift. They come in tons of colors and are the perfect amount of cute. 
Top - Gingham is one of my favorite patterns/fabrics so why would I not include this top in the guide? You might think you look like a picnic but I think you'll look adorable! There is a ton of gingham out there but I like the idea of black and white for winter. 
Agenda - When you're in the real world your year probably revolves around January - December so getting someone a planner for Christmas makes so much sense! Plus there are a ton of really cute ones out there. Get this for someone that would enjoy it...not for someone who might think you are saying they are unorganized {yikes!}. 
Stapler - Tortoise shell is such a great thing and this stapler is so perfect. I don't care who you buy it for most people would love it. Especially because most people's staplers are plain, boring. This would add the perfect pop of color/pattern to any one's desk. 
Bandana - KJP's stuff is always perfectly preppy and I really like their bandanas this season. The one above would be great for UT events because it has great complimentary colors. Also, they seem a little bigger than most bandanas so you have more ways of tying it to look cute. 
Pom Pom Necklace - If you are as obsessed with pom poms as I am, please comment below. I LOVE THEM. This necklace is so stinking cute and the muted purple would be great for the winter months. I would totally get this for my best friend. 
Passport Holder - For your friend that is always on the go, a passport holder is a great gift. The color of this one and the cute "Jet Set Go" phrase made me choose it but there are tons around the internet. I have a pink one from a friend that I use and I love it as well as one from my parents that is Pan Am themed. 
Dinner Plate - If you have been a reader of the blog for any amount of time you know I am a Francophile...I love me some French items. When I saw this plate on Anthro's website I wanted to buy it immediately. It has the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame gracing it's stoneware face. Plus, it is dishwasher and microwavable safe! 
Calendar - When I was younger I always got a calendar for Christmas because I love them! I haven't gotten one in a while because I rely heavily on my planner and college is crazy, but when I become a fully fledged adult I plan on getting a really cute one. I love this one from Anthro because the places look so beautiful, it would inspire your wanderlust just by crossing off a day. 
Sunglasses - Millennial pink is my current favorite color {navy blue will always be my go-to} and these sunglasses are affordable from H&M. For trendy things my go to is H&M because I know the clothes won't last and I don't need them to. These would be a great stocking stuffer for a friend or sister. 
Umbrella - One Christmas I received an umbrella and you might think that isn't the best gift but it has been such a lifesaver. I used to just use free umbrellas and they would always break but a really solid umbrella is a great practical purchase. The one I have is made all out of recycled materials but this one from Kate Spade is so flipping cute. 
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Week Re-Cap

Do you ever have a week where you are exhausted by Tuesday morning? That has been me this week, but this past weekend was wonderful and the upcoming weekend will be even better! 
It was my spirit group's parents weekend so I finally go to meet a ton of our members parents as well as host my very first tailgate! My family (little, g-little and gg-little) had the best afternoon on Friday filled with delicious foods and peacocks. I'm off to WV this weekend so stay tuned on my Instagram and such for updates-xoxo darling, Hayden.
First "red" cup of the season.
Gelato from Central Market on Friday with my family.
As part of my Texas Ex Student Ambassador duties I
 attended the Distinguished Alumni Awards. 
And I was able to snag a photo with the inspirational, David Brown.
And with our 28th University President, Bill Powers. 
The first official Ladybirds Tailgate!
It was Serena's last home game as a student {I almost teared up}.
We beat Kansas! 
Parents Weekend Brunch complete with breakfast tacos. 
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Morgantown Recommendations?

I am off to West Virginia this weekend for the Texas vs. WVU game. If you have been to Morgantown and have some recommendations, let me know-xoxo darling, Hayden.
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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Articles I'm Reading

  1. Y'all in the next few weeks I am sharing all of Julia's trip to Scotland because the photos are so beautiful and need to be seen by as many people as possible // Our Scotland Adventure: Part 1 // Gal Meets Glam
  2. I've always been a Fiskar's girl so this was fascinating // A Cut Above the Rest: How Finland's Orange-Handled Scissors Inspired a Design Revolution // Mental Floss
  3. Love everything about her wedding // Our Wedding Invitations // Design Darling
  4. Such beautiful photos // A Stylish, James Bond-Esque Wedding // Vogue
  5. Amelia is at it again, cracking me up...but gosh I want that Blair outfit // I'm Bringing Back Gossip Girl One Outfit at a Time // Man Repeller
  6. Loving this bag I saw on Prep Avenue // Vintage Handbag // Amazon
In Case You Missed It:
Check out the vlog of my Fort Worth trip...
My first gift guide of the season was released yesterday...
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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $20

I am still incredibly shaken that it is November 9th. Like, where did this fall go? It blows my mind that I am already beginning my gift guide posts and thinking about what I'll be getting each of my friends for their presents. This year I am doing my guides a little differently, so let me know if you like/don't like it this way. Usually I pair gifts with a specific theme (hostess, best friend, etc.) but this year there will be an Under $20 (below), Under $40, Under $60, Under $80 and Under $100. So there will be more stuff and more fun (hopefully?). 
Cactus Bottle Opener // Lemon Pin // Zip Pouch // Lip Tint // City Coasters // Holiday Card 1, Holiday Card 2 // Pencils // Notebook // Monogram Champagne Flutes // Geode Coasters // Wool Socks // Stickers // Face Mask 1, Face Mask 2, Face Mask 3, Face Mask 4

Cactus Bottle Opener - How cute is this? I have discovered that so many of my friends who are just now turning 21 do not have essentials like bottle openers & wine openers. This is such a practical gift that can be so flipping cute. This one is perfect for my gals living in Texas (or New Mexico, Arizona) but there is this cute Lilly one as well for my FL ladies. 

Lemon Pin - I have never been super into pins, whether you put them on your backpack or your trendy jean jacket but this collection from Rifle Paper Co. might be too cute to pass up. They also have this one, this one and this adorable one

 Zip Pouch - Everyone always needs a new zip pouch so this is another practical but super cute gift. You can use it for make-up, pens, yarn (if you're into that). It doesn't matter it is just so cute. Also, if you are getting creative with gifts you could get a few small things (maybe their favorite candies) and put them in this pouch. If this Audrey Hepburn-esque one isn't for you, check out this one or this one

Lip Tint - I've been a recent lover of lip tints after someone gave me a sample from Benefit. I really like the look of this one and it would be a great small gift to get a friend in your life. I love receiving beauty products from friends because I am not one to buy them for myself. It also comes in this color

City Coasters - These would make a great hostess gift if your hostess loves to travel. They come in a set with all different far off places and are just so adorable. 

Geode Coasters - Much like above these are the perfect item for a hostess. It cracks me up because last December I bought Hannah geode coasters on Amazon. They were so expensive on every site but now they must be popular because so many sites are selling them at reasonable prices. 

Holiday Card 1 & Holiday Card 2 - To go along with any of the gifts you need a cute little card. Evelyn Henson is one of my favorite artists and these cards are too adorable. You can even make these into little works of art after the holiday season is over by putting them on core-board or making them into magnets. 

Pencils - Pencils are such an underrated tool once you graduate from school. But using a pencil can be so nice (I recently started using them for one of my classes and I never realized how much I missed them). Plus, these are inspirational so you're bestie can get some stuff done when she uses them. I also like this set (there are tons on Etsy). 

Notebook - If your friend or hostess loves to write, makes lots of to-do lists or is a planner in general, get them a cute notebook! I like the one above from Lilly but Kate Spade has some adorable ones (here and here). 

Monogram Champagne Flutes - Some of my friends are lovers of the champs so this would be such a cute gift for them but it's also adorable for hostesses. These aren't the most traditional but dang I love them. You can get them monogramed with their first or last name letter. 

Wool Socks - This is probably just a me thing, but I am obsessed with comfy socks. Like...I have so many pairs and I always ask for more. Camp socks are the legitimate best thing and why not get these? I also shop for mine at TJ Maxx and the Mast Store.

Stickers - How cute are these? I think laptop stickers would be such an adorable present for a new friend or if you know someone who loves to cover their laptop/water bottle in them. I personally love to buy my stickers from Red Bubble

Face Mask 1Face Mask 2Face Mask 3 & Face Mask 4 - One time a friend got me a ton of face masks for a secret santa present. Seriously one of the greatest gifts because the holiday season can be stressful, or it is during your finals and face masks are the loveliest thing to go home to. Plus, you can find some real fun retro ones right by the cash register at Ulta. 

If you love any of these gift ideas, let me know below-xoxo darling, Hayden. 
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week Re-Cap

Happy Wednesday! I had the best weekend; Serena and I went to Aledo where we had the most relaxing weekend. Seriously, we went on a few walks, ate a lot of food and lounged around. Plus, we got to visit a safari where I met the sweetest Zebra. This weekend is the Texas Ladybirds' parents weekend and I have a distinguished alumni dinner on Friday. Other than that I'll be studying for a test I have next week and planning for my trip to West Virginia next weekend. What are y'all up to? -xoxo darling, Hayden
 We celebrated Serena's 21st birthday with her family and neighbors. 
Sunset over Amon G. Carter Stadium.
We may have lost but it was so much fun! 
 We visited Fossil Rim safari - I loved it! 
The zebras were so sweet! 
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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Aledo & Fort Worth Vlog

This weekend I went away to Aledo and Fort Worth, Texas. Serena and her family welcomed me into their home and we went to the TCU game as well as a safari. Yes, you read that correctly; in the vlog below you will see us feeding Giraffes and Zebras. Enjoy-xoxo darling, Hayden.
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