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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Week Re-Cap

OOO boy! It has been a long time since the last re-cap, huh? Well...I traveled a LOT in November. San Antonio, Austin, Tallahassee, Bermuda and of course tried to learn more about my new city, Charlotte. It was a whirlwind and I just got extremely overwhelmed, but here we are, back again! How are y'all??

Had some extra time at the airport for a beer with a view.

Hannah's cats looooved me.

Besties + margaritas + movies = happy times.

The best sweet potato muffin.

Cute little San Antonio coffee truck

Finally visited Boerne!

The town has such cute antique and vintage shops.

A Greek lunch

After reading about Carriqui in Texas Monthly I was desperate to visit, so we did and it was good!

Went to Lightscape at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

The wallpaper at a speakeasy.

Hannah and I are obsessed with the peppermint whipped cream at Target (I love the marshmallow one too).

Reese Bros BBQ

After years of wanting to visit Kitty Cohen's in Austin, we did!

The new flowerbeds at UT are so cool!

A Sunday farewell over brunch.

Lucky Goat's Candy Cane Latte is incredible.

Some pretty flowers from a walk.

Bada Bean's cranberry orange muffins are incred.

Big Shoals State Park was so cool!

Waffle from Canopy Roads

More pretty flowers on a walk.


The best time of year at my favorite grocery store.

Finally went to Kool Beans in Tally!

Love a little neighborhood.

Got to watch the incredible FSU soccer team!

Cold Hearted Gelato

Finally visited Terrapin in Athens.

Pre-work-trip coffee.

Dinner from Optimist Hall

Lunch at Undercurrent Coffee

Finished this one!

Sweet potato cake at B.W. Sweets

My favorite breakfast sandwich at Laurel Market.

Fall walk

Ace No. 3

Steak N Shake's holiday milkshake is incredible!

Mezeh's bowls are solid.

The pizza at Heist is really good!

Big fan of Mattie's Diner's pot roast.

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