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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Parent Trap Party: Camp 204

The Parent Trap is one of my all-time favorite films. It screams summer, to me. So, when I was planning our house-cooling party (the opposite of a house warming...also known as a bon voyage), my mind lept to Camp Walden. I saw a TikTok a while back that talked about how The Parent Trap is basically four different movies (camp, them visiting their parents, the hotel and the camping trip). And while the whole movie is summer in under two hours, the Camp Walden portion was what I focused on. Everyone had so much fun...it even rained on us and we couldn't stop laughing. It felt like going back to our childhoods and it was great.


Since we were moving I kept the decor to a minimum (plus, we were mainly outside). I did have Camp Walden t-shirts made. Except...because I'm extra I worked with the seller to have them make it Camp 204...since we were moving out of Apt. 204...I know, it's extra! I also made little Team Hallie/Team Annie stickers and people got to choose what team they were on for the games we played later. (I'm an Annie gal.)

We had the party from 2–6pm so we just provided basic snacks like chips and salsa.

But of course we had to have peanut butter and oreos, a Parent Trap classic!


Since the party was summer-camp themed, I went to Dollar Tree's summer section and just bought as many minute-to-win-it games as possible. They had these ring tosses that were incredibly difficult but so fun.
We also used streamers to play mummy — how fast can your team use up all of the streamers.

And...nothing says summer camp like a water balloon toss. We got soaked!

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