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Friday, May 29, 2020

Articles From Around the Web

I've rounded up some links from around the Internet I think y'all will find interesting again. Hope you enjoy and happy Friday — xoxo darling, Hayden.

While this is meant to be funny, there is such an element of realness.

Alamo now offers an on-demand service with movies you can't find other places!

How cute are these French hotel's coloring pages?

Anyone else obsessed with the Cuomo brothers?

This British editorial is amazing.

Okay, I want to make a pancake charcuterie but I need COVID to end first...

While I don't have children, I would do these crafts about my favorite musical.

Seems a bit odd to want airplane food right now, but I kind of get it.

Golden Girls is life.

Psych's new movie is going to be on this new streaming service.

Very curious about this podcast.

I felt all these things watching Normal People

Take me for coffee in Paris, please.

The Tuckernuck office is gorgeous.

Who else is thinking of road tripping late this summer? 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Summer Shoes

Welcome back to another installment of "what I wish I was wearing instead of pajamas because we're quarantined." Today is all about summer shoes...because they might be my favorite in summer. Espadrilles, sandals and cute sneakers are kind of my jam. What are your favorites? — xoxo darling, Hayden
1. Yellow Sandals, 2. Brown Jack Rogers, 3. White Chunky Sneaks, 4. Brown Slides, 5. Lavender Espadrilles, 6. Pink Jack Rogers, 7. Scalloped Raffia Slides, 8. Strawberry Espadrilles, 9. Dotted Espadrilles, 10. Scalloped Black Slides, 11. Black Wellies, 12. Red, White & Blue Tretorns, 13. Colorful Sneakers, 14. Sunburst Slides, 15. Navy Jack Rogers, 16. Gold Thong Sandals

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Week Re-Cap

An everything bagel from Woodgrain. 
 Short weeks feel even weirder when you don't have a normal routine, huh? I swear I cannot tell you what day it is anymore and the fact that May is almost over is wiiiild. I spent the week going for my long walks, trying a few new places, zooming it up for happy hours and getting some stuff organized. Also, my family decided to get a place in North Carolina for the Fourth to have a socially distanced holiday. I haven't been to my favorite place in the summer since middle school (we've typically gone in the winter) and I'm so excited for picnics and hikes with my parents. How was your week? — xoxo darling, Hayden
 Colorado is blooming!

 Pastries from my favorite Denver bakery, Taste of Denmark.

 A Texas Ladybirds alumni happy hour was much needed.

My Memorial Day project was adding the extra pieces I've collected to my gallery wall. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Femme Luxe Review*

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

So a few weeks ago, Femme Luxe reached out to me offering me four free pieces to try out and write a post about (so yes, this is actually sponsored — WILD). Now, y'all know me. I dress preppy to basic most of the time, so Femme Luxe is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I thought, why not? And I'm happy I did. I scrolled through their available items for bloggers (a more paired down list than their website) and picked four items: the black velvet tie-front bodycon mini dress, the black belted high neck ribbed bodycon mini dress, the black ribbed off the shoulder crop top, and the black 'honey' oversized t-shirt.

Now Femme Luxe is a British clothing company that ships to the U.S., so be aware of that if you decide to purchase something — it'll probably take a little longer than other retailers. But it reminds me of other fast fashion sites with lots of discounts, trendy pieces, etc. I will say everything seems to run small and be for a certain body type. Plus, it leans toward loungewear (which we love) and going out items (which I'm hoping we get to wear sometime soon). For my ladies more in my size range, you might struggle a little with the sizing — I certainly did. But their oversized T shirts and loungewear seemed to be where it was at for me, personally. Obviously, everyone’s body type is different.

Let’s talk about each item individually.

The Black 'Honey' Oversized T-Shirt

By far, my favorite piece that I got because it fit me perfectly (I got XL US) and the quality is really nice. I don’t see it fading anytime soon! I like the way it hits, and it could be worn with leggings for a really casual look or with jeans like I have it for a fun day out or even with a skirt to really dress it up. Plus, the font is very me. All I can think when I wear it is “uh-huh honey” and I love that. 

A quick s/o to my roommate for taking these photos! 

The Black Velvet Tie Front Bodycon Mini Dress

I had really high hopes for this one, I got a size 12 U.S. (the biggest size on the site), and it didn’t fit my body at all, but the quality is really nice, the fabric isn’t too scratchy which I really appreciate. The tie in the front is an interesting twist...I might modify it and cut it off, but that’s me personally. It’s definitely meant for hitting the clubs, and it absolutely does the job.

 The Black Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress

I really like this dress. It’s too short for me to wear (I got size 8 U.S., biggest on the site) and put on this blog, but I like its look. The high neck and long sleeves make it a bit sexier because it has some imagination to it. The belt could easily come off if you aren’t feeling it and it has the cross cut in the front that makes you want to always wear granny panties with it...but yet again, for clubbing, it’s perfect! 

The Black Ribbed Off The Shoulder Crop Top

I had really high hopes for this one, but I’m going to be completely honest, I hated it. I am not the girl to wear a crop top, but I thought maybe with the way it looked on the model. However, it fit smaller than a swimsuit (I got size 12 U.S., the largest size). It didn’t even cover my boobs y’all...and that’s a real problem for me. But I love the way it looks, so for my less busty readers, I say go for it, in every color. 

Overall, I like the products, I don’t think the more trendy/clubbing clothes are meant for my size, but the loungewear is where it is at. I will say I didn’t return anything because I read many a review that said it was difficult and in a global pandemic, I have no interest in doing that. These clothes will find homes with my best friends who will fit into them much better...but the adorable Honey shirt is staying with me.
Will y’all be trying Femme Luxe in the future? — xoxo darling, Hayden

*These clothes were gifted to me by Femme Luxe.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is a little less than a month away so I thought I'd compile a few things I think any dad would love. What are you getting for your dads? — xoxo darling, Hayden 

1. Charging Dock, 2. Churchill's Shadow Raiders, 3. Camino Winds, 4. The Chef, 5. Shoe Polishing Kit, 6. Socks, 7. Wallet, 8. Yeti Mug, 9. AirPods, 10. Mask, 11. Yeti Cooler

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week Re-Cap

 Had Newk's for dinner the other night.
I can't believe that it's already Wednesday but at the same time I'm happy about it? It's a confusing time. How are y'all? — xoxo darling, Hayden

 Spring has officially sprung!

 One of my favorite beers is now in Colorado.

 Picked up some wings from 303 Sports Grill.

Got my new mask. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Latest TikToks

So...I finished off the first cocktail book on my TikTok and I've moved onto the next one. I hope you enjoy and let me know if you try any of the cocktails — xoxo darling, Hayden.

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 38: The Marina Abramović ##feministcocktails ##neverfitin ##natureathome ##beautyhaul ##fyp
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 39: The Serena Williams ##feministcocktails ##neverfitin ##bakingrecipe ##natureathome ##fy
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 40: The Joan Didion ##feministcocktails ##neverfitin ##albumlookalike ##bakingrecipe ##fyp
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 41: The Angelina Jolie ##feministcocktails ##neverfitin ##acnh ##onecommunity ##foryoupage
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 42: The Melissa McCarthy ##feministcocktails ##neverfitin ##greenvspurple ##acnh ##foryou
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 43: The Daryl Hannah ##feministcocktails ##neverfitin ##keepingactive ##spacethings ##acnh
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 44: The Vivienne Westwood ##feministcocktails ##ScoobDance ##retailtherapy ##mycrib ##fyp
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 45: The Édith Piaf ##feministcocktails ##ScoobDance ##ChipotleSponsorMe ##jumpman ##fyp
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 46: The Anaïs Nin ##feministcocktails ##ScoobDance ##alwayslearning ##MakeBakeShake ##fyp
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 47: The Margaret Atwood ##feministcocktails ##MakeBakeShake ##pancakecereal ##foryoupage
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 48: The Edith Head ##feministcocktails ##MakeBakeShake ##ScoobDance ##familytime ##foryou
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 48: The Edith Head ##feministcocktails ##MakeBakeShake ##ScoobDance ##familytime ##foryou
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 49: The Flo-Jo ##feministcocktails ##MakeMomSmile ##gotthisforyou ##familytime ##foodfam
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 50: The Bette Davis ##feministcocktails ##musicmatters ##MakeMomSmile ##foodfam ##foryoupag
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 51: The Nigella Lawson ##feministcocktails ##momsoftiktok ##MakeMomSmile ##musicmatters
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 52: The Josephine Baker ##feministcocktails ##finalsathome ##tiktokrestarea ##foryoupage
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 53: The Simone de Beauvoir ##feministcocktails ##YoplaitCupRelay ##celebratenurses ##fyp
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@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 54: The Mary Tyler Moore ##feministcocktails ##yearbook2020 ##YoplaitCupRelay ##foryoupage
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@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 55: The Zadie Smith ##feministcocktails ##InTheHouseparty ##cookinghacks ##yearbook2020
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@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 56: The Hari Nef ##feministcocktails ##EatEmUp ##poseathome ##InTheHouseparty ##fyp
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 57: The Virginia Woolf ##feministcocktails ##EatEmUp ##skincareroutine ##InTheHouseparty
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 58: The Grace Jones ##feministcocktails ##got2bhome ##littlethings ##EatEmUp ##homeroutine
♬ original sound - hap213

@hap213 Making feminist cocktails until the quarantine ends episode no. 59: The Ruth Bader Ginsburg ##feministcocktails ##learnontiktok ##got2bhome ##SoapBop ##fyp
♬ original sound - hap213

Monday, May 18, 2020

Quotes of the Week

Happy Monday y'all. It was an interesting weekend of feeling incredibly lazy and struggling to allow myself to be lazy. I'm not sure exactly why, but Thursday, Friday and Saturday I developed headaches at random intervals, then I would get rid of them, then they would come back — it was not fun. So, Saturday afternoon I planned to film some TikToks but instead just let myself shower, take a nap and watch Netflix/YouTube. It was so nice to just chill. I don't have any big plans this week...I know, shocker! But I'm sure some things will pop up. What are y'all up to? — xoxo darling, Hayden

Images here.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Summer Tees

I thought I'd do a lil round-up of some tees I've been seeing that I think would be cute with the shorts I posted earlier this week. It's really starting to feel like summer in Colorado and I'm loving it! Which one do you like the best? — xoxo darling, Hayden

1. Vote Y'all, 2. Stripe V-Neck, 3. Sleeveless Rugby, 4. What Would Dolly Do, 5. Red Stripe Tee, 6. Paradise Tee, 7. Dusty Pink Tee, 8. Sisterhood, 9. French Stripes, 10. GRL PWR, 11. Longsleeve Stripes

Thursday, May 14, 2020

My Favorite Denver Walks

Due to social distancing, I find the most solace in long walks around Denver. It's kind of the only time I get to be by myself and be out in the fresh air. So I thought I'd compile some of my favorite paths for you to enjoy too...but make sure you stay six-feet apart from everyone you encounter — xoxo darling, Hayden.
Find some of my favorite summer hikes here.

Sterne Park + Gallup Gardens + Ketring Park, Littleton

My go-to walk is about 3.8 miles between Sterne and Ketring. I start off by parking at the War Memorial Rose Garden, walking around the lake at Sterne Park, then go up the street to Bemis Library/Gallup Gardens then walk around Ketring Park's two loops before heading back to my car. I think I love this walk because it feels like a regular park — you'll see people having picnics, the grass is kelly green and there are tons of bunnies and geese. They really feel like neighborhood parks, hidden way behind houses that only locals know about.

Washington Park, Denver

If you are looking for classic park vibes, Wash Park just south of Capitol Hill in Denver is the one for you. It's kind of like a small Central Park, with a boathouse, tennis courts, statues, a lawn bowling field and more. There's a big path around the whole thing, which makes for great walking, running, rollerblading, etc. The whole loop is about 2.5 miles and you'll spot everyone from hot dudes running to precious kids on bikes to barking dogs. It's also the perfect place for a picnic. 

Harriman Lake Park, Littleton

About 1.5 miles of trail lead you in a big loop around Harriman Lake in west Littleton. While there isn't a ton of greenery, you get epic views of the Front Range mountains. There are tons of dogs around and everyone is super friendly. There is a fairly large parking lot but it fills up on weekend mornings around 10am. 

Addenbrooke Park, Lakewood

Some of the greenest grass and the loudest swans live in Addenbrooke Park. While there are ball fields, the big loop around the whole park is a fun walk on an evening night. You'll see lots of elderly couples chatting away as you make your way along the flat path. On a spring/summer evening the sunsets are beautiful. 

Littles Creek Trail + Downtown Littleton

This creek runs just south of Littleton's main street and it connects to other trails in the area (including the one below). But instead of linking up with those I like coming off it and walking through downtown. There are so many cute buildings, shops, restaurants (at the time of writing, most are closed due to COVID-19). 

Centennial Link Trail, Littleton/Evergreen

This trail is absolutely massive and crosses multiple city lines. You kind of just have to pick a spot and start walking (but recognize you'll have to get back to your car at some point). You might come across farm animals, cool architecture or bicyclists. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Week Re-Cap

A cute mule I spotted on my walk.
Well we've reached mid-week. I've started re-watching The Vampire Diaries. I tried Mad Greens. Went on walks every day. Yeah, I'm just bored. But I think we are all fatigued with social distancing. However, I'm still a firm believer in the concept. I don't plan on going to restaurants or making any unnecessary trips to stores anytime soon...I'm kind of terrified of the grocery store to be honest. What are y'all's plans? — xoxo darling, Hayden

 A little Raising Canes moment...

Got my new Alcalde and MONICA is the covergirl!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Summer Shorts

Summer, kind of, feels like it's here and I'm itching to wear shorts. Even though I have no where to wear them to... I've rounded up some of my favorites from around the internet, let me know your favorites — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Quotes of the Week

Happy Monday! I've hit almost 60 days of quarantine and I'm feeling pretty antsy. But, there were some positives — I finished my first cocktail book on TikTok and I'm excited to move onto the next book, I watched some of my favorite movies and I'm really planning ahead for the rest of 2020 when it comes to the blog. But that doesn't mean I don't desperately miss my friends and parents...like desperately. I'm continuing to social distance regardless of whatever the state of Colorado chooses, just because I want to keep myself healthy and those around me. What about y'all? — xoxo darling, Hayden

Images here.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Articles from Around the Web

Hope your Friday is off to a good start! It has been a very busy week work-wise, but other than that I've just been walking and binging Normal People (did I finish it and cry? yes.). I've rounded up some of my favorite things I've seen on the internet over the past week or two, hope you enjoy — xoxo darling, Hayden.
Really want to try this recipe for an easy dinner.
In love with the floors of this Hamptons house.
This list of things from your early-20s is so real.
Uhm, excuse me while I make a dole whip.
Such a beautiful tablescape.
Okay, I'm now dying to go to Zurich.
Sandwiches are one of my favorite meals.
Watch a rom-com tonight!
Might have to pre-order my favorite's book.
35 things to do this weekend.
This garden is just...wow.
Grew up visiting Frank Lloyd Wright houses...
Just purchased one of these masks (for a good cause!).
Find something to bake!
Bookshelves are fascinating...
Enjoy Netflix Party? This is for other streaming services.
Loving this, this and this from the new Atlantic-Pacific line.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Random Quarantine Playlist

I feel like I haven't been listening to my usual playlists and instead have been searching for songs from my childhood/college experience because they bring me joy and then random things from other places. So I thought I would put them all into a playlist for you to enjoy — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Week Re-Cap

Look at how pretty these flowers are!!

 Grabbed some Friday night Chinese food from Sunflower Cafe.
A walk around Sloan's Lake.

Weekend bbq from Rusty Tapp. 

 Loving this spring weather.

Love the Grande Market in Littleton.

Early morning bagels from Rosenberg's.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Monthly Inspo No. 8

Finding inspiration seems a bit difficult right now as we can't go anywhere and I'm just feeling meh about travel in general. Don't get me wrong, I'm desperate to board a plane and travel somewhere amazing but that just doesn't seem practical whatsoever. So I'll just keep dreaming and wanderlusting for a time when we can all travel again — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Images here.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Quotes of the Week

Happy Monday! It was quite a fun weekend with long walks, a Zoom brunch and good eats. Hope y'all are doing well — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Images here.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Croatia Packing List

If you know me personally, you'll know I'm kind of an obsessive packer. I would never pack something I won't use and I do not overpack. It's like a game/challenge for me to plan out all my outfits and get them into my suitcase. So, with that being said, I thought I would walk y'all through what I packed for my trip to Croatia — which required a lot of things because you never know what's going to happen in Europe/what you can buy. Now this trip was almost exactly a year ago, and yes, we currently can't go anywhere. But I figured you could bookmark this and maybe this post will feed your wanderlust a bit — xoxo darling, Hayden.
Curious about Croatia? Watch the vlog. See Dubrovnik, visit Korčula, explore Hvar and check out Split.
From top of my bed to the bottom and left to right...kind of. I've linked similar products where I could!
Shoes: When traveling I think it's important to bring more than one pair of shoes. I brought along a pair of sandals — for the beachy times and to switch it up. I also brought two pairs of sneakers so my feet wouldn't get tired of one pair. Since Croatia involves a lot of walking it was nice to change up my sneakers every other day. 
Clothes: Since there was a lot of walking, I packed a ton of socks. The big t-shirt was what I slept in and I mainly just wore jeans and blouses. I took one dress (that I didn't wear — LOL) for dinners. Obviously, I took plenty of bras and undies as well. I took a swim suit and rash guard because you can go swimming in Croatia and to the beach. Plus, a rain jacket because May is a rainy time everywhere. 

Accessories: My favorite bag to take when traveling is the classic crossbody purely because it can help with pick-pocketing. Also, you can fit pretty much everything you need — wallet, keys, phone, charger, water bottle, book, gum, etc. Of course I brought a baseball cap and sunglasses for the sunny days.

Technology: I took my laptop (and charger) with me, for photo editing, research and to have in the airports. Of course I took a phone charger and I purchased a extra battery pack that came in handy in the airports. I brought my phone headphones and got some cheap ones for my laptop/the plane, plus I brought my laptop/phone connector for easy uploading. 

Toiletries: For toiletries I took everything I would normally need, which includes pads, make-up, hand sanitizer, toothbrush + toothpaste, hair mousse, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, contacts + solution, face wash and sunscreen. Some other items included make-up remover wipes for the airplane (they're just easier), plenty of pain meds, hydrocortisone cream for thigh rub, Emergen-C to keep me from getting sick and diapers. Why diapers? I have to pee pretty much all the time and we had a car journey that was four hours and we didn't know where we could stop. I ended up wearing them and not having to use them but it gave me peace of mind (I had serious anxiety about not being able to use the restroom) to wear them. 

Other: There are some obvious things in this category like my wallet, passport, a book, neck pillow and eye mask. Then there are the weirder things like seabands (because I get pretty rough motion sickness) and a giant water bottle to provide liquid to my whole family. A plastic bag for wet swim clothes and dirty laundry on the way home. A box of gingersnaps to help with aforementioned motion sickness and almonds for if I got too hungry. Rounding out the weirder things were Luna bars for hunger and a pen because you never know when you're going to need to write something.