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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Resolutions in Review

Alright. We all know that when we created our resolutions way back in January we had no idea a global pandemic would rain down upon us. 2020 has been...everything. Some weirdly extreme highs, some downright god awful lows and everything in between. And so, I give you the review of how I did:

Just Do It

Well...I guess this depends on how we look at it. Yes, it was originally intended to get myself eating alone in restaurants. And obviously that was a bit impossible this year as restaurants shuttered and did takeout only. But I think this year I have never been more alone (and not in the incredibly depressing way that sounds). Yes, I have a roommate who I'm incredibly thankful for, but most of us didn't have our immediate support network for months at a time and I had to truly entertain myself. This year I started going on 3.5–5.5 miles a day!!!! WHAT?! I feel in the back of my mind losing weight is always a goal. Which sucks. We shouldn't do that to ourselves, but it happens. I always looked at working out as awful but something shifted this year. I think I was so desperate to not be in my apartment, to not let that crushing sadness take over and I got outside. And now walking every day is kind of a lifeline. If I don't do it (and I think I've missed a collective 20 days since April 25, 2020, I feel disappointed in myself. I have no idea what I weigh, there was no dieting but I feel better. I sleep better. I (think) I'm happier. So while I didn't exactly accomplish this because #covid, I think I achieved something greater.

See More

Welp. Yet again a bit of a challenge on this one as we were shut down most of the year. I will say I ate at way more restaurants, explored more outdoor areas near my home and really embraced that Colorado life (hiking...I mean hiking). I wanted to see more museums but instead I got more parks and ya know what? That's just fine. So I'm saying 100 percent success on this one, given the circumstances. 

Be (A Little) Spontaneous 

Oh lordy. I would say this is a pretty big fail. Although, I did say yes to two things I would normally avoid this year. But I think dealing with the pandemic took all spontaneity out of my life. My mind couldn't cope with that on top of everything else. 

Social Media

FAIL. Well not a failure in terms of my success on TikTok and my Denver food Instagram. Those two are killin' it. But in regard to the actual goal of having a better HT Instagram, absolute and total failure. And I don't really know what to do about it. I would say, well let's try harder but for some reason it just falls by the wayside. I'm gonna keep trying in 2021 and see if something works. Maybe an hour each morning or each night for just getting posts ready? IDK...any ideas welcome. 

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