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Thursday, December 30, 2021

2021: Year in Review

2021 has been really strange. I spent the first four months living in my childhood bedroom purely because I could, working from home has its benefits. Then I came back to Denver and jumped into a bunch of new projects at work, started going on roadtrips (which I loved), said goodbye to my best friend in Denver (she's killing it in med school but I miss her a lot) and the emotions were kind of all over the place in regards to the pandemic and life. But I also had an absolute blast exploring new places, eating new foods and experiencing new moments with friends (new and old). I'm excited and anxious about 2022 but I think it will be even better...let's hope!

So let's highlight what did happen!

We visited Marcus and screamed "All Too Well" 10 min. version.
We checked out every farmers market in the Denver area.
We went to our first Texas football game since 2019.
We threw a very popular on TikTok red flag party.
We saw Hannah for the first time since 2020.
We saw the summer sunflowers with Austin.
We went on the ultimate Colorado roadtrip.
We worked with the Vail Wine Classic.
We went back to the Texas State Fair.
We had a Denver dinner with Julia.
We bought Amelia, the Le Creuset.
We went to the "daddy of 'em all."
We got vaccinated (and boosted).
We threw a bread & boos party.
We went to my first wedding.
We published our first guide.
We made a croquembouche.
We presented at GovCon.
We turned 25.

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