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Monday, October 31, 2022

Monday Links

Happy Monday!

Rainy day foods that look incredible to make.

Some amazing fall jackets and sweaters to check out as it gets colder and colder.

Fall on Nantucket looks better than summer on ACK?!

Devil in the White City
would be such a good film/tv show but it is plagued with ineptitude.

To say I'm excited about November 9th would be an understatement.

Autumn movie locals to visit — St. Helens, Coupeville and Forks have been on my list for a while.

Ooo a trip to Sleepy Hollow also looks amazing.

29 movies to be excited about — I'm looking forward to Babylon, Glass Onion and In Her Hands!

Find your next hot girl book and literary TV and movies to watch in November.

Want to drink beer at 500+ breweries? Apply for this job!

Davidson isn't far from Charlotte so I'm going to have to make a trip up for the day.

Love Stanley Tucci so much!

How often you should be washing your clothes — I am so guilty of washing everything after one wear.

I might be going to Bermuda soon.......

Weirdly I am shopping for a vacuum, so here are the best according to The Spruce.

The Glamour 2022 Women of the Year.

This post is really trying to get me to book a flight to New England next fall...

Charlotte news: Mexican restaurant coming to Elizabeth, Lights at the Whitewater Center looks like it's going to be epic this year, Girl Tribe Co. is opening a new store, new breakfast spots to try, 8 sushi restaurants to try according to Eater and some info on breweries to check out in the city.

Love New Orleans and Grace found some great spots.

I find casting Jenna Lyons on RHONY to be so interesting!

Anthony Horowitz is one of my favorite authors (I was a big Alex Rider girlie back in the day) and he fascinated me with his ability to do everything he does.

Is it too soon to talk about places to visit to see winter wonderlands?

One of my favorite satire pieces from 2009.

Love Island is my favorite reality show of all time and there is nothing better — fight me.

I listened to a podcast where someone mentioned that basically no women are written about on Wikipedia because only men edit entries and this physicist created more than 1600 entries...talk about incredible!

Friday, October 21, 2022

2022 Halloween Costume Ideas

One of my favorite posts every year is coming up with Halloween costumes based on pop culture. And it usually blows up over on Pinterest because people love a good costume! And so do I...costume parties are always my favorite regardless of season. So, where did this year's inspiration come from? Earlier this week I watched "Do Revenge" and I LOVED IT. I didn't see the twist coming, so I've recreated Eleanor's iconic makeover outfit below. I'm also in a heavy "Yellowstone" phase so Beth's rodeo outfit was something I had to find. Nancy in season four of "Stranger Things" was rocking outfits and her Emerson College t-shirt look was too cute. "The Summer I Turned Pretty" was one of my summer obsessions and I particularly loved Susannah's wardrobe so you'll find a nod to her at the very end. And, "Practical Magic" has been a favorite of mine since college so I've included not one but two costume options in honor of midnight margaritas. What are you doing for Halloween? Any of these providing you with inspo?

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Week Re-Cap

It has been an incredibly trying last two weeks. Some of these photos come from the week before but you'll see the change when you get to my Hurricane Ian photos. I flew home as soon as it was safe to do so in order to help my parents clean up their house. They took on 2–3 inches of water inside and it ruined their rugs, and some of our personal items. They had so much trash from the neighborhood in the yard that it took days to clean up and it was...awful. I can't soften the blow on just how bad it was and my parents were extremely fortunate. I stayed for two weeks in Fort Myers and then already had a trip planned to Austin this weekend gone by so I flew from Florida to Texas and while I had a blast I am so tired. Bone tired. The emotions from the hurricane + work + life stress is a lot right now. I'm only in Charlotte for a week before I have to head to Nebraska for work. It's a lot. It's too much. But...it will get better. In the meantime, if you feel inclined, please donate to the hurricane relief fund for my community.

A Saturday in Boone.

Brunch at Melanie's in downtown Boone.

Night Swim Coffee in Charlotte

Early morning fall walk.

Sunday at Windy Hill Orchard in York, South Carolina.

The most amazing potato dish at Grinning Mule.

A delightful pumpkin spice latte from CupLux.

Cute coffee cart vibes.

Charlotte International Arts Festival

Trick Or Treat Yo'Self Green Brothers Juice

Last Knights game of the season.

Saw Ferris at the outdoor cinema accompanied by tacos.

The prettiest flowers in Tallahassee.

Hurricane Ian's damage on my parents' home.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Monday, October 17, 2022

Monday Links

It has been an interesting two weeks in dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Ian. I am finally back in Charlotte but...my heart is still in Fort Myers. Trying to get blog posts back on schedule though and I'm excited because the end of the year is always my favorite time on Haute Table.

Please donate to the SWFL Emergency Relief Fund to help victims of Hurricane Ian.

The latest info on the protests in Iran.

Shania Twain was my first album. I know every song off Come On Over and I'm proud of it.

AnnaSophia Robb's wedding was so pretty!

Big fan of a beer sweater and love these.

Love Carly's fall mood board and why being a fall person is 100 percent my personality right now.

12 coastal grandmother movies to binge this week.

Loving quilted jackets at the moment, plus fall's best stripes.

Charlotte followers: Dulce Dreams looks amazing; 25 events happening in the Queen City this fall; Nov. 3rd looks like a delicious night; the Duke Mansion does Halloween and I want to go!; adding this exhibit about Black men to my list of must-dos this month; how many pumpkin patches can I make it to by November?; Halloween things to do in Charlotte; happy hours around town;

Adding all these fall destinations to my must-visit list and fall decor to make your home feel like you're elsewhere.

Molly Baz's house is...wow.

Obsessed with this top from J. Crew!

Are y'all ready for Midnights?!

These chipotle chicken taquitos look so good.

The best advent calendars to buy or pre-order now.

Deadwood was one of my parents favorite shows when I was growing up and when I finally watched it I loved it too. It's incredibly inappropriate but so accurate to the time period.

Brings a new meaning to coloring book.

Some fall reads to add to your already too long TBR and you should read them at this Maine hotel.

Fascinated to see how Sarah Pauslon does Shamblin.

North Carolina content: Waynesville looks adorable; what a Sonker is; how to visit Yadkin Valley; I must stay at this English-style lodging; A Southern Cup in Hendersonville immediately went on my list; traveling NC by train might be on my to-do list; 4 fall desserts to try around the state and 10 places to eat in the mountains; 5 new foods at the NC State Fair; mountain towns under an hour from Charlotte;

Oh wow, I want to stay here and go on this James-Bond-inspired trip.

I do not need this tote bag. I do not need this tote bag.

Love this fall porch with the pops of pink!

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