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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Last of Summer

It's the second day of school and I already miss the beach? Just kidding, while I do miss the beach I am so happy to be starting my senior year! However, this outfit was totally made for the beach {so if you're headed somewhere for Labor Day, pay attention}. Hannah got me this hat for Christmas and I have been obsessed with it ever since. The swim shirt and suit are both from Lands End who I have purchased swim apparel from for a very long time. I am super fair so a swim shirt is always necessary {your skin is important!} and the fit of their stuff is always on point. What swimwear brands are y'all loyal too? -xoxo darling, Hayden

{Notes: Hannah bought me a hat more like this one, but I've linked a ton below as well. 
Location: Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel, Florida}

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Week Re-Cap

Hey darlings. So after I say this we'll go back to the regularly scheduled Week Re-Cap but as you know I live in Texas. This past week Texas has been devastated in some of the worst possible ways. My best friend, Hannah, who most of y'all have seen here on the blog, her family was effected as were other people very close to me. In order to help, please consider donating here, here or here. Anything can help because these people have lost everything. It has been an extremely emotional way to begin our senior years of college but we are trying to be positive and just help rebuild these communities. Thank you for reading and if you donated, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Now onto Week Re-Cap:
Today is the first day of senior year! How crazy is that?! I am so excited to be headed to two of my four classes today and to table for my organization. The photos below are from some of my last days at home and some of the adventures my family took this past weekend. Have y'all started school yet? -xoxo darling, Hayden

One last beach day in Fort Myers...

I flew back to Austin on Friday! 

Finally got to go to the National Museum of the Pacific War.

The cutest lunch place in Fredericksburg, Woerner.

The food was so good...so good.

We really liked Pedernales Brewing Company.

After reading about Castell's General Store in Texas Highways we had to make a stop.

We had some delicious bbq! 

The last night my parents were in town we went to St. Elmo Brewery.

I received my ticket for the Texas vs. USC game this week and I could 
not be more excited to be headed out to Los Angeles in a few weeks! 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Kind of Top

When I saw this top on sale at GAP, yes it is on sale, I fell in love. Not only is it navy blue, my favorite color, it has orange {hook 'em} and they details are embroidered. I went a size up {I'm usually a large and went to an XL} because I liked the flow-y look better. The actual size you are will fit, but I wanted the drape to be more like it is in these photos. It is the perfect top to dress up or down, so run out and get one while they still have them-xoxo darling, Hayden!

{Location: Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings // Note: I got this shirt for 
less than $20 at GAP, so before you buy it online, go check your local store}

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

Back to Austin

This morning I am getting on a Southwest flight bound for Austin, to start my senior year at UT. I am so sad...yet happy? I don't want to start the year because that means I am beginning the end but I am thrilled to get back to campus and see my friends. Do any of y'all have experience with this? Let me know-xoxo darling, Hayden.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer's Favorite Dress

It is embarrassing how much I have worn this dress since buying it in early July...like I love it that much. It is comfy, the color is really cute and I love the embroidery. Not to mention...it's on sale!!! The boots are new, Frye, and I have been wanting booties for quite some time. They fit the bill + they are cowboy so they work for Texas as well. Not to mention, they are some of the comfiest things I have put my feet in. I couldn't find the bag on Target's website, but it exists. I love it, I can fit almost everything in it and it's checker print, which is my favorite. What do y'all think? -xoxo darling, Hayden

{Location: The Broadmoor // Note: The bag is from Target and there were 
quite a few on sale the last time I was in, but they were not on ShopStyle}

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Week Re-Cap

 Discovered a new iced coffee place...

 Our summer stop at Love Boat Ice Cream...

 ...where my favorite flavor is creamsicle. 

 A little trip to Boca Grande.

 Dinner in Sarasota

Randell Research Center 

Finally reading this Peter Mayle...

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Best Leggings

Okay, let me start off by saying, I am a total and complete legging person. Like, it is almost a problem? I just enjoy wearing them so much! I have a huge campus {they don't call it the 40 Acres for nothing} so being able to walk comfortably is really important to me. And let's be real, the chub-rub, chaffing, whatever you want to call it, is a big problem for me. This is something I don't think we talk about enough? But maybe I'll write a separate post about how I combat this issue that, no kidding can plague my life. 
Anyways, these leggings from Nordstrom, are the greatest, best pair of leggings I have ever owned. I do not lie. They are Zella, they are bright blue {they come in lots of different colors} and they do not ball on the legs from friction. Seriously, they are amazing. They are a little on the pricey side, but they won't wear out so why not go big or go home? The material is nice and thick, the waist band is wide and I could live in them, I kid you not. I only have one pair and I know I am asking for another for Christmas {shout out to my mom for doing all of the research to find the best pair last December}. 
If you are looking for a solid pair of leggings that will last you for a long time and that are incredibly comfy, please go out there and try these. P.S. This isn't sponsored, I'm just O B S E S S E D-xoxo darling, Hayden. 

Location: Mueller State Park, Colorado

Sunday, August 20, 2017

5th Birthday

Okay y'all, let's get real. I did not think Haute Table would make it to five years old. Seriously, what are we still doing here? Just kidding! I am absolutely thrilled we've hit this milestone, it has been a crazy, wild ride, hasn't it? But gosh am I proud. And thank y'all for actually stopping by this little part of the internet to read the life I live, the strange poses I do and what I've been eating...sorry about that, I just love food photography so much! I don't know what I would do without my readers, you guys are the absolute best. 
Nothing is really changing on HT as of now, I have updated my About page as per usual and of course check out the first post of the day where I show you what got the most pageviews vs. my favorite posts of the year. I have decided to hire some actual photographers when I get back to Austin so we shall see what their work does to enhance the blog. I'm also trying to be more real with y'all everyday about my life, trust me, it isn't all pretty ice cream cones & navy blue dresses. So look forward to more posts like that! Also, after reading your responses on my reader survey {which thank you again for responding}, I will be doing more beauty posts, look out for a "get ready with me" video, more travel posts and more theme weeks. 
It is going to be a big year for the blog, being that it is my senior year of college and I will be venturing into the adult world soon. And being completely honest, I have no idea how either of these things will affect the blog. I'm hoping that they don't and I can continue to give you content 6 days a week, but I will let you know if things crop up. 
Lastly, do y'all like the photos? I knew I wanted to do something big for number 5 but I couldn't decide what. I did the number balloon for 3 and the shoot in Paris for 4, so a pineapple piñata filled with homemade confetti was the way to go. I am so happy with the way the photos turned out, I hope you like them too! 
Again, darlings, thank you so much for your support. I wouldn't be here with out y'all. 
-xoxo darling, Hayden

Five Years, Part Two

Can I just say I am so happy with the way the posts have gone this year?! Like we got over 1,500 page views on a lot of the posts, that is INSANE! Seriously, a huge shout out to y'all for that crazy support. Also, as I was going through the "most popular" a ton of them were my favorites so it was really difficult to choose. It seems like readers really love it when I get real with them {see "day off" & "my hair"} so I am going to be attempting to do more of that. You guys also really liked my 21st birthday posts, thank you for that! And then four of the most popular posts were about outfits, which hasn't ever happened. I am so, so, so happy about that! 
As for the posts I, personally loved this year: Doing a photoshoot at the Dallas Arboretum's pumpkin patch was magical. Also, writing travel guides has become one of my favorite pastimes so being able to write about Fort Myers & Paris and having y'all love them? That was icing on the cake. Traveling with Hannah is something that is incredible {plus she is a killer photographer} so those photos {and the shirt} in Houston were beautiful. The fam bam took a trip to my favorite place in the states, North Carolina and I loved two different shoots we did there. Lastly, the other two shoots I loved were with the two-tone pink wall in Austin and of me wearing a Target shirt...it was the first time ever Target had shared my photos. I think they have since done it, two more times.
Again, literally none of this would be possible without you all. Seriously. You guys are the backbone with which Haute Table thrives. So THANK YOU!!! I am looking forward to another year of HT victories {maybe even getting one post to over 2,000 views...who knows what is possible}! 

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Friday, August 18, 2017

To the Girl Who Didn't Get In: The University of Texast at Austin Sorority Recruitment

You're headed off to college. You are so excited. You have decided to rush. And you do it. You really go through it. You've paid the fee, gotten your t-shirts, purchased your specific outfits for the different rounds. You're ready. So you show up. You give it your all. But something happens. You don't get in. Or you are forced to drop. And that is soul. crushing. It happened to me. I was so excited to rush. I wanted to meet the sisters I would have for the rest of my life. I'm an only child and I was bouncing off of the walls with excitement of a future where I would have girlfriends to go with to anything. I realize that a lot of what I thought sororities were came from TV shows or movies and let's face it, these are not realistic. But I did do my research, I watched the videos, read their websites, checked out their social media and even looked into their GPA standings. I was prepared. Until I wasn't. 

Every school's rush process is different. And every sorority is different. I am very aware that what happened to me at Texas might not have happened somewhere else. But it did happen, and it has probably happened to other girls, that is why I am finally writing this. If I'm being honest, I didn't think I ever would because it still feels like a sore subject in my brain. A time that I, basically, failed. At Texas, there are 14 sororities, and they take about 70 girls in each pledge class. But way more than that rush, so there is a steady drop-rate, I was part of that. The whole process is fairly normal. You are supposed to get letters of recommendation from various friends or relatives who were in that specific sorority and have them send it to the house. I love a good letter of rec; but none of my family were Greek. Neither were my parent's friends. And I'm an only child of only children, plus my mom was adopted. So those 14 letters of rec were from very distant people. And that is what happens a lot of the time. You might know a solid 7 people who know you really well and can attest to who you are as a person, but the other 7 are random friends of friends of sisters of friends. But it is a system they rely on, so you play the game and get all 14.

Then you go to every house on the first two days and meet a random member of that sorority for approximately 20 minutes. You have 20 minutes to make an impression that you should be their sister. No pressure, right? The first house was when I learned about door chants, which is kind of terrifying, but cool to the newbie. You line up in alphabetical order, and they open the doors and scream at you these rhymes that involve their sorority's name {I'm a --, She's a --, So be a -- too!}. Then you walk through the double doors and receive a partner, someone who will talk to you. Some of the houses have you change girls part of the way through, other's don't. Some are really friendly and you have good conversations with. Others are really rude, like seriously, one house the girl only talked to her fellow sister, not me at all {and that was one I had 3 letters for...I was so confused}. After those two days you go to a room and "pref" your favorites, and say those that you don't want to visit again. After the first round, you are supposed to have 7-10 left {or however many your school has}. This is when I was crushed.

I was asked back to 2 out of 14, other girls got back more than 10, and I could only get invited back to 2. Every girl had said before we started the process, to trust the system, it works, you'll find your home. Well if the system works, why didn't I get the normal 7-10 like all of the other girls? The two I were asked back to, were not my favorites. One, unfortunately, doesn't have a house and I grew up wanting to have the big house where I would live with my sisters. I also just didn't like the vibe at that sorority. The other one was predominately a specific religion, so much so that it is known they don't take you if you aren't that.

So I cried. I cried so hard. My parents had to leave me after that traumatic experience, and they were afraid to go. They thought I would want to transfer schools because of this terrible time. If you are in a sorority and reading this, you might not understand how soul crushing it is to feel like no one wants you, based on 20 minute conversations and a random letter of recommendation from someone you might not even know. But I prevailed, I went to the two houses in the second round. And then the one that is a specific religion dropped me. I knew it was over. Because I didn't go all the way to bid day, I wasn't even included in the statistic that the sororities sprout about people finding their "home." There is a large group of people who drop before bid day and are forgotten at Texas, it is a systematic problem.

But that is for another day. Mainly, I am writing this post for the girl who goes through rush and it doesn't work out, whether that be your choice or not. It isn't your fault. You didn't say the wrong things. You didn't wear the wrong dress, or color, or shoes. As long as you were yourself, you did absolutely nothing wrong. Because, who wants a group of "sisters" based on superficial stuff like that? I am not saying sororities are superficial, a ton of my really good friends are in them and they are the sweetest people. But I think the rush process can be a wicked mistress. If you aren't from the right zip code or if you aren't wearing Adidas Superstars, you are looked upon differently. But if that happens to you, if you don't get into a sorority, your life isn't over. I know what it feels like, you just want to cry because a large group of your peers basically said you weren't good enough for them and as dramatic as it sounds, it's okay to be incredibly sad about it. However, realize now, your life will go on. You will meet amazing people who aren't Greek, or they might be and that is fine too. You can let the houses kick you down for a few days but pick yourself up and go back out there.

Because of my difficulties with sororities, my self-esteem was not good until three months into college, and I have pretty high self-esteem. I'm not usually one to let stuff get me down, but seeing all of these girls wearing their t-shirts with their letters and posting amazing photos of their bid day experiences, was really hard for me. It still is. I try to avoid certain streets at the beginning of the school year because I know rush is happening. It still cuts deep that something I wanted to be a part of, will never be a part of me. But I got back out there, I started my own organization, something I am incredibly proud of, and I got my mojo back.

Being in a sorority can define you, but not being in a sorority does. not. define. you. No matter what, you are an amazing person who deserves everything for the world {regardless of your tennis skirt size or the shade of khaki of your shorts}. If you go through the rush process and find your home, congratulations, seriously, I am incredibly happy for you. I think anyone who thinks they want to rush should. You do not want to regret not doing it later in life, so pay the fee and go do it. But if it doesn't go well, if it doesn't end the way you planned, that is fine. And ultimately, they say the system helps you find your home...well maybe your home wasn't in a sorority at all, how funny is that? But mainly, remember, no matter what happens...

You will be fine. 

I did not write this post to be negative about Greek life, the sororities at Texas, or anything like that. But I do think that people shouldn't go into anything blind. And people deserve to know that the groups they associate with are not the end all be all of their lives. I hope this helps girls who didn't get into their dream sorority or any sorority whatsoever at whatever school they attend. They deserve to be spoken for like the countless posts about how great the rush process is.

Two TikToks about Sorority Recruitment at The University of Texas at Austin

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Stripe Lake

{Location: The Broadmoor, Colorado // Note: The dress was purchased at 
GAP Outlet & they have a ton left, but they aren't on ShopStyle}

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Week Re-Cap

Hey darlings! It has been a while since a re-cap, due to College Week last week {which I sincerely hope you enjoyed}! The past few weeks have been really nice! I finished up my internship at Miles, enjoyed some time in Fort Myers and then headed to Miami for a weekend getaway. This week I have been studying for a Spanish final and I am off to the beach today. I leave for college next Friday so I am trying to enjoy the last days of summer. What have y'all been up to? -xoxo darling, Hayden

Miles threw me a going away party complete 
with cookies & cupcakes.

 On my last day of work we had an International Cook-Off, it was super intense.

 The incredibly #extra Russia team.

 Our best asset was this guy filled with miniatures.

 Someone on the team painted that background...seriously.

 I made those banners!

 The food was amazing.

 Seriously, so good.

 A fellow intern and I made individual chips & salsa bags.

A final Sarasota dinner at Der Dutchman.

Took this beauty on a workout.

Tried a new restaurant in downtown Fort Myers, Izzy's.

They serve Del's so I'm a happy camper.

My favorite place on Sanibel, Gene's Books.

My spirit group has a magnet that we treat like the 
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

 On a little trip to Miami we visited MIA Beer Company. 

The best BBQ in Miami, Shorty's.

The former Bacardi Buildings in Miami.

Boulangerie Boul-Mich is the family's new favorite breakfast spot.

Finally got to visit Vizcaya in Miami, it was amazing.


Wynwood Walls!!!

Visited Concrete Beach Brewing

Magic Box Food Truck

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Reflections Going into Senior Year

Y'all, I do not want to write this post. Seriously, I have been avoiding writing this all week because the fact that I am a senior terrifies me to my bones. Going to college is one of the greatest, toughest, decisions of your life and the fact that I have less than 9 months in the amazing city that is Austin is I N S A N E!
But, I decided to reflect on going into my senior year, so I'm going to do it for you. 
First, let me say choosing to go to an out of state university was the single greatest decision I have made about college. I understand why people go in-state/do not have the option to go out but if you do, challenge yourself. If you stick in the same place, with the same friends, are you really growing as a person? I know I wasn't so moving four states away with absolutely nobody was the best possible scenario for this only child to grow.
Second, getting involved, which I talked about in my college tips, was what really helped me tounderstand who I am in a better light. I always knew I loved being involved but college helped me specialize my groups, I now feel more comfortable leading, speaking and being a part of something bigger than myself.
Third, if you have the opportunity, study abroad. I'm not one of those people who think studying abroad changed me. I am still the same person who got on a flight to London that got off of one in Miami, but I do think you learn so much more about the world around you if you go abroad. Plus, if you didn't go out-of-state this will put you out of your comfort zone more than anything else you'll experience.
Those are my three biggest reflections on college. Aside from that, I have loved my time at the University of Texas at Austin. Being a Longhorn has taught me what it means to have school spirit, what it takes to be part of a huge group of people all trying really hard to be the best and that no matter what we all share a commonality. Going into senior year, I am trying to bring up the GPA a little {who isn't?}, socialize to the max with my friends and really just live it up in my last two semesters. College is so much fun and the lack of real responsibilities, for me personally, is something I really want to capitalize on this year. Every semester I say I want to make it the best ever, but I want to make my senior year, truly the B E S T ever. I encourage you to follow along on my journey this year, it will, as always, progress on the blog. I am creating a one-second-a-day for my entire senior year so that will be something to look for in May. If you have any advice for a senior in college, please leave it for me in the comments below-xoxo darling, Hayden. 

Hook 'Em Forever, Y'all.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

College Apartment Essentials

For today's post, I want to mention that you need more than the things below for your apartment! These are just things I think you might forget/were essential for my survival, living alone, in my first apartment-xoxo darling, Hayden.
P.S. Here is the link to my first apartment's photos.

{Flashlight, Picture, Chair, Desk, Construction Paper, Tape, Laundry Basket, Tool Kit, Air Mattress, Bulletin Board, Calendar, Fan, Toaster Oven, Teaspoons, Pan, Cookie Sheets, Coffee Maker, Bowl, Measuring Cup, Kitchen Utensils, Broom, 409, Steamer, Food Containers, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Paper Towels, Lysol Wipes, Printer Paper, Printer, Extra Ink}

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dorm Room Essentials

Welcome to day three of College Week! Today is all about what you need for your dorm, don't be confused by those lists at Target & Bed, Bath and Beyond - they always say you need more than you do. If you want to see what my freshman dorm looked like, click here.

Comforter - I say get a comforter instead of a duvet because those can be so much trouble.
Bed Pillow - This will save your life when you have to stay up late studying and don't want to go to the library/all of the buildings are closed.
Sheets - Bring two sets, trust me.
Tote Bag/Reusable Grocery Bags - These are great for grocery trips, weekend getaways and transporting stuff to class. I think I had about 5 of them my freshman year.
Lamp - This might not be necessary for your dorm, mine didn't need it but if your dorm lacks light get a small lamp! I am loving the cactus one from Target, so cute.
Throw Pillow - Completely up to you, but if you plan to make your bed you can really tie it together with a cute pillow {or your friends can lay on it when they come visit}. 
Hand Towels - Have two of these as well because you'll hate laundry. 
Stamps - These are great for if you need to send off scholarship applications, letters to friends or your family. 
Cute Art - Get some command strips and go crazy with your walls. You'll be living in your dorm for a little less than a year, so make it yours! I did a ton of cute wall art on core board, some of which I still have in my apartment. 
Push Pins - Most dorm rooms have ton of bulletin board space so bring a ton of these to hang up your memories.
Book End - This is not for books necessarily, but cute little figurines can really personalize your space without taking a ton of space. I recently bought this specific one for my apartment because hook 'em!
Thank You Notes - If you don't know this yet, you should always send thank you notes to your intern employers, so having some around is the best way for success.
Stapler - Trying to find a stapler on campus can be incredibly annoying, and your professors might have weird stapling rules, so just get one and take it with you.
Hand Sanitizer - My roommate and I had a giant container near our door so we could use it on the way in/out because getting sick is, unfortunately, a huge part of living in a dorm, try to avoid it!
Cold Medicine - Instead of trying to find it when you feel like you are dying, go ahead and bring some to move-in. I use Alka Seltzer and it works like a charm! 
Excedrin - You'll need some type of pain reliever at some point in college, so go ahead and purchase it on the front end. 
Duct Tape - Stuff happens, be prepared with the ultimate tape.
Heating Pad - This was not something I personally use {I've actually never used one} but the best friend suggested it. She used it for long nights studying and said she couldn't have gotten through college without it.
Hangers - Bring as many as you possibly can.
Glue Gun - I did not bring one to college and kind of regretted it immediately, I ended up buying a cheap one and have used that thing like crazy.

I hope these help you in your packing endeavors! Below you can find where all the super cute stuff from above is available for purchase-xoxo darling, Hayden.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

College Packing List

Part of college is the constant packing {and unpacking} and you don't want to forget something essential to your life. Below I have created the ULTIMATE College Packing list for y'all so that you can remember everything without stressing. Some of the items you might not need depending on your daily routine and I might not have included others but these are the things I took with me.
A coupe of notes:
- T-Shirts: Seriously, do not take a ton of these, you will either get a T O N for free or you'll want to buy cute ones in your school colors.
- Underwear: You might think this is excessive, but laundry is the worst so if you have about a month's worth, you should be golden.
- Clear Bag: A ton of football stadiums are going to the clear-bag policy so check and see if your school is too! 
- White Sneakers: This could be for your or not, but white Converse or Adidas Superstars are still really "in" so if you want that look you should bring them. I usually wear white Tretorns or my pale pink Adidas sneakers for a similar look.
- If you are looking for what to pack for a Study Abroad Trip, click here.
P.S. In case you missed the beginning of College Week, I gave my best tips for living your best life at your University

Monday, August 7, 2017

College Tips

Welcome to College Week on Haute Table! 
This is the first time ever I'm doing this because, if I am being completely honest, have never felt like/wanted to do a week about college. But I am feeling extremely sentimental about the greatest four years of our lives so I decided right before senior year is the perfect time. Plus I think I got this in just in time for you to run out and buy whatever last minute stuff you need before the big move-in day. Check back tomorrow for my ultimate college packing list! There will also be posts on what you need for your dorm, apartment and I will be reflecting on my senior year this Friday. If there is anything you have questions about {whether you'll be a freshman or about to graduate} let me know!
College is a huge part of our lives, and as my parents told me growing up, it is the most fun you will ever have. I was a little skeptical of that but as I head into my senior year I realize how right they were. I don't want to graduate and I certainly don't want to be writing about it, but I decided this post should happen. Below are my tips to college, whether you are a freshman or you are in your last semester, maybe you can learn something from me! -xoxo darling, Hayden

1. Get Out There and Join Something – I have a few friends who went on a different path than I did and they ended up with two friends at the end of the spring semester. I got out there, went to tons of different club meetings, joined a freshman interest group, started my own club, and talked to people
in my classes. I have a great group of friends that I can rely on. If you don’t get out there, and I know it is super hard, you might not get everything out of your college experience that you should have. College is where you reinvent yourself and make friends with a whole different group of people than in high school, and that is okay. You will learn so much about yourself and the world if you just get out there.

2. Don’t Skip Class – This is probably on every single guide to surviving college you have ever read, but it is so true. If you miss one class that is fine, but continually skipping class is a huge mistake. Not only are you missing out on the lecture material and important information for your tests, you are missing out on making connections with your peers and your professors. If you go to class it can lead to a letter of recommendation or a job in the future. As a side note, also do your readings. It will benefit you in the long run. You don’t want to be pulling an all-nighter before the test just so you can read the book. 

3. Reach Out – You probably will not know someone in every single class you take at your college. The school is, most likely, just too big for that, but during the first week of classes it is ideal to make
a buddy (and get their phone number). This way if you ever have to miss class or if you didn’t understand something you can text them. This is also important if you are super shy towards professors (which you shouldn’t be, but it’s understandable). Your new buddy can probably help you out in the understanding of the material. Not to mention you now have a go to study buddy. 

4. Crying and Being Homesick are Okay, No Matter What Year You Are – We have all be there, and do not let anyone tell you they haven’t. We are all moving away from home, whether that be from down the road or five states over. And it. is. hard. You can be sad, you can cry, and you can miss your parents (or dog, or bed). What is important is to not let yourself feel like those emotions are invalid. They are most definitely valid and okay to have. Most likely all of your friends are going through it too. So reach out if your feeling sad and lonely. Someone will be there for you. 

5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – You are not going to do well in a few classes, you will do something stupid (like crack your MacBook screen), you will stay out too late, and you will (most likely) eat too much. But guess what? That is life. Once you fail a test you get back up and brush yourself off. It is not going to matter down the road. What matters more is enjoying you. You only have one life to live, so don’t freak out when your English teacher doesn’t like that you are a journalism major and gives
you bad grades (maybe that's just me...). You go to college not just to get a degree in whatever you think your future career will be, but to become a fully functioning adult. And you don’t do that by only staying in your room and studying. You have to make mistakes and not sweat them when you screw up. It will all work itself out. 

6. Be Prepared – This is more than just bring a pencil to class. There is quite an array of things you should have in your backpack. Things like: an umbrella, gum, a flash drive, hand sanitizer, and pain reliever are just a few to note. Another way to be prepared is to look at the handy dandy weather app on your phone each morning before you leave your house, it will let you know if it is going to rain all day so you can pack your backpack accordingly. Being prepared is one of the biggest steps you can take in life from going to a high schooler to a college adult.

7. Find Your Special Spot – Studying and living with a roommate can be HARD. You will struggle in both your studies and your friendship (or lack there of) with your roommate. So find somewhere you can go that makes you happy to be there and where you can focus. I have two for studying, one is the
Texas Union’s third floor and the other is our amazing Architecture Library which a gorgeous room. For getting out of my dorm room, it is The Blanton Museum of Art. Go explore campus for the little hidden gems of your learning institution to find the perfect spot for you.

8. Invest in a Good Planner – Maybe you used a planner in high school, maybe you didn’t. But now is the time to go out and grab one. You are going to be managing 4-5 classes plus your clubs and organizations. Then there are labs, study sessions, dinners with friends, etc. Get a planner and you will never forget important dates. 

9. Let Go –  If you have not already learned this, some things are out of your hands. I am someone who is pretty much always in control of her emotions and situations. However, when I entered the college process I soon realized that once I sent off my applications there was NOTHING I could do to convince them I should get into their university. This will also happen in college. Some things, like your grades, the ways people perceive you, your sorority/spirit group bid, or anything else under the sun, are not in your control. So just let go and don’t worry about them. Either it is meant to be or it isn’t (I know, I hate it when people tell me that too.) But it is true.

10. Don't Be Afraid – I am not in a sorority, however, there is a sorority that has a phrase “Go
Confidently.” If you do this in your college career you will be incredibly successful and probably really happy. Don’t be afraid to do something just because you have never tried it before. I jumped off of a two story boat with my friends because, why not? Not being afraid goes hand in hand with putting yourself out there. If you are afraid of joining a club, do it anyway. Don’t have any regrets because you were afraid.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

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