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Thursday, December 29, 2022

2022: Year in Review

What.a.year. 2022 was some of the highest highs for me and some of the lowest lows. I decided to move across the country knowing no one (yet again). Changed jobs at my company for something that truly scared me and you know what? Past me was right, it's terrifying to join a new field. I started another TikTok account (two clearly wasn't enough) and I've been struggling to deal with the consequences of moving. Don't get me wrong it has been lovely and I'm fairly obsessed with Charlotte, but it has come with its challenges. Overall I love 2022 for its faults and phenomenal moments and I'm so glad y'all were along for the ride. See you in 2023!

We experienced the aftermath of the worst hurricane to ever hit my childhood community.
We said goodbye to my Denver, Colorado life via a Parent-Trap-themed party.
We visited North & South Carolina(s) on a mom-daughter trip.
We updated our Black-owned restaurants in Denver.
We screamed Taylor Swift songs in a giant scarf.
We participated in our last Sampling for Hope.
We visited Steamboat Springs on a girls trip.
We had our first photo in a visitors guide.
We made period kits for people in need.
We moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.
We had our first interns in the program.
We created a friend group in Charlotte.
We checked off states in the Midwest.
We finally made it to Devils Tower.
We said goodbye to my coworkers.
We went on a lot of press dinners.
We traveled to Toronto, Canada.
We threw a Mamma Mia party.
We hosted an epic potato party.
We went to Hayden, Colorado.
We visited Serena in Portland.
We moved across the country.
We created my first snowman.
We did a lot of presentations.
We got vaxxed (a few times).
We reunited with our bestie.
We turned 26.

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