Sunday, February 24, 2013

Collage Happy

For most of my fashion inspiration, I turn to fashion magazines. Of course not all the outfits in those do it for me, so the ones that do, I tear out. But not everything is fashion related. A lot of ideas come from my favorite Travel + Leisure. Which is an amazing publication! Here are my collages from the latest magazines, have a great Sunday-xo!

I like to use note cards & card stock.

I group all my cutouts so my collages are organized.

This I like to call "Classic Lady".

Black & White

"Color Love"

"Italian Dream"

"Pink Nightmare"

"Prep in the Suburbs"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pink Lee

I wear this outfit so frequently that I am a little worried it is becoming what everyone recognizes me in... Anyway, I love the comfort of the pink tee and the business of the black pants and flats. The bag adds even more splotches of color, maybe it is a good outfit to have as your signature. 
Location note: We took these photos on the side steps of the old courthouse, I love the door windows with the old Lee logo and the steps are made of the circle tiles which makes for great shoe shots. Have a great Saturday!
P.S. No Weekend Re-Cap tomorrow, I will be coming home from LA, instead there will be a post about my recent collages. See you then! 

{What you need: H&M Tee, J.Crew Pants, 
Steve Madden Flats (Goodwill), Bag (Gift with no brand)}

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pinterest Love

I am in LA right now as you all know, so here is my scheduled Pinterest update. Enjoy! 

Just go!

Paris Love


Need to get a bigger bulletin board...


Weekly Irish Dance Inspiration 

Lemon Poppy Seed Donuts

Just toss some stuff in...

Frenzy, I need you. 

To match my new camera? 



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wet Lace

This is the first year that I have really loved my homecoming dress. I wore it to the oddly themed Jurassic Park homecoming downtown last October. Something about the black lace makes me feel good about myself, although the dress is the shortest I own. The heels are incredibly versatile (I wore them to the Edison Ball last week). The photos were taken downtown by a huge fountain that expends almost as much water onto you as it holds in its little pond. I'm off to LA so I have scheduled the next few posts! See you soon!
{What you need: H&M Dress, G by Guess Heels (DSW)}

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wisteria Tea Room

For my birthday, Caline decided we would have tea at the Wisteria Tea Room & Cafe. I was a little nervous about it, how sketchy could this place be though? I am so happy we went, it was so much fun and delicious! We tried three different teas, a ginger, a vanilla chai, and a berry, and had lunch. Here are some pictures from the experience.
On a side note, happy Wednesday! I am packing for LA right now, see you guys tomorrow! 

Ginger Tea


Savory Tea- Chicken & Wild Rice Soup, 
Chefs Treats, Quiche, & a Cinnamon Chip Scone.

Cream Tea- Cinnamon Chip Scones + Cream.

Berry Tea

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Work It

Let me start off by saying this outfit is SO comfortable. I call it "Working Girl" because I feel like it is a casual work outfit, by casual I mean late tow work. Those grey pants are a stretchy, sweat pant. However I love it, it embodies the teenager style while still looking presentable. 
On another note, I'm glad no one walks into the lobby of this building because at one point I was sitting on the receptionists desk with my legs in the air, a compromising position if you can believe. See you tomorrow- xo.
{What you need: Zara Shirt, H&M Pants, Steve Madden 
Flats (Marshalls), Urban Outfitters bag}

Monday, February 18, 2013

Quotes of the Week

This week should be a little less hectic than the last, but not by too much. Today I have Irish dance practice, tomorrow is my birthday celebration with Caline, then I leave for LA Thursday night and come back early Sunday morning (lots of pictures to follow!). Enjoy your Monday! 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap: Birthday Edition

It has been such a whirlwind week! My birthday, Valentine's day, and the Edison Ball have combined into a weekend where all I wish to do is sleep and take a load off my feet. This week has been filled with so many experiences, an amazing friends break-up with her boyfriend of 6.5 months, the thrill of high school baseball, seeing the people that truly care about me, and the artificial people one meets along their way. I know, that was deeper than I usually go, but it has been one of the most emotional weeks of my life, thank goodness it was mostly happy! Here are some photos-xo!

Birthday Pin

New Apron--SO CUTE!

Wallet to match my beret from Paris.

My new obsession: classical music.

Cute kitchen mitts that are so true.

This scarf is going to be 
perfect for The Great Gatsby.

Cute glasses from a friend

AHHHH!!! All these pictures were 
taken with this camera! 

The adorable cards people gave me.

Iris--Crabtree & Evelyn

Cupcake Bank

Make-up for the Edison Ball

Hostess for Edisonia