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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Life Currently

Oh boy. This is one of the longer breaks I've taken on Haute Table and it's purely because I have been so overwhelmed lately. Two major life changes are happening right now for me and it means more work, more stress and all the while trying to continue to keep up the same things I've been doing. It's a very exciting time but...it's a lot. SO, the blog has fallen by the side. And I'm sorry about that if you're a long-time reader. It wasn't my intention but it's going to keep happening until probably mid-August. But I will try to pop in to update and showcase things as I find the time. Below is a huge number of photos from the past few weeks — I've been traveling a lot so there's a fun amount.

Tacos y Machetes in Aurora

Steuben's hot chicken sandwich & boozy grasshoper.

Finished this one!
Bison at Genesee Park.
Danny's Carnation

Finally saw Carmen at the Opera.
Mango paleta at Bule Bule.
Weekday walk through Washington Park.

The view from our Airbnb in Steamboat Springs.

Left our mark in Steamboat.
Girls trip!

Wild Goose Granary 

Finally went to FM Light & Sons...

And we all bought hats.

Had to visit Hayden, Colorado.
Creekside Cafe

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

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