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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

University of Texas at Austin Burnt Orange Clothes

Can y'all believe Texas football season is just over a week away?  I am so excited to be back in my burnt orange almost every day, so I thought I would round-up some burnt orange items for you to add to your wardrobe. Yes, you can wear all of these if you went to UT but also, burnt orange screams fall, so wear them if you aren't even a Longhorn. Hook em — xoxo darling, Hayden.
From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Puff Sleeve Top, 2. T-Shirt, 3. Check Dress, 4. Stripe Turtleneck, 5. Puff Sleeve Dress, 6. Jumpsuit, 7. Dress with Flower Cutouts, 8. T-Shirt, 9. Long Jacket, 10. Maxi Dress, 11. Strap Dress, 12. Halter Neck Dress, 13. Texas Sweatshirt, 14. Shorts with White Belt, 15. Leggings, 16. Babydoll Longsleeve Shirt, 17. Shorts, 18. Boots, 19. Pattern Dress, 20. Mask, 21. V-Neck Sweater, 22. Floral V-Neck Dress, 23. Scarf, 24. Pants, 25. Swiss Dot Dress, 26. Pattern Maxi, 27. Stripe Sweater, 28. Pom Pom Sweater, 29. Bandana, 30. Nap Dress, 31. Crewneck Sweater, 32. Turtleneck, 33. Jacket, 34. Cableknit, 35. Pattern Skirt, 36. Jacket, 37. Longsleeve Shirt, 38. Sleeveless Dress, 39. Hoodie, 40. Cropped Sweater, 41. Skort, 42. Heels, 43. Ruffled Dress, 44. Floral White Dress, 45. Slides, 46. Belt Tie Dress, 47. Halter Neck Top, 48. Peasant Dress, 49. Tunic, 50. Sweatshirt, 51. Button Front Dress, 52. T-Shirt, 53. Embroidered Top, 54. Floral Shirt, 55. White and Orange Embroidered Top, 56. Ruched Tank, 57. Orange Patterned Blouse, 58. Gingham Button Front, 59. High Neck Blouse, 60. Collared Button Down, 61. Gingham Shirt, 62. Sweater Vest, 63. Ombre Sweater, 64. Patterned Longsleeve Dress, 65. V-Neck Tee, 66. Tiered Ruffle Dress, 67. Ruffle Sleeveless Dress, 68. Velvet Longsleeve Dress, 69. Gingham Puff Sleeve Shirt, 70. Texas V-Neck Tee, 71. Go Horns Go Tee, 72. Texas Longhorns Tee, 73. Texas Forever Tee, 74. Texas Star Tee, 75. Texas Block Tee, 76. Bevo Tee, 77. Longsleeve Flowing Blouse, 78. Patterned Top, 79. Polka Dot Top, 80. Collared Dress, 81. Sleeveless Top, 82. Front Tie Dress, 83. Jacket, 84. Ruffle Top, 85. Paperbag Pants, 86. Tee, 87. Swiss Dot V-Neck Blouse

Want more?

Monday, August 30, 2021

Monday Links

Happy Monday! — xoxo darling, Hayden

I am 100 percent here for 60s fashion!

God, now I just want to jet-set off to Edinburgh for the rest of the year!

Denver friends: WeldWerks Brewing is opening in the Springs in 2022!

This made me laugh a little too hard — future boyfriends of mine beware!

Obsessed with these historic homes that are more than 100 years old!

Teen bedrooms are always the best!

Loved learning about historic All-Black towns of Oklahoma

This colorful home is amazing.

Fall-inspired outfits from rom-coms...I desperately want that that white sweater from When Harry Met Sally.

V excited that Miss Scarlet and the Duke is coming back for a second season! 

Oh goodness, I'm loving this Instagram account that shows off old-school J. Crew.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Week Re-Cap

Mango sorbet from Scoops

Yes, week re-cap is a day late but hopefully all of the photos of food make up for it! How are y'all doing? — xoxo darling, Hayden
Wine event at Bigsby's Folly

Mint chocolate chip ice cream from Em's.
Got these fun herbs for my shower!
Amazing grilled cheese at Red Barber
Catbird Hotel just opened in RiNo and it's great! 
Red Barber has the best frose in Denver.

Cannot believe the rooftop at Catbird.
Beer at Cohesion Brewing
Lunch at Mister Oso

Lunch at Lucy's Tacos in Lamar.
Got to visit Camp Amache — a post is coming later! 
Sandy's Hometown Bakery in Limon

Trying to get late night pool sessions in before it closes.

Breakfast tacos on cute plates on a Friday night. 
Got this amazing vintage plate on Etsy!

Milkshakes from Rosie's Diner

Drove by the Westminster Castle.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Early Fall Finds

After last week's slight chill...it was 57 one morning...I got started thinking about what pieces I want to add to my fall wardrobe. And then I got carried away! What is your favorite? — xoxo darling, Hayden 

Monday, August 23, 2021

Monday Links

Can y'all believe August is almost over? — xoxo darling, Hayden

While the Taliban's return is awful in many ways, it will be worse for women. Sending a country years and years back is abhorrent and should not stand. 

#BamaRushTok took over the app last week, and I just wanted to re-share my sorority rush experience & how badly it went but that it all worked out in the end. 

OK this is not a drill. I want an armadillo & Texas pumpkin poke cake from the state fair STAT.

How far did you get on this dessert quiz

Found this piece about feminism and our 20 year war fascinating. It was something I had never thought of but makes total sense. Also, I want to read Against White Feminism.

20 books to read in September.

What are your thoughts on the new 100 Best YA Books of All Time? I was thrilled to see From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, The Westing Game, Ella Enchanted & The Princess Diaries on there.

21 feel-good movies to get you through a rough week. 

Julia's trip to Ireland looked amazing and man do I want to go back! 

Kinda want to read The View Was Exhausting...

A trailblazing feminist to get your Monday started off right.

The new prime minister of Barbados seems awesome!

Emily's trip to Italy was one of my favorite Insta stories to watch as of late.

Denver pals: Cohesion Brewing opened recently and it's Czech-themed, which is ME.

Look at these new Girl Scout cookies

Americans are bad at history, a funny but scary piece on propaganda. 

Friday, August 20, 2021

Haute Table Turns Nine!

Good lord. How? How have we made it to year nine? I am truly aghast. When I realized this was happening (and how unprepared I was) I flew into action trying to come up with what to do for year nine. It was my best friend Libby who suggested the diner photoshoot. And she was so right. These images are so cute! 

What does year nine bring? If I'm being honest I have no freaking clue. COVID has been such a wild place to live that making plans for a year seems like a bad idea...HA! I'm planning on going back to Austin for football games this season — after a way too long break, I miss that city like crazy — so there will probably be football game vlogs again! I'm headed to Tulsa and Arkansas in a few weeks, which I'm hyped about so plan to see some of that. There will also be more Denver-area guides because we all seem to enjoy them. Other than that, I don't really have any plans. But if you have something you desperately want to see, feel free to reach out!

As per usual I've created a post with the most popular and my favorite posts from the last year and I've made a new about page with some fresh photos for your aesthetic enjoyment. Thank you so much for your support over the last year. 

Cheers to year nine and I'll see y'all on Monday for another year of fun! — xoxo darling, Hayden


Nine Years, Part Two

Most Popular:

Way Too Early Swim Post (36,335) — Every year there is a post that I don't understand why it has any popularity. And this is the one! Why? There's so little writing! But I'm happy y'all found some early swim suits for whatever trips you managed to take during quarantine. 

Post-Covid Bucket List (335) — Ugh, these all still stand and clearly y'all are itching to travel like I am! To be able to go to Europe right now...I would. I miss the UK and I'm so desperate to see Italy. 

Best Hot Chocolates in Denver (266) — Thrilled one of my Denver food guides made it onto this list! I worked really hard trying to source all of the best hot cocoas in the Mile High City, and y'all clearly enjoy the warm beverage as much as I do! 

The Ultimate Colorado Road Trip (217) — Also very happy that this, fairly recent, guide made it on. Our Colorado trip was in fact epic and I hope others go on something similar. You get to see so much and learn so much and do so much on it. 

Denver Women-Owned Restaurants (172) — Women supporting women, always. 

My Favorites:

You're Walking Through Stars Hollow — I have never been one to say, "OMG I made the best playlist and you have to listen to it," however, I am really proud of this one. I was going through it when I made it and now it just embodies the beginning of fall to me. I may or may not have already started listening to it...

Red Flag Party — This party was such a blast to throw and the TikTok going viral was just icing on the cake. I 10/10 recommend throwing a red flag party for your friends.

The Perfect Rugby Shirt — My parents got me this shirt and I truly love it. It fits so well and is so flattering. And this was a good day, while COVID was raging we put on our masks and went to a pumpkin patch for a moment of outdoor fun. 

Breakfast Grilled Cheese Recipe — Our first snow of the year...like the first week of September...I made this delicious breakfast meal and I think everyone should! 

Last Chance Module Array Guide — If you love a roadtrip and seeing cool stuff, you should go see Last Chance Module! 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Pawnee Buttes Guide

Colorado Daytrip Roadtrip Series

Pawnee Buttes Guide

Situated on the eastern plains, these buttes are the last of what was a massive mesa. Located in the Pawnee National Grassland, these two sandy creations make for excellent photos. The hike is fairly easy, some of it does cross private land so just be mindful. You'll walk across flat grasslands then go down into a geologic wonderland before popping up back on flat grasslands to the base of the buttes. 

How To Get There:

From Denver take I-76 to CO RD 49 in Hudson, then turn right onto CO-392 E and continue onto CO RD 105. The journey takes roughly two hours and eight minutes. 


There is a parking lot with a restroom, tables and plenty of space to spread out. You'll probably see people camping all over the place.

Be Prepared:

The road to get to the buttes' parking lot is rough. It's all gravel, there's a lot of washboard and you have to go over many a steep hill on gravel roads. Go incredibly slow and take your time! Bring a big bottle of water with you on the hike and wear a hat and SPF. It is best to do this super early in the morning as there is not a lick of shade.

Additional Stops:

Dearfield Colony

Formed by Oliver Toussaint Jackson, this was the largest Black colony in Colorado, formed in the early 1900s. Around 250 people lived in the town until the Great Depression. People were pretty much gone by 1950 and now there are just abandoned buildings with grass growing through them where the town once was. However, this is an important stop as history is incredibly important, so I highly recommend making a visit. 
Support the preservation of Dearfield >>

Something Brewery, Brighton

Before heading back to Denver pop into downtown Brighton for a blood orange sessional IPA. The taproom is cozy and they have a few outdoor tables with a foodtruck parked out front. Head to the back for even more outdoor seating.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Week Re-Cap

Annual trip the sunflower fields is complete! 

This week was quite a good one. We saw some sunflowers, drank some good wine and ate some really good food. How are y'all hanging in there? — xoxo darling, Hayden

Went to the Vail Wine Classic and had an absolute blast. 
Had the most amazing churros & an adorable charcuterie board.
The most amazing potatoes & chocolate trifle at Acreage in Lafayette.
Chicken vindaloo from Coriander in Green Valley Ranch.
Delicious lil cupcake from Cakeheads
A delightful banana pudding milkshake from MyKings!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Monday Links

Happy Monday! — xoxo darling, Hayden

Sex and the City reboot outfits!! Look 7 feels so classic to me.

I haven't been to New York in a long time, but H visited this architectural behemoth. I had no idea it's tragic reputation. 

Gemma Chan is amazing.

Very here for 1920s style coming back.

Y'all. I am so hyped for Red, I can't even stand it.

Eero Saarinen is one of my favorite architects — the chapel at Stephens College is beautiful. 

A few people I follow have been in Italy recently and I'm desperate to go on these roadtrips.

Would love to go to Rye and Camber Sands.

Read about daring women who crossed the Atlantic and challenged gender roles. 

The Chicks' Wide Open Spaces has many different impacts.

Mask mandates and dress codes, not the same thing.

Obsessed with Beyonce's cover.

New Dunkin fall items coming this week!!

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Recent Favorites

 Happy Thursday! I thought I would share two things that have been making me happy recently — xoxo darling, Hayden.

TAKEYA Cold Brew Coffee Maker

My mom got me this cold brew maker and I'm in love. I exclusively drink iced coffee in summer because I get hot really easy. And this has changed my life! I used to brew multiple pots of coffee at night and put them in a giant pitcher but this saves me so much work. You just put grounds in the center console, fill it up with water and put it in the fridge. I can get about three pitchers out of one thing of grounds. It makes my mornings 10x easier. 

Keeping Mum

Recently I remembered this movie that I watched with my parents as a kid and forgot how much I loved it. Be forewarned, this is a very dark British movie. I find it hilarious and idyllic but there is ruthless murder involved. If you like dark British humor, please give it a watch and let me know if you love it like I do. 

Do you have any current favorites? — xoxo darling, Hayden

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Week Re-Cap


Sunday farmers market energy.
Happy Wednesday! It has been an interesting week. Friday afternoon my left cheek got super swollen and then I felt off all weekend...no idea why. But on the positive side, I've relaunched my feminist cocktail series and I'm really excited about it. We're gonna have fun with them even more this time around! This weekend I'm headed to Vail for the wine classic and then Austin and I are gonna take photos in flower fields on Sunday. What are y'all up to? — xoxo darling, Hayden
Red velvet ice cream sandwich from Rocket Ice Cream
Goodies from a farmers market
My favorite smoothies in Denver!
South University Farmers Market
Grapefruit gelato from Chocolaterie Stam

Erie Farmers Market
Birdhouse tacos, which I loved.
Golden Triangle Farmers Market
Sandwich from Curds in Littleton
Central Park Farmers Market 

Monday, August 9, 2021

61 in 1001 Update

Can't believe I haven't updated this since April 30th! Obviously, some of these items are still unachievable with COVID...especially with the delta variant raging (pls wear your mask!). 

Began: February 14, 2020
Ends: November 11, 2022
19 completed, 42 to go!
In Progress

J U S T     F I N I S H E D

17. Visit a new national park — On our insane summer trip I went to not one but six parks and two national monuments. They were all epic and you can check them out here!

26. Make Croquembouche — Oof am I proud of myself for this one! Twas rough and I made a TikTok about it, but it was so worth it. Someone recently asked me what my favorite thing to bake is, and genuinely I just like baking things that are a challenge to me and this felt like the ultimate version of that.

30. Do something for my career — Well...this has happened a few times. The main one was I created the Visit Longmont Visitor Guide but I also participated in a yearlong leadership class at my company and started presenting about TikTok to industry people. I'm presenting at a big conference in Colorado in November that I'm pumped about!

55. Buy something big for myself — As part of completing those big things at work, I decided I would buy myself the Princess Diana sheep sweater from Rowing Blazers. It has arrived and I'm psyched to wear it this fall!
C U R R E N T L Y     W O R K I N G     O N
1. Read 100 books — I've read 11 since April 30th, which is a little more than 2.5 books a month! I'm working through my bookclub list and just a massive amount of stuff on my TBR list. Currently Reading: Tender at the Bone & The Saboteurs

4. Do 4 more Haute Table travel guides — Speaking of the Colorado roadtrip, I wrote another travel guide! I just have one more to do and then we can cross it off.

23. See the Kit Carson Carousel — Planning to do this before Labor Day!

31. Throw 3 more parties — We threw our first party since COVID-19 became a thing and had an absolute blast talking about red flags...not to mention it went viral on TikTok. Read about how we hosted it here >>

32. Re-read all of the Harry Potter books — Fall is coming around the mountain and I've decided to undertake this goal during that time. I'm pumped to see what they are like from my perspective as not a 7th grader. ALSO, let's all remember that the author is not a good person. 

56. Bake bread — I just need to do it. I bought the yeast. 

57. Keep fresh flowers in the apartment for 3 months — By Sept. 1 this will be done!

59. Go flower picking — Hopefully doing this, this weekend! 

C U R R E N T L Y     I M P O S S I B L E

2. Travel to a new state
7. Go on a girls trip
8. See 6 plays
10. Take a spontaneous trip
12. Visit a dermatologist
13. Visit a friend (not Hannah)
15. See 3 more live shows
19. Find a financial planner
20. Go to therapy
24. Travel by myself
25. Attend the symphony
29. Travel to a new country
33. See an opera
37. Shoot a gun
39. Go to a basketball or hockey game
41. Go on a fall foliage road trip
45. Attend a caucus
48. Take a cooking class
52. See Beyoncé (if possible)
53. Go to a drag brunch
61. Finish this entire list in the time frame

Monday Links

Happy Monday — xoxo darling, Hayden.

"In 2021, more than 90 restrictions on abortion access have been enacted at the state level." Read more about what's happening in Congress >>

Squeeze out the last of summer.

The Pursuit of Love is next on my watch list!

Thought this Zoe Sugg interview was fun!

Desperately want to dress like Jackie O at all times.

Denver friends: Meow Wolf is opening on Sept. 17th and I feel like I should go see it? Also, Miracle is coming back to Denver this year!!

Very excited for Cooking with Paris.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Week Re-Cap

Brunch at Happy Cooker
Happy Thursday! Yes, I yet again am late on Week Re-Cap...but ya know, life. It was a week of good food, mild panics and relaxation. How are y'all? — xoxo darling, Hayden

Scrumptious has this amazing flavor with vanilla, granola and honey.
Get Sauced makes pizza out of a garage in Arvada and it's so good!
Went to Georgetown for brunch on Sunday.
Finished this book and the book hangover was real!
Had happy hour with my lovely TXLBs.
Taquería Guerrero makes some good food y'all.
Clement Park Farmers Market is tiny but this produce was good!
Went to an adorable event at a spice shop in Lowry.
Got to work with Birdcall, whom I love!
Got dinner at Knoz Pizza + Tap with Austin.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Monthly Inspiration No. 22

Can y'all believe it is August? Because I certainly can't. The last 8pm sunset is next week so I'm planning on taking advantage of summer while I still can! — xoxo darling, Hayden

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

TikTok Accounts I'm Loving

Recently I've been getting back into fashion...I kind of took a break when I moved to Denver for the comfort of jeans + blouses/sweaters. BUT, I started following these women on TikTok and they've re-inspired me to try on my outfits again. I'm not saying I'm stylish, but they are and I love 'em. Who do you follow on TikTok? — xoxo darling, Hayden


She works in fashion and I love her confidence with color. Plus, her wedding is going to be amazing.

Saturday was my favorite! Which one was yours?! ##ootd ##highfashion ##summeroutfits2021 ##styleinspo ##maximalist

♬ A WEEK - esterrr


Another fashion gal, she has her own sustainable clothing line. I enjoy her playfulness and the fact that she tries on multiple combos before she decides. 


♬ It's A Lovely Day Today - Doris Day


She's over 50 and killing it. Plus, her closet? A DREAM. 

Style Tip: JUXTAPOSE feminine tops & shoes with kick-ass, ripped jeans. ##overfiftyfashion ##overfifty ##styletip ##fashionadvice ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - Carla Rockmore



♬ original sound - Clare McLaughlin


This British woman is hilarious and I want to be her when I grow up.

Reply to @yourlocal_lauren the jumper was good in theory but then I went outside & it was HUMID ##vlog ##london ##ootd ##style ##clothes

♬ Étude Op. 25 - No.2 - Chopin

Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday Links

Happy Monday — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Dress like Halston's muses...

This parody about Scandi mysteries made me laugh.

The best small towns in Texas — do y'all agree?

I want to live in this library.

J. Lo and Ben are kind of my favorite thing right now.

Kathy Hilton is the best part of RHOBH and I want her to never leave. 

18 women to follow in publishing — and if you like Bookstagrams, follow my friends Books with Tay and Teaspoon of Swoon.

Very excited for the new season of Sex Education!

Loved this ranking of all the Pride & Prejudice movies/tv shows out there.

Y'all ready for the House of Gucci movie?

How cool is this literature map that tells you other books and authors you might like? 

I want to stay at all of these New England hotels!