Friday, May 31, 2013

Pinterest Love

Happy Friday! I am traveling to Tally for the regionals of the College World Series, cross your fingers for FSU! Here are some things I am loving on Pinterest right now~xoxo


The texture is amazing

Bright colors for summer.

Love old maps!

What a beautiful street



I don't think I can make mine do that...

Layering of bracelets is always fantastic 

Who doesn't need mint loafers? 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Shop, Little Shop of Horrors

I was asked to bake cupcakes for the cast party of Little Shop of Horrors, below are my creations. They are chocolate (from the box) cakes (to represent soil) with vanilla cake pops (from the box) made to look like plants.


Icing the Cupcakes

Green to represent grass/base of the plant

Vanilla cake baked to be cake pops

Add icing to crumbled cake and then...

make into ball/plant shapes

Before adding the lips and blood

Lips added

Bloddy messes added

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Computer Holiday

I have decided to take a computer holiday for 30 days (essentially a month). I think it will be fun to experience life without a computer & an iPhone. I will have my camera though. All the posts for the next month I came up with the week before I went on holiday and there will be no posts on Saturday's or Sunday's. Hope you guys like the ones I have scheduled! Also, please email me while I'm on holiday to let me know what posts you enjoy! Love--Hayden

Friday, May 24, 2013

Pinterest Love

Paris in the summer...

Love the top



Waves rolling in

My mouth is watering.

Love this.

Summer/Art Deco Nails

Summer Bangles



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer To-Do's

Below is a list of the things I would like to do this summer. Some are a little outlandish, others are achievable. We'll visit this post again right before school starts to see if I accomplished anything. Xoxo!

Sleep Under the Stars

Lawn Bowl

Experiment with Potato Chip Cupcakes

Visit art museum with friends and pose
 with the art like the art is posing. 

Take more bike rides

Go to free yoga

Cook more

Go to local markets

Visit the flea market

Have fun

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

Nothing says summer like mint chocolate chip ice cream. So to conclude my cupcakes of the school year I chose the summer favorite. When I hand these out over the next week everyone will begin to think about the idea that summer is only two weeks away. We all have incredible to-do lists that only teenagers would think of. It is my last summer of going into a state mandated school, I will be a senior in high school and I cannot believe it. So to start off the best summer yet, here is my way of making Mint Chocolate Cupcakes.

My brand new pans from William-Sonoma


Andes Mints

Chocolate Cake Mix

Icing: Butter, Cream, Salt, Food 
Coloring, Peppermint Extract

Adding powdered sugar gradually

Seem like last years spring? 

Chocolate Cupcakes

Final Product