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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Life Update: I've Moved to Charlotte, NC

Well, if the title didn't already tell you, I've moved!

After four incredible years in Denver, I decided it was time for a change. When I first arrived in the Mile High City I knew it wasn't my "forever home." And as the years went by I became...slightly, ever so slightly, unhappy. I hit a breaking point on my birthday and decided I was done. But I want to make it clear, that breaking point was the realization that if I stayed for another year I would end up hating Denver and that was never the goal. I loved my time in that city. I love the friends I've made and I plan to see them again and again. I plan to visit Denver because it's a wonderful place.

Post-grad is always a weird time in your life. You really start to figure yourself out (even more so than when you're in college). Denver helped me grow up. I dated, I figured out (kinda) what my next career move was going to be, I learned a LOT and I thrived...I think.

But, I love change (jk I don't but who really does?!). And it was time for a BIG change up. I wanted to be back on the East Coast and back in the South. I hated that my parents were a 4+ hour flight away. I hated the snow. And yes, it does snow in Charlotte but significantly less.

Why CLT? I don't really know. There was no where else I was interested in moving, my parents had talked it up and it's close to my favorite place on earth so why not? It's a similar population to Denver and they have a major airport that isn't in another state (clearly hated DIA).

And, thus far, I'm happy with my choice. I've started my daily walks again and I'm doing a different neighborhood as much as possible and OMG the house game here! It's nuts! Also, they have hydrangeas and I can really see my coastal grandma badie self coming out to play here. I've been looking into fall activities (since it's right around the corner) and there's a bunch of things to do.

However, moving is hard (and expensive). I don't really have friends here. I've been spending a lot of time in my apartment. But...I kind of like it. I haven't been anonymous in a city in four years and having fairly little requirements of me (aside from work) has been lovely. I'm trying not to overload myself. I'm trying not to be the #influencer all the time (LMAO, if you know me you know I hate that phrase). I'm trying to let myself sleep in. And it's kind of working.

Anyway, this was a rambling post but if you have any Charlotte recommendations please send them my way.

OH, P.S. I got a new job too...and it's kinda epic.

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