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Friday, April 27, 2018

One Week

I don't have a regular post today because I wanted to just take a moment to talk about the fact that a week from today I will no longer have college work responsibilities...just finding a job (it's casual). And that terrifies me. For 15+ years I've been going to school almost every day withs some type of routine and all of that is about to be changed. I almost started crying the other day because I realized my undergraduate career would be over by Thursday...scary right?
However, this weekend is going to be amazing - my best friend and I are going to our favorite state park. My other best friend is flying in from Seattle, I'm taking my graduation photos and I have some other fun things planned. I'll be filming it all so stay tuned. Then next week there will be lots of drinking (how else do you spend your last week of college), hanging out with friends and finishing final projects. I'm really excited I have this outlet to share these memories with you.
If you have any experience in this whole graduating from college thing I would love to hear from you - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Summer Swimwear

So I know we are firmly in spring but it's time to start thinking about your summer looks. And by that I mean what you are going to wear to the beach or pool or boat or whatever body of water you will be next to. I'm not the biggest swimwear person but I love the accessories that go with it. However, this summer's swim suits are so so so cute. Target, Tuckernuck, Nordstrom, Lands End and J. Crew all have really cute things going for them. Let me know what your favorite is - xoxo darling, Hayden. 




Lands End

J. Crew

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Week Re-Cap

Happy Wednesday darlings! Let's have an honest conversation, I almost started crying in class yesterday because I realized next week is the last undergraduate college class I will ever take part in. It is absolutely terrifying and sad and I just don't want to think about it or comprehend it. So let's not think about it at all, let's avoid at all costs.
This past week was wonderful. We played Broomball and WON!!!! I was inducted into the Burnt Orange Society with my good friend Kelly. Hannah and I tried the ice cream taco place in Austin and we loved it. We cleaned our adopted street, tried purple margaritas and we initiated our new Petals into Texas Ladybirds.
This week should be fun, Hannah is driving up and we are doing a day at our favorite state park, I'm finally taking my graduation photos and Libby is flying in from Seattle for my last Ladybirds meeting. There will be a vlog of this coming week on the blog soon so stay tuned - xoxo darling, Hayden.
P.S. Tell me what you've been up to!

 After a lot of hard work I was inducted into the Burnt Orange Society. 
Cue way too many photos of Kelly & I in the stoles. 

 Taco Sweets is wonderful. 

Cleaning our adopted street Sunday morning. Happy Earth Day!

Finally tried Baby A's' famous Purple-Ritas.

Ladybirds Initiation was Monday and I was the sparkler lighter...we got a different 
brand this year and they were terrifying. 

 Notice the ash on the tip...that was created from the sparklers being lit...

 Check my face to see the pure terror.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

College Week in My Life Vlog

Last week was very exciting in my life (kind of...it depends on your version of exciting) so I filmed a vlog. If you are interested to see what the week of a college senior looks like, or if you're interested in going to UT Austin or if you are just really bored and want to fill up nine minutes of your time, check it out - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Week Re-Cap

Uhm. So today marks a month until I graduate from the greatest university. And I'm s t r e s s e d. About a lot of things. But it's okay, this past week was wonderful. My organizaiton won a lot of money and an award. I got to see a bunch of my friends and I ate a lot of delicious foods. This week I have a lot of assignments due (but most are already turned in) and tomorrow I am being inducted into the Burnt Orange Society - something I've been working toward since freshman year. Also, I am vlogging this week in my life so get ready for that! I hope you are having a glorious week - xoxo darling, Hayden. 

 Ladybirds received silver in the Healthy Horns Organization Program! 

Flower Child is way too expensive, but I still love it. 

 Look at this gorgeous Cow Tipping Creamery Sundae. 

Worked at the Longhorn Run on Saturday and passed out these!

Afternoon tea with Sophie at Hotel Ella.

Celebrated Debora's 22nd birthday.

 Took this lovely's graduation photos. 

 How cute are they?

Sunday lunch at Hyde Park Bar & Grill.

 Evening of the Stars on Tuesday.

We won $1,200 !!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Graduation Announcement Reveal

Can you believe it is already halfway through April? Because I can't. It means I am incredibly close to graduation...in fact it is a month and a day until I graduate. And what better time to reveal my graduation announcements? A while back I decided that the official invitations were too ugly for my taste. But I didn't want to do a TinyPrints/Minted one with photos because I don't like sending photos of just myself to people. I decided to make the "official" invitations I wished we had.
First I stopped in at the Paper Place in Austin for burnt orange shimmer paper. Funny story, I had gone to the store in October to look at their paper and I saw the orange, took a photo of it and intended to send it to my mom - I forgot. But then in November, while I was in class, my mom went to the same store and found the paper intent to show me. This is just yet another way of showing how we are the same person.
From there I designed the invitation on Adobe inDesign. I pulled the seal from Google Images and aligned everything center. The font is one of UT's official fonts. Lastly, we printed it on white card stock and glued it to the orange background. I'm quite happy with the way they turned out! They are exactly what I wish our official invitations looked like - simple and elegant.
The stamps are part of the Forever collection and we used a burnt orange marker to write the addresses. Lastly, the stickers came from the University Co-Op.
What did your college graduation announcements look like? - xoxo darling, Hayden

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Articles I'm Reading

  1. The best friend and I found this incredibly accurate // What Kind of Friend You Are, According to Myers-Briggs // Man Repeller
  2. I was laugh crying in class // Just A Bunch Of "Barefoot Contessa" Jokes That Are Gourmet And Hilarious // Buzzfeed
  3. I'm not one to love wedding videos - I am a tough judge but I loved the style of this one {plus, it's set in Austin} // A Modern Ceremony in Austin, Texas // Martha Stewart Weddings
  4. I want the champagne bottle // Best New Pool Floats for Summer 2018 // Sugar & Cloth
  5. Hilarious // Aubrey Plaza and Dan Stevens Hijack a Stranger's Tinder // Vanity Fair
  6. I'm thrilled rugby shirts are coming back // The 1984 Rugby Shirt // J. Crew
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Friday, April 13, 2018

Mood Board

I was recently on Pinterest, hey give me a follow if you don't already, and I noticed how I have a very significant theme going on. Very millennial pink, very food oriented and just a very specific aesthetic. I thought I would compile some of my favorite images of the moment into a little inDesign project for you. I love the idea of doing a breakfast party (see "Let's Get Eggcited"), throwing a pink velvet bow in my hair or being a little bolder with my wardrobe. What does your aesthetic look like right now? - xoxo darling, Hayden

All pins can be found here.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring in Texas

Spring has officially sprung in Texas. It's amazing; on my walks it seemed like one day it was brown then the next day it was incredibly green. This past weekend my little family went to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - if you haven't been you need to go - and took some photos amongst the Bluebonnet blooms. I don't think I've ever seen this many and I attribute it to our really nasty days that have been going on this spring. I've hated them but if that is what we get out of it, I'm happy. 
The Bluebonnets have got me thinking about how much I'm going to miss Texas. If you don't know already, I plan to move away after college but I'm going to miss the vast rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country, the Bluebonnets blooming each spring, the cold waters of Barton Springs and the way Amy's Ice Cream melts on your hand in the summer. Texas has been so good to me and it is going to be so hard to let it go. I think this has made me really think about moving back here to start my family and grow old. It truly can be the best state in the Union and I've loved my four years of living here. I'll also miss the two people in these photos, they've been lovely - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Me: PulloverJeans
Bailey: Jacket, Shirt, Pants
Marcus: ShirtHat
Location: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Week Re-Cap

Happy Wednesday my dudes! It has been a relatively calm week. Last week was Lady Bird Johnson Week and that was slightly stressful but after that calmed down I've had a blast. I've now applied to 75 jobs (yes you read that right). Once I successfully acquire a job I will write a whole, super long post about that journey. But right now we are just crossing all of our fingers, toes, legs and arms. This weekend I have some fun things planned (karaoke, volunteering, afternoon tea and possibly a brunch). I'm excited. What are y'all up to? - xoxo darling, Hayden.

We kicked off Lady Bird Johnson Week by passing out free flowers.

Then we tabled about environmentalism.

Friday night festivities with Carl the Cactus.

Taryn's first Texas Tea!

We finally tried Green Light Social. It is very instagramable but it is way
 too loud and there are too many people.

They do have adult Capri Suns. 

Serena and I went to a Vine themed party as the 
Liza Koshy vine about being a WOMFN.

 The birthday boy!

 Sunday Marcus, Bailey and I (part of my CC fam) went to the 
Wildflower Center (more photos coming soon). 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spring has Sprung

Spring is definitely here (let's be honest, in Texas it's basically summer) and there are now so many occasions to wear dresses to. I am not the biggest dress fan, but I do love to wear them in the spring when it's not too hot yet. I am loving all of the choices below. I tried to find a range so there are cheaper versions (hello Target) and more expensive (hi Anthro). Let me know what your favorites are - xoxo darling, Hayden.


Old Navy
Lilly Pulitzer


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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Articles I'm Reading

  1. Emily's home is absolutely beautiful // Our Home Tour with Apartment Therapy // Cupcakes & Cashmere
  2. Target = Life // This Target Wedding Photo Shoot Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day // Yahoo! Lifestyle
  3. Julia's rocking this dress and I love the flexibility of it // One White Linen Dress Styled Three Ways // Gal Meets Glam
  4. I've always wanted to go to The Masters // 7 Reasons to visit Augusta, Georgia // Lonely Planet
  5. These cakes !! // Alana Jones-Mann Designer 
  6. I never thought to put gold foil behind the letters // How to Make Gold Foil Letters on Photoshop // Prep Avenue
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Friday, April 6, 2018

What I've Read & Watched Recently

A few months ago I wrote a post like this and since then I have watched a lot of movies/TV shows and I've read a few good things so I thought I would share. Let me know what I should watch/read next - xoxo darling, Hayden.
M O V I E S  &  T V  S H O W S

The Alienist - My dad read this book twice, which for him is a big deal. So when he saw it was coming on TV he told me to watch it. And I did (because he has wonderful taste). IT IS SO GOOD. Seriously, this show makes me think, it gets me angry (the feminist at heart) and I am always waiting for Monday nights to come around. The plot is centered on gruesome murders of young boys, an alienist, the first woman to work at NYPD, Teddy Roosevelt and more. It is a great watch and I would recommend to anyone who loves a mystery. 

Santa Clarita Diet - If you don't like blood and guts, do not watch this show. If that stuff doesn't bother you then go ahead and watch! The show is hilarious and the cast works really well together. You can tell they have chemistry. It's short and sweet so I will watch it while I eat dinner before I study/apply for jobs. 

Longmire - If you love a good "blue sky" cop show, this is for you. You can binge it on Netflix (there are six seasons), I do on the regular. It is the story of Walt Longmire and his police department in Wyoming. The show is filmed in New Mexico and I've never wanted to visit somewhere this bad because of how beautiful the scenery is. Walt's view from his front porch is out of a National Geographic magazine, I swear. There are a cast of characters but they solve crimes, they have dealings with the Native American tribe and craziness always ensues. It gets a little dark in the third and fourth season but I promise it is worth the watch. 

The Post - Oh my goodness. The journalism major in me really geeked out over this film. Also, Meryl Streep is just a goddess. If you still haven't seen this movie, please do. It really helps you understand journalism and why it is more important than ever to have the media. Meryl's character becomes a little bit of a feminist, kind of inadvertently, which is very cool to see. Plus, my professor worked on it! 
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - We all know this is trash, but I can't stop. These women are just so over the top. It is my go-to "I've had a bad day and just want to relax" show. I watch it on the DirectTV app once a week and it is worth it for just that amount of time. I could never binge it or I would want to throw something at each woman. 
Artbound - My dad and I watched this episode of Artbound about Frank Lloyd Wright's houses in Los Angeles. My family has always loved FLW's architecture for as long as I can remember. Once,

for Halloween, we were in Chicago so they had me trick-or-treat in Oak Park. We've been to a few of the houses in this film and they are all fascinating. FWL's story is an interesting one and this looks into how his architecture speaks to a certain time of his life. Also, looking at the Artbound website, I think I want to watch more of them. 

Marshall - I watched this on a plane ride because I love a good underdog story. It's about Thurgood Marshall (an amazing human) and his fight to prove a man's innocence. The music is good, the writing was great and the clothing was awesome. It is very much a feel good movie that also makes you consider how people are treated in 2018 (it's scary). 

Battle of the Sexes - If you love getting worked up about feminism, this is the movie for you. I watched this one on a flight and I loved every minute of it. Not knowing a lot about the subject of the match is fine, they do the full timeline for you and you'll get worked up about the sexist way tennis used to be. Plus, the acting is phenomenal. I loved Emma Stone and Steve Carell and all of the supporting cast was good as well. 
Nailed It! - Has anyone else seen this show on Netflix? It is absolutely hilarious. It is the feel good show of the month (maybe the year?). People who don't bake attempt to make really difficult cakes (the kind you see on Pinterest). The people are so sweet and the judges are kind. There is no cutthroat aspect and I enjoy that. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events - I read these books in elementary school and loved them. They were the best. The movie was horrible, they were cramming too much stuff into too short amount of time but the TV show on Netflix is great. They spend two episodes per book and I feel like they get all the good out of them. I never re-read the books so this has been so fun to see what I didn't remember. 

B O O K S & Magazines
Hotel Pastis - Peter Mayle is one of my favorite authors of all time but I had never had the opportunity to read this book (it came out over 20 years ago) so when I saw it in my favorite bookstore I immediately purchased it. The book centers around a British man who gets sick of the advertising industry so he vacations in the south of France where he meets a lady who convinces him to buy a property and convert it into a hotel. There is a whole cast of characters including an American student, bank robbers and an adorable butler.

Texas Highways - This magazine has been my go-to for a few months. It is the "travel magazine of Texas" and I have to agree with them. Don't get me wrong, I love my Texas Monthly, but this is way more of what to do, where to eat and where to stay in Texas. The articles are well written, there are good photos and it is just a good break.

Mephisto Waltz - My dad and I have been obsessed with Frank Tallis for a really, really long time. We've read every Lieberman Papers book together so when we saw he finally published a new one we jumped on it. We read it in less than a week and really loved it. It's a little different than his past
mysteries, more of a terrorism theme, but still the same. You'll get wonderful descriptions of 1904 Vienna pastries, they still sing and Amelia & Max make some steps in their relationship. I would 10/10 recommend.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

LL Bean Zilker

If you saw the Denver vlog you'll know this sweater pullover has become a wardrobe staple. It is so comfy, it looks good on everyone and the pockets fit anything. If I am being honest, I stole this from my mom, literally. I saw it sticking out of her suitcase while I was home for spring break and I told her I was stealing it. She said she was okay with it because of my trip to Denver but now that I have it I am seriously contemplating never giving it back. The leggings are navy - my favorite color - and super soft from Old Navy. My pink Vans are another staple of my spring semester. My pink Adidas finally gave out so these have been a life saver. What do y'all think? - xoxo darling, Hayden

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Week Re-Cap

WHAT A WEEK. It started with big little reveal for my spirit group (I promise it isn't a cult despite the photo directly below). After that, Hannah and I ventured off to Denver, Colorado. If you didn't watch the vlog, check it out here. Also, there are some snapshots from the trip in this post but soon there will be a Denver guide of what we did/our favorites. This week is Lady Bird Johnson Week for my group so I've been a little stressed with different events. But it's more than halfway over now and we are having an after party on Friday that I'm quite excited about. Then Saturday I'm attending a Vine themed party and Sunday we are headed to the Wildflower Center for some fun and photos. How is your week? - xoxo darling, Hayden

The bigs before reveal.

Look at all these cuties! 

My family is officially massive.

Love my little! 

 Some pre-flight reading.

Reunited and it felt so good! 

 Jelly Cafe for breakfast on Friday morning.

 The view from the capitol building.

 Love this girl & those mountains.

 A Degas at the Denver Art Museum.

 We had lunch at Terminal Bar in the historic Union Station.

 The Big Blue Bear.

A very fun trip to Williams & Graham speakeasy. 

 Little Man Ice Cream has the best ice cream I've had in a while. 

 Martini's at The Cruise Room.

 Nothing better than a bathroom selfie with your best friend.

 Breakfast at The Cereal Box reminiscent of our trip to Cereal Killer in London.

 The Rockies are so gosh darn gorgeous. 

 43 inches of snow !! 

 The craziest, hardest to find speakeasy called B&GC in the 
Halcyon Hotel in Cherry Creek.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Denver Travel Vlog

Interested in traveling to Denver? Check out Hannah & I’s recent trip for tons of recommendations. We absolutely loved the city and visited some pretty cool sites; from hidden speakeasies to 43 inches of snow in the Rocky Mountains.

Places Visited {in order of appearance}:
- Homewood Suites Downtown Denver (http://homewoodsuites3.hilton.com/en/...)
- Jelly Cafe (http://www.eatmorejelly.com/)
- Colorado Capitol Building (https://leg.colorado.gov/visit-learn)
- Denver Art Museum (https://denverartmuseum.org/)
- Union Station (https://unionstationindenver.com/)
- Terminal Bar (https://www.terminalbardenver.com/)
- Tattered Cover Book Store (http://www.tatteredcover.com/)
- Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (https://mcadenver.org/)
- Denver Blue Bear (https://www.denver.org/things-to-do/d...)
- Williams & Graham (http://williamsandgraham.com/)
- Avanti (https://avantifandb.com/)
- Little Man Ice Cream (http://www.littlemanicecream.com/)
- The Cruise Room (http://www.theoxfordhotel.com/denver-...)
- Silvercar (https://www.silvercar.com/car-rentals...)
- The Cereal Box (http://www.cerealboxinc.com/)
- Rocky Mountain National Park (https://www.nps.gov/romo/index.htm)
- You Need Pie! (http://www.estesparkpieshop.com/)
- B&GC (http://www.bandgcdenver.com/)
- Sweet Ginger (http://www.sweetgingercherrycreek.com/)

Sunday, April 1, 2018