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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Mamma Mia Party

For my 26th birthday I wanted to go all out. And boy did I! The theme was Mamma Mia, because it is such a comfort movie to me. Who doesn't want to live on that gorgeous Greek island? And I adore Abba, so it made sense. My friends were all down to support and a few dressed up in 70s-inspired glory (lookin' at you Blair). Liz and I hated taking the decorations down because it was so sparkly and made the cold, cold winter here in Denver seem a little brighter (admittedly the blue fringe above has remained on the wall). What do y'all think? Would you throw this party?


I watched a ton of TikToks to decide how to decorate but ended up kind of going my own way. The blue tinsel curtains came from Amazon, the sparkly silver dot garland came from a craft store, the pink flower garland came from Amazon and the Mamma Mia garland came from Etsy. We set up this wall as the lip syncing/photo taking section of the party.

We shoved our dining room table off to the side to make the dance floor but I bought these sparkly microphones because you have to have them when you're screaming "Gimme Gimme Gimmie" at the top of your lungs. The jar was something I got for Christmas from the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City, but the colors went so well. I drank out of the disco ball cup (purchased at a museum a long time ago) since I was the dancing queen. The disco balls came from Party City, but you can find them on Amazon as well.

I bought a silver tinsel table skirt and cut it up for three different areas of the apartment. The first was for the front door. I then printed a little disco ball and used that same garland from the wall above to make mini letters for the ball. Below, I cut up pieces of the table skirt to put over our lamp to make a dangly disco ball feature. Along our fireplace mantel I also put the fringe just to keep the theme consistent throughout. I also bought some fun, sparkly teal garland to go across the top.

When I saw Target had this fun teal blue chevron garland, I knew I had to buy it. It comes in five pieces and you just attach them to the wall. It looks so cool! The pink flowers fell off the pink flower garland from above and the pink poof balls came from Dollar Tree.

No Mamma Mia party is complete without turquoise boas!

Hung teal, turquoise and blue paper fans above our kitchen bar for something extra to tie the theme together.

As a DIY (because I love 'em) I made an envelope garland of the three letters she sends to her potential dads. I screen-grabbed the address for Sam Carmichael, Harry Bright and Bill Anderson from the movie then wrote those on envelopes, found a photo of a Greek stamp and put them together on string. It's the little things, ya know?

F O O D  &  D R I N K S

I'm a big cookie cake girlie, so I contacted the Colorado Cookie Company and they made this incredible creation.


Since I love a theme I also got Greek-ish foods like feta, tzatziki dip, hummus, pita and spanakopita. For drinks I made an Ouzo lemonade punch and grabbed some Mythos beer.



I love a themed invite, and I always use Paperless Post. I found this disco-ball-esque invite and knew it was perfect.


We lip synced to my Mamma Mia playlist and took a ton of photos, because why not?

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