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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Red Barn Tree Farm, Linville Falls, NC

It has always been a childhood dream of mine to go to a choose-and-cut tree farm in the mountains of North Carolina. My family has always vacationed in the Boone-Blowing Rock-Linville area and seeing those tree farms over Thanksgiving weekend has always made me envious. But living in South Florida, there was no way a tree would make it atop of our car. 
So, I decided to bide my time! And now that I live in Charlotte, it was time. My dad was also envious because he grew up the same way, so he came along too. 
We drove the 2 hours up to Linville Falls Winery where they have Red Barn Free Farm. Located right next door to the winery the barn has some photo opportunities and cute decor available for purchase. Grab a steaming cup of hot cider (or hot cocoa) and take a ride up to the ridge to choose your tree.

Once up there you get to choose based on the color, red = $50, yellow = $65, blue = $80, white = $100, green = $140 and of course this is determined by height. They will give you a tall pole and when you find the tree you want you wave it up in the air, they come around, chainsaw it down and tie it to the truck to drive it back down. They'll tie it up and tie it to your car as well.

I went with a yellow tag so the price, with taxes, was about $69. For the experience I think this is worth it, back home in a Lowes' parking lot it would have cost this, if not more. Plus, the family that runs the farm are so incredibly nice. I highly recommend Red Barn Tree Farm if you live in/near Charlotte and want the choose-and-cut experience, I will be back!

Red Barn Tree Farm is a seasonal business. They are closed for the 2022 season but will re-open around Thanksgiving 2023. They are open daily 10am–5pm.

Reward yourself with a post-tree beer at Boonshine just outside of downtown Boone.

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