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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Resolutions in Review


It's strange. This year felt a lot like 2020 did, for me. You see, I set my resolutions in 2020 and then 2.5 months later everything changed. And a similar thing happened to me this year.

I typically spend an extended time at home in Florida during the holidays — often not coming back until at least the third week in January. I did the same this year and when my roommate picked me up from the airport she shared that she was going to buy a condo this year and move out. I felt the bottom of my stomach drop out because I had lived with her for four years. I loved her as a roommate and the idea of having to move somewhere in Denver without her or just moving in Denver (a city which I liked but never looooved) was daunting.

So I sat on it for a bit. And then my birthday party happened...or should I say my first birthday party happened. And we had an epic snow storm...as is usual in Colorado in February. But I put a ton of effort into my Mamma Mia bash and people had to cancel because of the snow (as they should have, I'm not mad at my friends, I was mad at the weather). And then I found out some other very upsetting news and I had a full on breakdown. It wasn't pretty. There were so many tears...over a lot of different things. I haven't really talked about it now that I'm typing this out...I don't think I really told anyone how disturbed I was by everything that was happening at the time. I don't think I actually grieved it all properly (not the birthday, the other thing). It was a rough night.

Fast forward to the day after that menty b and I made up my mind, I was moving to Charlotte. I rescheduled the birthday party, told my parents & roommate and we were a go. Then came the part of asking my then boss if I could work remotely permanently, something I was super stressed about but she agreed to easily. It was all going so great.

Then May/June happened in which a SVP at my company approached me to take on a new role at our company. It was scary but I pretty readily agreed even though the transition would take place only a month before my move across the country.

And now you're probably thinking, isn't this what goes into your "Year in Review?" And normally, yes. But, I wanted to give y'all the backstory to why my resolutions tanked in May 2022. I got so stressed with the moving and the new job and the sadness of moving away from all my friends and the depression of giving up pretty intense success from TikTok and some other stuff that kind of ruined the year in some ways but made the year extremely memorable in others. So, let's review these resolutions!


It was my goal to get Haute Table back to looking normal — those triangle error message photo boxes are super annoying. And some of it happened, I try to fix a few a week, but mainly just getting a normal blog post out was difficult this year. I will continue to work on it though.


I definitely have gone to more breweries this year than last year! Is it because I've been with my parents more this year? Probably. But I am trying to seek out breweries in Charlotte with some of my new friends so this is ongoing.


OMG this was going so well. And then everything else happened in my life. I even started a series "Everything I Cooked In ___." But this fell by the wayside when everything else got stressful. I did find an incredible tomato soup recipe and maybe we'll see this resolution come back in 2023...

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