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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"You Can't Terrace Anywhere Else,"isn't that the truth? I mean the UW-Madison terrace is one of the most amazing places on the planet (in the summer and early fall). There is beer (if you can drink), ice cream, sailing, and of course the past time of sitting around and doing nothing. All of this suits me, so it is perfect.

Resort Wear

Do I look like someones mother? I kind of think so...yet I still took these photos. Oh well, I call this outfit "Resort Wear" because what else would you wear this outfit to but a resort? Anyway, I am up in Wisconsin this week (not wearing this) and I felt this was apt for a mother enjoy herself at the spa.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

University of Wisconsin

This was my last tour! How sad, I will miss the college atmosphere, and the tour guides who tell me how amazing their school is. But seriously, I feel like a chapter of my life is coming to an end. Here are some photos from Madtown.

Farm Fresh

Hub for Sororities, Frats, and other activities


University Club




Hummus Plate

Cheesy Bucky Photo

One Pair, Three Ways

These shorts (H&M) aggravate me, yet somehow I enjoy wearing them. Yet I can never figure out what pieces to put them with. So here are three of my four go to outfits, the other is already on the blog (see: My Kind of Edgy). I don't even know if these look good together, but comment and let me know. 

Monday, July 29, 2013


So the extent of my stay in Milwaukee included the airport, a lovely Hyatt Place, and two delicious frozen custard stops. We went to Kopp's when we arrived in the Dairy State and then Leon's the night before we left. 

Quotes of the Week

Feel inspired! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Crying in the Airport (aka PVD)...

But not because I'm happy to see someone or because I'm happy to be home. It's actually the opposite, why would anyone want to leave: the cool comforts of WI? The lovely spa? The American Club? There would be no reason, because it's that wonderful.

Sure, I'll get to sleep in my own bed, and catch up on my favorite TV shows, but is it worth it? Ehhh. PVD (post vacation depression) is setting in, and I'm not sure how long it will last! 

I really am not looking forward to working totally and completely on summer homework, but that is the price I pay for a good education. I hope your Sundays aren't as sad as mine-xoxo HP. 

***I just love this photo, even if it isn't appropriate for the story.

Dark Patterns

Saturday, July 27, 2013

BFF Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are amazing, and what else are you going to do in the dog days of summer then revisit your middle school years?

Friday, July 26, 2013

✌ Wisconsin Day Two ✌

Bon jour from WI! Today was fantastic! The cooking class was excellent (so much so that it has it's own post!) and the spa was heavenly. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures at the spa, but I snuck a few not so obvious ones in the locker room. My facial was over the top! I then had a second tea time, I've decided to build in tea every afternoon now, and dinner was fantastic. It was held at Whistling Straights, which looks eerily like Scotland. 
   Cake at lunch yesterday: Lemon Cello     
               & Chocolate Mousse. 

        My lovely sandals at the spa! 

             My robe from the spa. 

      Amazing rootbeer at the Horse &   

    Cheese curds at the Horse & Plow. 

                Tea time number 2. 

   Nine West Shoes & a Poppie Bag for         
                    dinner tonight. 

    Whistling Straights, doesn't it look like     

Dinner at Whistling Straights, so pretty! 

✌American Club Day One ✌

Day one in Kohler has been fantastic. I was able to go on a tour of the American Club itself and a tour of te Kohler factory. I must say both were amazing! My tour guide at the factory worked at Kohler for 44 years! Below are some photos from the day, of course the intense Nikon photos will come later. Enjoy-xoxo HAP! 

     I think this would be perfect for my   
               Greek friends room...
       Lovely tea (complimentary!) at The 
        Green House--definitely doing  

      Also at The Green House, mint chip 
        ice cream, everyone loves this! 

      A chocolate mousse with raspberry   
            filling at dinner last night. 

   Selfie with my momma, she's kind of     
                      amazing 😘. 

Bag Check

Since I am in Wisconsin right now at a resort, enjoying a facial, cooking class, and Kohler factory tour, I compiled a bag full or what I would take to a resort. Notice the three bottles of sun screen. Have a great rest of the week!

{LL Bean Tote (Outlet), Olde Fields Clothing Co. Sunglasses,
Banana Boat Sunscreen, Neutrogena Facial Sunscreen,
Outrigger Towel, Vivaldi CD, Blow Fish Sweater (UO),
Mint Hat (UO), Whale Pin, Pearl Bracelet,
 Essie "Where's My Chauffeur?", Old Navy Flip
Flops, Preppy Book (Barnes and Noble)}

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome to Wisconsin!

Hello from Wisconsin! I am enjoying a lovely day at the American Club resort. Yesterday's visit to UW-Madison was beautiful, and as I type this message from the courtyard, it is such nice weather! 

       Folder from UW-Madison tour

    Peanut Butter Log from Kopps Frozen

    Marigold Kitchen's breakfast, farm to 

       Silverware at the Kohler resort

        Late night trip to Piggly Wiggly

Bright Light, Dark Outfit

The lyrics "Bright Lights, Big City," come to mind when I think of this outfit. I wore it on my trip to LA back in February and I must say it combines comfort with stylishness (if I am the judge of that). I feel like it is perfect for a girls night out without the jacket, but can easily be worn on a casual Friday at work.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


When on vacation we all indulge in things we would never dream of while in the comfort of our individual homes. So here were the meals I took photos of, because I am that girl on Instagram. If you have a problem with that...create a hashtag, because you know you're that person too. Enjoy.

Watermelon Cupcakes

What says summer more than watermelon? And even more so, watermelon cupcakes. Here is my version, no they don't taste like watermelon...that would be complicated.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lilly Love

If you read this blog you understand that under all circumstances I lean toward the preppy side of the world. I have tried my share of "grunge" and "witch-y prints."But in the end prep won out over all my outfit choices, which is why I am excited to announce a new edition to my, no, our wardrobe. The Lilly Pulitzer pink polo that was purchased in Winter Park, Florida. THANK THE LORD I FINALLY OWN LILLY!!!!! 

Also, I think these nails are very Lilly colored. 


We were taking photos in our usual location, but there was a really scary spider so we looked for a new area, and Sedona said the ladder looked cool. All I have to say about this outfit is who doesn't like ruffles?

{What you need: Eddie Bauer top, Madwell jeans, AE tote, red TOMS}

Monday, July 22, 2013

Significant Tree's Of Orlando

Things that are Southern...Iced Tea, Football, and Live Oaks...'nuff said.

{Find the tour here}

Quotes of the Week

I am off to Wisconsin this week! I am so excited I will be taking a college tour of UW and then resorting at the American Club. I have never been able to experience a resort, spa and planned activities on vacations so I am thrilled! Have an amazing week! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Snapshot Sunday

It's been a pretty good week, I had a fantastic time in Orlando, the pictures are still flowing your way, here are "snapshots" from my week. Have a fantastic Sunday! 

I cannot believe it is almost here, I just had 
to create this folder...like...wow.

Rainy days in Florida=EVERYDAY! But I did 
like the chevron pattern the streaks made.

Dark chocolate covered almonds from Publix...happiness. 

#tbt- I was off to an Opera, 
always been a fashionista...

Working on a new DIY for my room, classing it up.

New Desktop Photo--going for that prep look.

Some of these lovely ladies competed at
 Nationals this weekend, and they did amazingly!

Harry P. Leu Gardens

The Harry P. Leu Gardens are a phenomenal, breathtaking stop to make in North Orlando. I would definitely say it is an absolute MUST if you like anything pretty, if you don't...why are you reading this blog? xoxo-HAP

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ducks Ducks Ducks

While in Orlando I stayed at the magnificent Peabody! It was a fantastic time, the pool was so wonderful and I must say (being the prep that I am) I love the duck motif being everywhere. I was able to participate in the "March of the Ducks" once while I was there and I must say I loved seeing the little kids so excited--just like me!

In Today's Mail

From Banana Republic:

From Barneys: 

From GAP:

From Nordstrom: 

From Bergdorf Goodman:


{Victoria by Victoria Beckham}

On Wisconsin

I am off to Wisconsin. I am so excited! I am visiting the University of Wisconsin in Madison for a college visit, lets hope I still feel the same way I felt in fourth grade, and then on to the American Club resort. I am thrilled to visit the Kohler factory, take a cooking class, and enjoy a facial. Below are some things I am really excited for--xoxo.

The UW Student Union Terrace--the chairs are famous.

Orange Custard Chocolate Chip Ice Cream at Babcock Hall

American Club--where I'll be staying

Kohler Factory Tour

American Club Cooking Course

Kohler Water Spa

Tour of Lambeau Field

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Art for Art's Sake"

 When I went to Orlando, I decided to do the "non" Disney, and kind of weird aspects of the area. These things included lots of public art. Below are some of the photos from said excursions. Enjoy!

Monument of States: Kissimmee, FL

{From Kissimmee, FL}

{From Harry P. Leu Gardens

{From Orlando City Park}

{From Lake Eola Park}

{From Tupperware Headquarters}

Let's Talk: Lady Bird Johnson Edition

So when I went to the LBJ library in Austin I was inspired by Lady Bird Johnson's wardrobe so much I decided to start doing First Lady posts entitled "Let's Talk: ..." I feel like each First Lady stands for most women in America so what they wore is incredibly important, I mean we know JFK was style important (when he didn't wear a hat to his inauguration every man in America stopped). So here we are with the first of lots of posts to come. LBJ is kind of important to me in that she studied journalism at UT-Austin which is something I would seriously like to do. When I saw her part of the museum I just loved how her outfits were so put together and soooo 60s. I mean do you see the one with the headscarf?! I feel like she is what women wanted to emulate at work and at home during this era so she is incredibly important to the fashion world. Also, tons of designers are bring back the 60s dresses and jackets (I saw a purple one today at Dillard's) so rock on Lady Bird, we will always admire you. 

Let's Analyze the Best of Lady Bird: 

How 60s chic is this? Love the piping! 

Head-scarf=the whole outfit

Classy Ladies wear pearls


Look at how adorable she looks!

Rocking that cable knit!

Red is so her color!

Those fur cuffs are perfect. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

In Today's Mail

From Bergdorf Goodman: 

{3.1 Phillip Lim}

{Naeem Khan}


{Manolo Blahnik}

{Maison Martin Margiela}


From Banana Republic: 

From Barneys New York:

Rauwolf Constantinople Mirrored Clutch

From Nordstrom:

From Oscar de la Renta: 

College Girl

Every time I wear this outfit I get compliments, and one of them is always "You look like a college girl." I have no idea, is it the glasses? The tote? I'm not sure, but it is really comfortable so I wear it a lot.

{What you need: Chloe K top (Nordstrom), Hue Tights (Bloomingdales), Target Sandals, DKNY Glasses (Target), Pac Sun Bracelet}

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cupcake Calendar '13-'14

Every summer the Cupcake Calendar publishes on Facebook. This momentous moment is awaited for weeks before as students prepare for what months they will sit updating their Facebook. Below I have included a photo of said calendar. Since it is my senior year I tried to make every cupcake something I would want to devour. Enjoy-xoxo!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Shirt, Three Ways

I always loved it when Seventeen or Teen Vogue made those spreads with a certain piece over and over again. So I have decided to select a piece from my closet occasionally and do the same thing. This weeks: a navy Brooks Brothers tee. 
Outfit 1: 

{What you need: Madwell Jeans, Vineyard 
Vines Tote, H&M Necklace, Sperries}

 Outfit 2:

{What you need: Hollister Capri's, 
Target Sandals, Longchamp Bag}

Outfit 3: 

{What you need: Target Shorts, 
Target Sandals, LL Bean Tote}

Monday, July 15, 2013

Quotes of the Week

I am off to Orlando today! I believe I will be visiting the Tupperware Museum, going on a tour of ancient trees, visiting the Henry P. Leu Gardens, and seeing Tiffany glass; of course with some food thrown in there. Enjoy your week!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zebra's Everywhere

When I walked into H&M in Portland, Oregon, I had no idea I would happen upon this magical top, and for only $4. Not only is it zebra print, but it has zebras on it as well! This is not something I would typically pick up, so I find this shirt to be exotic and special, especially when paired with my favorite Madwell's and TOMS.

{What you need: Zebra Top (H&M), UO Bag, 
Madwell Jeans, Red TOMS (UO)}

Friday, July 12, 2013

In Today's Mail

From Bergdorf Goodman:


From GAP:

From Chanel:

 From Banana Republic: 

Bag Check

The first Nylon I ever bought was purchased in North Carolina before I went to Duke TIP for three weeks. It was the annual jean issue and I fell in love. I adored the simplistic elements filled with crazy outfits and prints. My favorite page of any magazine is the last, it is like an open slate that you can do anything with because it is the end, and who reads the end? Nylon does something I think is amazing, a bag with all the stuff dumped out, so I have decided to re-create this every two weeks on the blog. This weeks bag was purchased by my best friend Caline as a birthday present, it is bright yet simple, and I love it! Plus I can put everything I own in it. xoxo

 {Black AE shorts, Pink H&M top, Fifty Bags that Changed the
World (UO), Black Espadrilles (Vintage), Orange Pearls (Bealls),
Enjoy Straighter, Black Beads (H&M), Pink Breast Cancer
Bracelet (Payless)}

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sprinkles Red Velvet

My dad actually enjoys baking cupcakes with me, so when we saw the opportunity to bake one of our favorite cupcakery's red velvets we jumped on it. This cake mix is available at your local William-Sonoma. The directions are really simple and the cupcakes turn out great, however I used my own icing!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deep South Magazine Article

So I got an internship at Deep South Magazine a few weeks back, and this is my first article (here)! Check it out, it is about a local festival that is pretty amazing! There is also a fantastic mango pie recipe as well! Have a great night!

In Today's Mail

From Oscar de la Renta: 

From GAP: 

From Bergdorf Goodman: 

{The Row}

From H&M:


From Brooks Brothers:

My Ideal Bookshelf

I love books that make you think, and this, My Ideal Bookshelf, is one of them. I have to say the words on the pages were not as compelling as the fantastic artwork, all in all it was just pretty to look at, and it was interesting to find new books to read. Check this out at your local library, do not go purchase it.

Monday, July 8, 2013

In Today's Mail

From Barneys:

{Maiyet Peyton braided handle leather large tote}

Quotes of the Week

This week I will be trying to catch up on sleep. Go out there and change the world.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

In Today's Mail

From J. Crew:

{E. Porselli Flats}

{The Stripe Cotton 
Racerback Tank}

From Bergdorf Goodman: 

{Mary Katrantzou

{Jill Sander}

From Chanel:

Goodbye Texas, you will be missed...except for 110 degrees.

The last day in Texas was both sad and joyus. For one thing, I absolutely love Austin and if I get into UT, I am going to have a hard time saying no. But amazing because holy smokes it is hot in that state. Below are photos from a side trip to Texas A&M, I'm a little fascinated with Johnny Manziel, and then the last one is from a trip to Goode BBQ

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Texas: Still Hot

The whole point of the long journey to Texas was to take a tour of the University of Texas, which was amazing, but extremely hot (yet again). Today's photos include images from the LBJ Presidential Library-enjoy.

Friday, July 5, 2013

In Today's Mailbox

ALERT: NEW SEGMENT!!! Every day I get over twenty emails, usually from my favorite stores (because they like me...). So the new segment will show what is going on at them, like my favorite pieces, etc. I would also suggest you sign up for said emails because there is nothing quite like getting emails from Chanel despite the fact you could never afford it, it makes you feel special.

From Barneys New York:

{Givenchy Seventeen Watch}

{Jeremy Tarian Saintonge}

From Bergdorf Goodman:

{Diane von Furstenberg Chain Mail Clutch}

From Banana Republic:

{Helen Scarf in Royal Azure}

From J. Crew:

{The Skinny 
Utility Chino}

Food Truck Thursday

In Tally every Thursday near our place Midtowner's hold Food Truck Thursday. It is a great event that has such a sense of community, plus the food is fantastic! Below are my photos from the delish event.

Food truck featured in Deep South Magazine--Street Chefs

Ally J- 3 cheese, fresh basil, pesto 
and bacon on homemade white bread

Special- Rosemary bread 

Chicken Artichoke Sandwich

Chocolate Malt Sandwich Cookies

Lucy and Leo's Chocolate Chocolate, 
Cookies and Cream, and Mississippi Mud

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! I am out and about today in this lovely outfit. It is incredibly preppy yet patriotic at the same time! Have a great holiday-xoxo!

{What you need: Navy Brooks Brothers Tee, Polo 
Ralph Lauren Shorts, Sperries, Bracelets
 (Epcot and Old Navy), Bag (Gift)}

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oven Doors & Swimming Pools

As the second day of my journey {2,555} miles dawned, we hit the Texas border. The day was filled with learning how to deal with 110 degree weather. Because that heat is different then Florida's 110 degree weather, that heat is like opening up the oven door, and YET EVERYONE EATS ALFRESCO IN AUSTIN! What is wrong with them?! We had no idea, but visiting the original Whole Foods, Buc-ee's, and Barton Springs Pool helped us through the rough times. 

Above {2}: Texas Welcome Center/ OOTD

68 degrees all year round...amazing.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home + Reflections

Let me just start by saying thank goodness for Mac's and cars. I am so incredibly happy to be home typing away on my gigantic mac and not some dingy laptop. So thank you. Getting on with the actual story behind these photos, I just got back from a 2,555 mile journey across the southern United States. To some that may seem like h-e-double hockey sticks, but, honesty, it was pretty fun, no seriously F.U.N. Anyway, below are photos from my first day in Louisiana, we stopped in Baton Rouge for the most amazing root-beer floats ever and then headed on to Lafayette for a campus journey. 

Aforementioned root-beer floats at Frostop in Baton Rouge.

The rest of the photos were taken on the 
University of Louisiana's campus:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Quotes of the Week

This weeks quotes all come from presidents, due to the fact it is the Fourth of July, feel inspired!