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Monday, February 14, 2022


The tail end of 25 has not been a great one. I was supposed to host my birthday party on Friday and snow ruined it (I've rain checked it but the disappointment still stands) and then I found out some devestating news about my college spirit group that I'm not fully okay with yet (a post is coming as soon as I deal with it). And then I didn't make too many plans for my birthday because of the Super Bowl...so it was just another day I guess? Not to say it was bad but it also wasn't great. It's in the bottom of "best birthdays ever." 26 is going to be interesting. I think I have some big life decisions ahead of me this year, and I'm not going to lie. I'm scared. However, I think the decisions are necessary and important for my future and mental health. We shall see what the year holds but I'm 100 percent sure it will include more eating out, a Telfar purse (ahh!!) and even more friends. Cheers to turning another year older — god let's hope I'm wiser.

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