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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Week Re-Cap

Funnel cake at the Arapahoe County Fair
It's been a week of lots going on, lots of planning for the fall, a little bit of stress and yeah...just a lot. But it's all good, it's going to be a fun end-of-summer/fall. I'm hyped. This weekend I don't have a ton of plans, but I'm sure something will come up, what are y'all up to — xoxo darling, Hayden.

Dinner at the Fox and Hound.

Boozy milkshakes for the win.

The cutest little taco place near my apartment, Taco Selene.

A early morning Original Pancake House breakfast.

The cutest wine in cans.

Got to go to the Arapahoe County Fair this past weekend and it was so nice!

A lil homebrew...

Redneck Tacos — a cornbread waffle with pulled pork and coleslaw.

Such cuties!

Fried cupcakes are a thing and now I'm happier than ever before?

Look at this koozie!!!

Obsessed with a fair.

Look at that decadence. 

Some fresh lemonade...with so much sugar!

A double rainbow, oh my gawd.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Summer Picnic

As y'all might be able to tell, I've been feeling really inspired lately on the blog. It started a few months back when I began baking for the blog again — it's called Haute Table because I originally intended for it to be fashion + food. And part of that has been wanting to do more "shoots" that aren't just clothes. So, I thought I would organize a picnic in Washington Park for me and my gal pals. Picnics scream summer to me and I haven't had a good one since I lived in London and practically picnicked every day. I love getting all the supplies together, making finger foods and then sitting on a blanket in the shade of a big tree in a beautiful park. And my oh my, does Denver have a beautiful park. It's nestled in one of my favorite neighborhoods and it is massive. We found parking easily on a Sunday afternoon, walked a few feet and bam, there was the perfect picnic spot — shade, people watching and comfy grass.
To throw my picnic I had to get some supplies...because we're all about aesthetics on this blog. I got the basket from Hobby Lobby (I upped my donation to Yellow Hammer, because I hate shopping there), as well as the wooden cheeseboard and white plate. My white bowls are from Dollar Tree...because we don't like spending money. The cups are from Big Lots and the design is perfect for summer drinks. I made the watermelon cookies — they'll be on the blog Thursday — and we bought the rest of the snacks from Target and Trader Joe's. The blanket is from Home Goods (similar) and I love it! It's really soft but doesn't get grass stains so it's perfect.
Hope y'all go on a picnic soon and send me photos if you do, it's the perfect way to end the summer - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Happy happy happy Monday! What a good weekend I just had — so fun and now I'm ready to start the week. I don't have anything crazy going on this week, which I'm happy about but the weekend has some potential so we shall see. Can anyone believe it's going to be August...and football soon? - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Pool Gear

I have a very limited time before my pool closes, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to live it up while I can. I was perusing through some pool floats the other day and thought I would share some of my favorites with you...plus some real cute towels. AND SUN SCREEN!! Don't forget to wear your sun protection. Let me know your favorites, I'm quite partial to that pancake float, the green to pink ombre beach towel and the melted ice cream float... - xoxo darling, Hayden.
Pancake FloatWatermelon TowelPink to Green Ombre TowelPineapple FloatPineapple TowelHolographic Ring FloatRainbow FloatBlue Ombre Stripe TowelFlamingo Drink FloatsGold Ring Float, Blue Tassel TowelSupergoop SunscreenCactus Ring FloatRose FloatRainbow Stripe TowelIndigo Blue Beach TowelMelted Ice Cream Float

Thursday, July 25, 2019

S'Mores Casserole

When I was in college one of my organizations was supposed to have a camping trip but something went wrong and we ended up having a house party. We still had all of our camping supplies, including s'mores materials. But the house didn't have a gas grill or a fire-pit so we decided to throw the s'mores material and the s'mores casserole was created - xoxo darling, Hayden.

S'Mores Casserole Recipe 

You'll Need: 

- 2 sleeves of graham crackers
- 1 bag of marshmallows
- 2 chocolate bars
- 1 deep cookie pan or glass pan
- parchment paper


1. Cut your parchment paper to size on your pan.
2. Spray non-stick spray on your tray and put your parchment paper down.
3. Lay your graham crackers on the pan, I like to use the whole ones as the base so the casserole stays together more.
4. Break your chocolate bars into pieces then lay them on the graham crackers. Put them in between the cracks so that the casserole molds together better.
5. Put marshmallows all over the chocolate and graham crackers, they will melt together to give you that nice casserole feel.
6. Stick the pan in the oven on broil for about one/two minutes.
7. Pull them out and press graham crackers to the top. It doesn't have to look perfect (see my photo below), you're just trying to create a crust.
8. Eat immediately. 


-Watch your broil, it can burn super quickly.
-I like my marshmallows burnt so I leave them in for almost two minutes, it gives them that nice bonfire taste without needing the bonfire. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Week Re-Cap

Ice Cream at Snowl
Okay, so in the scope of everything, I had a really good week. I got to try a bunch of desserts, hung out with friends, went to the best farmers' market in Denver and more. But, on the personal/emotional side, it wasn't great. And my ladies out there will know what I'm talking about when I say my period just wouldn't come. And for me, my emotions go haywire when I'm PMSing, in the sense that I get really down on myself and get super emotional...depending on the month I will cry more than I normally cry, etc. And my period was basically a week and a half late by the time it finally came so this last week I was just feeling in a funk, begging mother nature to just let me have my period — sounds crazy, but my emotions get back to normal once I start bleeding (TMI? Nah, as women we should talk about the graphic elements of our period more so that it isn't as stigmitized...because we all do it and let's make it not a "behind-closed-doors" issue). So, now I'm feeling back to normal and like I said, it was a good week in general.
This week should be really fun, on Saturday Lauren and I are headed to the Arapahoe County Fair (for all the foods, rides and fun we can stand) and Sunday I'm hosting a picnic (blog post about it next week) at Wash Park. What are y'all up to? - xoxo darling, Hayden

After-work happy hour at Los Chingones.

Some delicious bbq at Piggin' Out BBQ.

Wednesday morning office at Global Coffee in Arvada.

The best creamsicle in Denver at Milkbox Creamery.

Re-reading this favorite from high school.

Dinner at Sip.

Grabbed a Good Times burger on Friday.

Jess's sweet cat.

I got a free car wash on Saturday and it's the kind where the soap is all colorful.

Morning coffee at Atlas.

An Ube milkshake at Zero Degrees.

Mango rolled ice cream at Wonder Tea.

A very pretty coffee shop, Sonder.

Sunflower latte.

The South Pearl Farmers' Market — aka the best in Denver.

Some delightful cold brew.

A savory roll at Duffeyroll Cafe.

Banana ice cream — made entirely of fruit. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Dessert Party

Got this banner in the dollar section of Target.
If you've followed HT for any amount of time, you'll know I love to throw a party. There's something about shopping for the decorations, sending out the invites and baking the day away before my guests arrive that I just love.
Earlier this summer I decided to throw a little dessert party for my girl friends, seeing as some of them hadn't met each other and it's just a fun way to hang out. I love a dessert party, because it takes the pressure off of having to serve dinner and dessert is easy to bring — whether it's a package of Oreos (who would say no to those) or homemade cupcakes, there is something for everyone. So, here are some photos of the party, what would y'all do? - xoxo darling, Hayden

Tried out my frose recipe on my gals, the official recipe 
will be up on the blog in August! 

Got this plate at Home Goods for a steal and it's kind of perfect. 
Plus, my pretzel rollos are a must for any party. 

I like to use a lightbox sign to talk about the theme of the party or as a bar sign.

A friend brought an ice cream cake because...why not?

Look at this spread! A friend brought some salty nibbles so 
we wouldn't go into a sugar coma. 

Some lil cakes from Whole Foods.

My chocolate dipped rice krispy treats. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Rest of the Summer To-Do List

I cannot believe next week is the last full week of July! It feels like we just started summer...and I guess technically it did in Colorado — it snowed up until June. But as we come closer and closer to football season...when my life turns upside down and I live most of my life in the airport...I thought I'd compose a little to-do list of what I want to do in Colorado for the rest of the summer. I think most of them should be easy, I am having a picnic next Sunday, I have plans to make some cocktails over the course of the next two weeks and my parents are flying in and we're going to see a baseball game. I just want to soak up all I can of summer because I will sure as hell miss it when it's snowing and I'm trapped inside again. So, what's on your summer to-do list? - xoxo darling, Hayden

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Summer Hikes in Denver

As I get more and more comfortable with living in Denver, I've been getting outside more. And, lucky for me, I live on the west side of town, so it takes me approximately 10 minutes to be in the mountains. Today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite hikes in the West/Southwest side of Denver so you can get outside and enjoy them too. While you're at it, I've also included some of my favorite adidas products so you can outfit yourself for the best
trail-ready version of you - xoxo darling, Hayden.

South Valley Park

Probably my absolute favorite, because it's easy to get to from my apartment and not incredibly hard. Yes, I do get winded on the uphill bits, but it is a, mainly, straight hike that puts you up against soaring red rocks. I like to think of it as the cheaper, less intimidating Red Rocks. There are two parking lots — on each end of the main trail — and I usually park in the main lot that has a restroom. I'll make a loop out of it by starting on the Coyote Song Trail and coming back on the Swallow Trail. You'll want to stop and snap photos of the red rocks at different heights and colors (they tend to change colors as the sun rises or lowers in the sky). You might even spot a bobcat as I did on my first trip out there! 

Mt. Falcon Park

The first time I hiked this trail it had recently snowed and was so muddy I couldn't finish. But then I went back in the summer and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Dang, it was steep! But so freaking worth it — I felt like a champ when I finished. I did the Turkey Trot Trail (started to the right) and went up and up and up. You get to see beautiful views of downtown Denver, the 74 road cutout through the mountain. I then, being exhausted from constantly going uphill, hooked onto Castle Trail downhill to the parking lot. I also saw some baby deer and just had a great time. This is such a fun, beautiful, challenging trail but you can do it in about an hour and a half after work before the sun sets. 

Deer Creek Canyon

Another trail that I didn't know what I was getting myself into and was uphill is the Meadowlark Trail at Deer Creek Canyon. It has a steady incline up above South Valley Park and gives great views of downtown Denver in the distance. You'll run into plenty of other hikers — even super early on a Saturday morning — but you can take your time. The Meadowlark ends at the Plymouth Creek Trail with a bridge over a cute stream. I decided to go back on Meadowlark, but you can take Plymouth back to the parking lot to make it a full loop. It's such a beautiful spot, and you start to feel like you aren't only about 15 minutes from civilization toward the end. 

Roxborough State Park

I took my parents to this state park in south Denver over Christmas. It has tons of trails that aren't super difficult, and you get a very Garden of the Gods feel to your day. The rangers are helpful with helping you to find the right trail for you, and this is the only park on the list that has a charge — but we love supporting our state parks! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Week Re-Cap

Look at the water off of Sanibel
After taking a few days off of blogging...unintentionally, I just didn't feel like it, I'm back and have been working on my editorial calendar for the next six months — literally started planning holiday content for December. I don't know why, just feeling inspired. I'm thinking it has to do with my recent trip home where I was barely on social media and I just enjoyed the time with my parents. Sometimes a trip like that is what I need to get my creative juices flowing. So here is a round-up from the last two weeks of things I did/where I ate. This week I am trying to create content for my food instagram — it's harder than you think — so I'm going to try about 15 restaurants (mainly dessert because National Ice Cream Day is Sunday). I'll also be hanging with some friends and maybe...hopefully sleeping in a little bit. What are y'all up to? - xoxo darling, Hayden

 A rainy afternoon coffee shop stop at Hello Coffee.

Dinner with a friend at Piccino Wood Oven Pizza.

Went on a hike with the roommate at Dinosaur Ridge.

Dinner at Root Down DIA before my flight to Florida.

The best meal ever.

 Lighthouse Beach

 Love the drive to Sanibel.

Tried Ankrolab Brewing

 Lunch at 10 Twenty Five

 Tried CrazyDingo Brewing

 They have the sweetest farm animals.

 Our favorite sno-ball place, Pelican's.

Celebrated the roomie's one year Colorado anniversary. 

Celebrated Free Slurpee Day.

Went to our board retreat for AAUW Littleton-South Metro.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Split, Croatia Guide

Split was the last city we visited in Croatia, and this is my last city guide — I will be doing a round-up of all the guides and some more info on the Dalmatian Coast in general, in the future. I really liked Split, it is a truly ancient city with Roman ruins dating back to the 200s...yeah, that old. Plus, the architecture is amazing, the food is great, they have a hopping craft beer scene and it is a nice place to begin or end any trip to the coast of Croatia...I think. Just don't get me started on the Split airport — that's a whole other story. Enjoy this guide and if you are looking for more Croatia content find it at the end of the post! 

How to Get There:

Since we were coming from Hvar, we took the Ferry Krilo — it's a giant catamaran that is super fast and runs between Dubrovnik and Split, stopping at the islands. We left in the early evening and arrived at late dinner time in Split — although we were so tired we just went to bed. I would highly recommend this method as I think having a car in Split would be pointless. Everything is within a ten minute walk, or a 15 minute Uber, and a car would just be annoying to park. The crew running the ferry are really efficient, it takes them about 15 minutes to board the whole boat and they'll seat you by destination. There are shelves for your suitcases, a bar serving snacks (I recommend the Kviki pretzels and a Karlovačko beer) and clean bathrooms at the back of the ship. The whole thing is inside and it's so big I didn't struggle with motion sickness. The ferry lets you out in Split's big port so you do have to walk a tiny bit further than the other island drop-offs. 

What To Do:

Gregory of Nin & The Golden Gate

This is the entrance we took into Diocletian's Palace. We used this walking tour and went around learning about the various buildings near this statue. You must rub Gregory of Nin's toe for good luck!

Diocletian's Palace

This is the must-see thing in Split. These Roman ruins are more intact than most of Rome and so worth the visit. The palace itself basically took up all of the main part of Split that you will walk through — we were staying within the Palace walls if you talk about it technically. Below are some things I recommend doing inside the palace walls:

Old Jupiter's Temple

Built between 295 and 305 this temple is a beautiful reminder that architecture, if done right, can stand the test of time. It was built for the Romans but then taken over and converted to a baptistry since they hated Diocletian. 

Saint Domnius Cathedral

What a beauty this cathedral is both on the inside and the outside. I'm not the biggest church fan — for many personal reasons — but I think this is a must visit because of the fully intact Roman dome that sits atop the building. You won't see something this intact anywhere else in Europe. 

Vestibulum of Diocletian's Palace

Make sure to walk through the vestibule on your way to the underground portions fo the palace. It makes for wonderful photos against a bright blue sky. 

Diocletian's Cellars

The substructures underneath the palace are home to shops selling maganets and other bits and bobs as well as a portion of the palace that just shows how amazing the Romans were at architrecture. That these substructures have not fallen over the course of time and are partly why Split is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The soaring ceilings of this underground labrynth will wow you. 

Walk Along the Riviera

Yet again, with all of my Croatia guides, I think walking around the city is paramount to having a good time. You'll find shops, cafes and museums just tucked into little corners you wouldn't have known about if you hadn't walked around. One of the cooler things about Split is the architecture, you go from the Diocletian's Palace to Austo-Hungarian real quick on the big promenade that runs along the water. You can literally see the times changing from one building to the next. 

Croatian Maritime Museum

A slight walk from the middle of Old Town, but worth it for the learning experience, the maratime museum is in an old fort, that sits above parts of the city. You'll learn about how the Croats were master ship builders but also how they defended themselves in the '90s — they literally went into museums and borrowed old guns to fight for their lives. After you've finished up inside, you can walk along the outer edges of the fort for beautiful views and see some ships up close.

Hrvojeva Street Market

You should definitley walk through this market — I walked away with the cutest dress! They are selling clothes, knick-nacks, shoes, purses and of course, fresh produce. And let me tell you, it looked amazing. 

Where to eat & drink: 


I had read a lot about Bepa! People liked the atmosphere, the food, etc. It was just around the corner from our Airbnb so we started off our first day with breakfast there and enjoyed it immensely. We also went back for dinner on my last night and liked that too. It's a good all-day cafe.

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine Bar

Highly, highly recommend Bokeria for breakfast. The place itself is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants I've ever stepped foot in — since it was summer the walls were covered in Aperol bottles. The paper menus on the tables are bedecked with an Anthony Bourdain quote, "Croatia is the next great thing. If you have not been there, you are...an idiot! I am an idiot!" And the food is really good, plus, all of our waiters were very nice.

Pizzeria Gušt

One of the highest recommended pizza places in Split, Gušt doesn't disappoint. You have to work to find it, it's down an alley and you might think you haven't found it when you walk into a super dark place but your eyes will adjust. We got there and were some of the only customers but it quickly filled up. The joint is tiny but they serve great pizzas. 

Pizzeria Galija

I found this place on our last day because it was highly-rated. It's near Leopold's Craft Beer (see below) so we stopped in to split some pizzas. And let me tell you, they were good. The perfect amount of goopy warmth in cheese and a good sauce to crust ratio.


We have a joke in my family that whenever I'm with my parents I want them to buy me a steak because I would never go out and buy one for myself. We had been drinking and were all craving red meat. My mom found this place and we were not disappointed. The customer service was excellent, we started with bread covered in marinara, followed by a delectable & perfectly cooked steak. Could not recommend this spot more!

Luka Ice Cream & Cakes

A highly recommended ice cream shop (and what looks to be amazing cake shop) is within walking distance of most attractions. We grabbed some gelato and sat across the street near some pink walled buildings. It was really good gelato and I liked the atmosphere of the shop and neighborhood around it.

Kruščić Bakery

Let me start by saying, get to this place early! We went around 2pm and there were about 10 things left in the case. But those things that we tried were amazing. 

Tab B Craft Brewery

This one is quite a bit out of old town, you'll have to walkaways (if you're staying in the heart of things) to catch an Uber. But then you get to drive through Split, the normal part and it's really cool. You'll see Soviet-era apartment buildings and local stores and tons of people walking to meet for dinner. Then you roll up to one of those Soviet-era buildings, walk up some stairs and you're in the brewery. While the outside is nothing special, they've really transformed the inside into a cool brewery. We were the only one's there but the beer was good and the guy bartending was nice.

Mandrill Nano Brewing

Right down the street form the steak place from above, this little brewery also serves pizza. We went in after a long day at Krka National Park and were the only people in there. It slowly filled as we drank and we liked the beer a lot.

Caffe Bar Sanctuary

While waiting for the place below to open, we read about this place that serves craft beer. It's in a tiny square located in the middle of Split. It has a super small interior but a lot of seating outside. They had good craft beer options and the American that works there was super nice!

Leopold's Craft Beer Bar

Since the family is obsessed with craft beer, I did research to find a place that served some of the Split breweries that didn't have a taproom. Be careful with the hours of this place, they are different than they appear a lot of places online. You can sit in the little bar or sit outside under the covered platform. They have a ton of European beers and some of the Split breweries. It's a good little spot to go in-between walking and dinner.


Where to Stay:

We stayed in this Airbnb, which was right in the middle of Split. We loved it! Plus, it is absolutely massive. There are two big bedrooms, on the opposite sides of the apartment so you can snore to your heart's content if needed. The kitchen is like two whole rooms itself so if you like to cook this place is ideal. The only thing is, it's up three flights of stairs...and they are not small stairs, so keep that in mind when it comes to your baggage. 

Other Resources:

  • Go in shoulder season, we went in May and it was perfect. We always got seated at restaurants and didn't have to wait in long lines for anything. Plus, the island just seems calm and laidback. 
  • Here is my Croatia vlog if you would prefer to watch instead of look through the photos!
  • Here are links to my other Croatian blog posts: Dubrovnik Guide, Hvar Guide, Krka National Park Guide, Korčula Guide & Sarajevo Guide.
  • Below is a map with everything mentioned in this guide, so you can plan your own trip.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Quotes of the Week

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you had a restorative weekend like I did. My roommate was out of town so I just laid around my apartment, watching old movies on Netflix, dancing around the kitchen and working on the blog. This week I don't have anything too crazy going on but I'm sure some stuff will pop up. Let me know what you're up to - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Articles I'm Reading

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Krka National Park Guide

When my parents and I were researching our trip to Croatia we kept seeing people talk about how amazing Krka National Park. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed. We did a day-trip out there and it was so worth it; find out how we got there, what we did and where we ate.

How to Get There:

We went with the lovely Gecko Tours and left early in the morning, directly from Split. The meeting point was just down the street from our Airbnb and it was an easy walk to the tour bus — which was comfortable and had free wifi. The drive was simple, I didn't get car-sick so that has its benefits. Our tour guide was super sweet and let us have plenty of time to explore on our own. I will say, some of the stuff we did I don't think we could have done without the guide (see the food & live music we witnessed below) so I will say, going on a small tour group was great.

What To Do:


This is where we started our journey, at one of the highest points of the waterfalls. It's where famous dignitaries have been including Franz Joseph and it gives you a great geographical starting point. You can then walk down to the part of the park where you can swim. The walk was one of my favorite parts because its basically boardwalks over this raging waterfall...with no railings (America, where are you?). The rushing water is beautiful and its so peaceful. There are also plenty of restrooms, places to grab food and souvenir shops. 

Skradinski Buk Waterfall

This is where we all stopped for lunch and it is where you can actually get in the water and swim around. Now, we didn't know this, but apparently there are certain months where you can/cannot swim in the water. When we were there (late May) it technically wasn't allowed but there were plenty of people doing it...so go at your own risk. There are little stands selling gelato and food (more about that in the food section) as well as souvenirs. We got about two hours of free time here, so we ate, walked around, took far too many photos and just enjoyed the sunny day before heading to catch our boat (we were taking a boat to our tour bus). 


Since we took the boat, we stopped in Skradin to get back on our tour bus and the whole fam wished we had gotten more time in this adorable spot on the water. They have beautiful, colorful buildings and it looks like a really cool spot to maybe stay four hours in just to see. 

The Most Photographed Island in Croatia

Croatia has over 1,000 islands but this little guy is the most photographed. It has a monetary, Samostan Visovac, on it and yes, you can visit, but for a small amount of time and it has to be arranged in advance. We just looked on it from above and took our photos — gotta participate in social media culture. It's definitely worth a stop at the look-out point. 

Roški Slap

This is the end bit of the waterfall, you'll see where to eat below, but it is the laid-back portion of the national park. The waterfalls aren't as beautiful but there is a community with museums, a mill and a restaurant. I loved this part, it started raining but it was so peaceful and I could just see myself spending a long weekend enjoying the cold water and sitting under an umbrella drinking beer and homemade wine. You can even put your feet in a part of the waterfall near the restaurant. I would highly recommend stopping, just to see a different side of the park.

Where to eat & drink: 


We bought lunch at our local Babic the day before, so we dined on sandwiches and then grabbed some gelato at one of the MANY stands in the park. There are plenty of food options though, if you don't want to bring a picnic. There is even a full-fledged beer garden serving alcohol...because it's Europe. 

Homemade Wine & Meats at Alte Mühle Kristijan or Christian's Place

Okay, this was the best part of the trip...I mean the waterfalls were the most beautiful part of the trip but this was a side trip that made the whole tour worth it. You stop on this road, walk down the incline and bam, you're at a restaurant and museum where the waterfalls end. The restaurant serves traditional foods and the owners are some of the best hosts I've ever seen. We walked in to the owner belting out Croatian and American songs, Hotel California was sung in both languages (see this part of the vlog), while his wife served us so much delicious food. My main thing, is basically drink a bottle of the olive oil. It was the best I've ever had and I dream about it to this day. Also, the apple juice is A+ if you don't like wine or you're like me and can handle both alcohol and non-alcohol. 

Alcohol Tasting

Our last stop, and I will fully admit I wasn't feeling this, was a homestead to try traditional Croatian liquors. They were terrible...well in that way that alcohol tastes incredibly bad but is probably really good? Like it would knock you on your a** if you had more than three shots. But, the best part, was ending the day with our new friends and...the store-bought cookies they served with them. I know, I know what I just typed...but y'all they were so good. To the point, I made my parents take me to Konzum the next day so I could buy a package to take back. And you know what? I wish I had bought three more...I loved 'em. They are these, by the way, nothing special.

Other Resources:

  • Go in shoulder season, we went in May and it was perfect. We always got seated at restaurants and didn't have to wait in long lines for anything. Plus, the park just seems calm and laidback. 
  • Here is my Croatia vlog if you would prefer to watch instead of look through the photos!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Hvar, Croatia Guide

How to Get There:

Since we were coming from Korčula, we took the Ferry Krilo — it's a giant catamaran that is super fast and runs between Dubrovnik and Split, stopping at the islands. We left in the later afternoon, arrived at dinner time in Hvar. I would highly recommend this method as I think having a car on the island would be pointless. Everything is within a five minute walk and a car would just be annoying to park. The crew running the ferry are really efficient, it takes them about 15 minutes to board the whole boat and they'll seat you by destination. There are shelves for your suitcases, a bar serving snacks (I recommend the Kviki pretzels and a Karlovačko beer) and clean bathrooms at the back of the ship. The whole thing is inside and it's so big I didn't struggle with motion sickness. The ferry lets you out right on the street that leads to the main parts of Hvar.

What To Do:

Spanish Fort

We got up and did this as our first activity for the day, which is how I suggest doing it. You'll get some of the most amazing views of Hvar and the islands that surround it from the top, plus, good history. There are tons of crevasses that all provide new and better views. You can walk up and back down, we took a taxi up and walked down — with no issues. It's quite a pretty little jaunt. 

Hvarsko povijesno Kazalište

The theater is only open for a few hours a day, but I would suggest visiting. It's a pretty spot and you walk up the stairs of the arsenal where you can get a great view of the main square. Pop your head in and enjoy the beauty. 

Walk Around

With all of my Croatia guides, I think the best thing you can do in Hvar is to simply walk around. Check out the different alleys, see if there are museums you want to visit and stop into cafes for coffee or drinks. Hvar is very laid-back and it's nice to enjoy your time.

Where to eat & drink: 

Konoba Bunar

I found this place while researching on TripAdvisor and it was wonderful! We sat in an alley — as per usual — and the staff were super helpful. We were going to order a certain item and he told us it was a better deal to do something else, which it totally was. We had a massive feast complete with grilled veggies, meats, cheeses, granola, pudding, bread and more.

Dva Ribara

We stumbled across this place on our way to the brewery below and it was the perfect spot. It's family-owned and not as fancy as some of the other spots — a good thing. We sat outside, on their porch and ate fresh pasta. Mine had a creamy sauce with little bits of meat in it and it was to-die-for.

Icy Bar

A gelato shop I had read about, Icy Bar didn't disappoint. I recommend getting it right before you catch the ferry, since it is right across the street. It's a little stand that's perfect for sunset viewing and yummy delights.

Vunetovo Craft Beer

Such.good.craft.beer. And such.a.beautiful.spot. You walk from the old part of town along the big riviera where you can stop in for lunch or to shop — my mom got a super cute hat. You walk passed a big resort, continue around the bend and there it is. You'll need to look out for a wooden sign and a wooden door, because it is a little hidden. If you need a better reference, it's right next to some public restrooms. The owners are super nice — they even gave us a free cheese plate — and the beer was super good. Highly, highly recommend.

Central Park Club

This was probably the weakest meal we ate our entire trip to Croatia. The place itself probably isn't that bad in the daylight, but at night they try a little too hard and it was the highest concentration of smoking we witnessed, which we weren't fans of. I had a burger, which was good, but I just don't suggest it as a nighttime meal. 

Where to Stay:

We stayed in this Airbnb and it was perfect. The location is on the literal corner of the square, right down from the Spanish Fort and in the center of it all. It's a little on the older side, but I think that adds to its charm. There were two beds, a huge kitchen/living room and a bathroom, plus, the host is super sweet. 

Other Resources:

  • Go in shoulder season, we went in May and it was perfect. We always got seated at restaurants and didn't have to wait in long lines for anything. Plus, the island just seems calm and laidback. 
  • Here is my Croatia vlog if you would prefer to watch instead of look through the photos!
  • Below is a map with everything mentioned in this guide, so you can plan your own trip.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Articles I'm Reading

  1. Love a good summer film, I highly recommend The Parent Trap // Vanity Fair
  2. A really good guide to San Antonio // Texas Monthly
  3. Had no idea Jennifer Garner was this funny // BuzzFeed
  4. LBJ's office is frozen in time // Austin Monthly
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  6. I want to go to Petersham Nurseries so bad // Gal Meets Glam

Friday, July 5, 2019

Korčula, Croatia Guide

My basic suggestion with Korčula is to just enjoy it. Take your time, walk around a lot, drink at a bar on the edge of the island, just stop going and relax. That's what the island was like for us — the town is absolutely tiny & adorable, the people are laid-back and there aren't a ton of sites to see. If I wanted a relaxing vacation of eating, drinking, swimming & beauty, I would choose Korčula. I loved it.

How to Get There:

Since we were coming from Dubrovnik, we took the Ferry Krilo — it's a giant catamaran that is super fast and runs between Dubrovnik and Split, stopping at the islands. We left in the afternoon, arrived at dinner time in Korčula. I would highly recommend this method as I think having a car on the island would be pointless. Everything is within a five minute walk and a car would just be annoying to park. The crew running the ferry are really efficient, it takes them about 15 minutes to board the whole boat and they'll seat you by destination. There are shelves for your suitcases, a bar serving snacks (I recommend the Kviki pretzels and a Karlovačko beer) and clean bathrooms at the back of the ship. The whole thing is inside and it's so big I didn't struggle with motion sickness. The ferry lets you out right down the street from the entrance to Korčula's main gate and bam, you're there! 

What To Do:

St. Mark's Cathedral

Located in the center of town, the cathedral has a tower that you can climb up inside and once you reach the top you have the most beautiful view of the area. Be forewarned, it's pretty steep and tight up there. There is even a red light/green light system for a section of it because you can not go past one another!

Walk Around

Truly, there is not a whole lot to do on the island, but walk around and be in awe of its beauty. We just did laps of the town and each time I found another thing to take a photo of. It's just gorgeous.

Where to eat & drink: 

This was highly recommended by the blogger-sphere and it didn't disappoint. It's outside of the city walls — but you could throw a rock from the main gate to this spot. I had the cheese pizza and it was delightful. We also had some chicken kebabs with fries that were good. I recommend grabbing a table outside as the sunsets and enjoying your time at this little cafe. 
This was another highly recommended spot and it didn't disappoint. The Google Maps way of getting there is a little complicated, so be aware that you might get a little lost trying to find it that way. The gelato flavors were all unique and fun — I had a cookie crunch Marco Polo situation that I loved. 
This little spot is great for breakfast, just outside of the old town. We sat outside and were entertained by a cat who didn't want to be bothered and a toddler intent on bothering it. The omelette was great and it came with really good toasted bread. 
Cukarin sells local products and the cookies are ahhhmaze. The Cukarin, which kind of looks like a crab is traditional shortbread-esque cookie and the Amareta tastes like delicious almonds — I loved it. We got a box of these goodies and ate them on one of our walks. To be honest, I wish we had gotten more! 
Right across the street from our Airbnb, Amfora makes good pizza and super fresh lasagna. We sat outside in the alley and enjoyed our time! 

Caffe Bar Step

If you are waiting to catch the ferry and have some time to kill, I suggest this place. You can sit outside under the roof. Plus, it's a great place to camp out if it starts to drizzle, like it did to us. They have plenty of beer on tap and a clean restroom too. 

Bars along Promenade

This is one of my favorite things we did. We literally just picked a bar on the beautiful promenade and drank craft beer while enjoying the atmosphere. There are tons of bars and they all serve good drinks, so just pick one and do it.

Where to Stay:

We stayed at this Airbnb and loved it! The place is super modern, with a really nice bathroom and two beds. It is right by the main gate and is in the city walls. It is the perfect location for anything you could want to do in the town.

Other Resources:

  • Go in shoulder season, we went in May and it was perfect. We always got seated at restaurants and didn't have to wait in long lines for anything. Plus, the island just seems calm and laidback. 
  • Here is my Croatia vlog if you would prefer to watch instead of look through the photos!
  • Below is a map with everything mentioned in this guide, so you can plan your own trip.

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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day y'all! I hope your day is full of good food, fun and fireworks. However, I do want to take this time to discuss some ways to be a real American patriot — donating to some causes that are helping people in need, because there is nothing more American than helping people and fighting for causes that are important to you. We live in turbulent times and we have to do what we can where we can. Thank you - xoxo darling, Hayden.

Yellowhammer Fund 

Provides funding for women in Alabama seeking care at one of Alabama's three abortion clinics and will help with other barriers to access.


Will challenge new laws in the U.S. that go against our Constitutional and human rights. 

Planned Parenthood 

I would choose a state where PP is being defunded — like Missouri, but this will help women get access to healthcare of all kinds. 


Your donation will go to getting women equal pay as well as helping women continue to do amazing things. 


Helping women in Kentucky pay for abortions at the last abortion clinic in Kentucky. 

Border Angels

Provides legal help for immigrants at the United States border. 

Kids in Need of Defense

Helps provide legal counsel for children who are alone at the border and in need of representation. 

My shirt is from the Vineyard Vines x Target collection and 
we took these photos @ Ready Foods, Inc. near Mile High Stadium in Denver. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Week Re-Cap

It's the last day before a four day weekend for me and I'm very happy. I'm flying home tonight to enjoy the humidity and bagels. The last week was so much fun though, Hannah & I had an absolute blast drinking our way through town and attending the Kacey Musgraves concert at Red Rocks. Below is a mix of, very out-of-order photos from the last week. What have you been up to? - xoxo darling, Hayden.

We love Aperol Spritz season.

The roses are BLOOMING in Denver.

Every ice cream shop should offer a flight.

Finn's Manor

A Caloosahatchee...which is so me.

Last drink of the night at Death & Co. 

Love this girl so much.

Brunch at The Cow in Morrison.

How cute is downtown Morrison? 

Cake balls at Born2Bake in Littleton.

Empanadas at Broadway Market.

A lil hike & a lil bunny! 

One of my favorite places near my apartment.

First Red Rocks concert.

It was truly magical.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Sarajevo Guide

When my family first decided to go to Croatia oh so long ago, my dad and I knew if we were that close to Sarajevo, a day trip must be made. We are both huge history lovers and seeing the corner where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated to start The Great War was important. Now that I'm back, I think visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina should be something you seriously consider if you are going to the region. The country is gorgeous, and it's a fascinating country to witness firsthand. It's kind of east-meets-west as half of the country is Muslim and the other half are made up of Orthodox Christians and Catholics. I saw more mosques in five square miles than I've ever seen in my life — and I think that is important given the climate that we live in. Plus, Sarajevo is a little rougher around the edges, you can see the USSR's influence, more than in places like Dubrovnik. They don't experience as much tourism as other European countries, and while we were there, I didn't hear another American accent, some British but mainly people from countries closer to the area. We got out of our comfort zone a bit, and I think that with travel, you should do that. Experience another culture, try different foods, you know all those cliche things. But seriously, if you have the opportunity, I would go and here is my guide if you do — xoxo darling, Hayden. P.S. As a reminder, we went for a day, so I don't have recommendations on where to stay, and it's not a ton of things to do, so take that into consideration. 

How to Get There:

If you are doing a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you'll probably fly or drive or whatever. Since we were in Dubrovnik, we took a day trip with Amico Tours. And let me tell you, it was totally worth it. If you choose to go to Sarajevo, be prepared for about a four-hour car ride through the mountains. As a person who gets car sick like crazy, I took Bonine and wore Sea Bands. I never got ill and was so happy with the long drive because Bosnia was absolutely beautiful. We drove through adorable towns and saw the most breathtaking scenery. We met our guide, Gabriel, at 6am outside the Dubrovnik City Walls and proceeded to drive along the coast in a super comfy Mercedes, like I said it was worth it! Gabriel was a fantastic guide; he is from Bosnia, so we got to learn about the country as we drove — when we weren't sleeping, we went on our second day so the jet lag was intense. He gave us recommendations for food (see below) that were wonderful and I, overall, cannot stress enough how great Amico was (p.s. not sponsored, I just loved it).

What To Do:

Walk around Old Town

As with any city, the best thing to do is just walk around, get your bearings and see the architecture fo the town. Old Town is a fascinating mix of design. You have Ottoman buildings, Mosques, a little Austro-Hungarian color and, of course, USSR style cement block buildings. Old Town is tiny, and I would suggest walking up and down each street, you'll see tourists and locals drinking coffee, doing their shopping and maybe see something you want to do while you're visiting. 

Sarajevo Museum & Latin Bridge

The biggest highlight of our trip was seeing one of the most important street corners in the world. It was a Sunday, so this museum was closed, but I'm sure it's great. There is a marker set into the wall that talks about the assassination. You can also walk across the bridge that the Archduke and his wife crossed shortly before being killed. It's powerful to stand there, knowing that so many people's fate changed that day in June 1914. 

Sarajevo City Hall

Also known as Vijećnica, the city hall is a must-see, if just for the architecture, which is pseudo-Moorish. It was completed in 1894 but destroyed in 1992, after it had been turned into the National Library. They lost the building and so many Bosnian manuscripts. But, they rebuilt it, and it reopened in 2014. Aside from its beauty, it's a testament to the resilience of the country. 

Gazi Husrev-beg's Bezistan

This is the covered bazaar of Old Town and is a piece of Ottoman culture nestled in Sarajevo. It was presumably built in 1540 and is a must walk through. You'll find vendors selling everything from traditional coffee sets to knock-off designer bags. I would suggest a quick walk-through to see the vaulted ceilings.


This public fountain, located at the center square of the oldest section of the city, is considered one of the symbols of Sarajevo. It's made of intricately carved wood and was built in 1753. The fountain makes for a great meeting point or just a beautiful photograph. Also, in researching it, I discovered there is a replica in St. Louis, which is so cool! 
A short walk from the old town is the brewery of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It opened in 1864 and has been making beer ever since. The brewery is the only European brewery whose production was not interrupted during the Ottoman Empire or during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy — crazy, right? The museum is a tiny gallery in the giant complex but is a cool way to introduce yourself to the history of the brewery before sampling one of their creations. 

Where to eat & drink: 

This is the place to go for burek, a traditional pastry filled with meat from Turkey. It's cooked slow, buried in a covered pan under coals. Bosnians eat it for any meal, and it is a common food in the country. ASDž is a little spot in old town that serves up some of the best. We tried three different kinds — potato and onion, meat with yogurt and spinach and cheese. I loved the potato the most; I will not lie when I say the yogurt covered one freaked me out a bit. But Bosnians seem to love their yogurt, it often can be ordered as a thinner substance than what we're used to, and it comes in a glass that they drink with their meal. 
One of my favorite foods from our trip was Ćevapi. It's considered the national dish of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is made up of grilled minced meat, served inside a pita called sonum. Get it with Kaymak, a condiment kind of like clotted cream to smear on the sonum and meat. I suggest sitting outside to enjoy the weather and watch life go by as you scarf the delicious dish down. 
This place, right by ASDž, has so many different types of baklava it might blow your mind. Growing up with a Greek best friend, I thought I knew about the dish, but dang, it's so much more! I will say, the treat from this shop was super sweet, so if you don't like overly sweet things, maybe skip it. I liked the chocolate walnut, but my parents weren't the biggest fans due to the sugar levels. 
Since you've been to the museum at this point, might I suggest heading next door to one of the most beautiful brewery taprooms I've ever seen? It's soaring ceilings, massive bar and dark woods make you feel like you're drinking in a brewery that has seen some things and come through it stronger than ever. Be forewarned: the cigarette smell is heavy in the air, and the bartender will probably be smoking while he serves you — but that's authentic. The lager, which is the most popular beer in the country, is good and a classic. 
If you're visiting Sarajevo, you must try Turkish coffee. It seems to be a staple of life for locals and tourists alike. We chose this cafe randomly, and I will say the guys behind the counter were super nice! The coffee itself is an experience, you get it served in the classic pitcher, called a cezve, and then pour it over a sugar cube into a kahve fincanı, or traditional cup. You can see my mom doing it here. I loved it; it's strong and creamy. Plus, I think it is worth it for the experience.

Other Resources:

  • Here is my vlog of our trip to Sarajevo, it's inside the Croatia vlog so that link starts at the Bosnia and Herzegovina portion of the journey.
  • Be prepared for the cigarette smoke. It's not illegal to smoke in restaurants and bars in Bosnia. We tried to avoid it as we are all not fans, but it's unavoidable. 
  • Public Restrooms — okay, let's have a serious conversation. This is not a thing in the country, at least the kind we're used to. The public restrooms in old town are, literal, holes in the ground where you squat over them to pee. Now, I did not have a problem with this because I will use the bathroom pretty much anywhere, but some other people in my family were not fans. The ones you pay for are much cleaner than the free ones, so pay! The brewery was the only place where we found a normal bathroom; none of the restaurants we went to seemed to have them. Just want y'all to be prepared! 
  • Below is a map with everything mentioned in this guide, so you can plan your own trip.