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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week Re-Cap

How many times can I call my week a "whirlwind" before y'all get annoyed? But truly that is the word to describe my entire September...and probably my October. In this week's re-cap you're going to see a lot of Hannah b/c she is my best friend and we go late night Target shopping together. Also because one of my orgs {Comm Council} had our Lake Clean Up event on Friday {where I finally got the s'more I had been craving}. Saturday brought another disappointing Texas loss {but I'm coping} and with Sunday came my latest invention-- the "me day" which I will explain in a forthcoming blog post. Today I have a government test but I should do alright. I am trying not to stress myself out as much in the coming month of October because believe or not I started losing my hair when I got back to school. So let's hope I can stay relatively mellow. The first step to recovery is admitting/acceptance right? We'll see. I hope y'all are having a fabulous week & I will be trying to do better on the blog this coming month. I feel like I haven't been reaching out to you guys enough and I haven't been putting a lot of thought into HT, just scheduling posts. So right now I solemnly swear...that I am up to no good...and that I will be making HT a priority this month-xoxo darling, Hayden.
Hannah & I had way to much fun in the Star Wars toy 
section at Target on Thursday night.
We didn't have hammers for our tents...
Lake Clean-Up was a blast.
 Ugh a good s'more is so hard to come by these days y'all.
I seriously love my little...also I was talking when this was taken so that's 
why my mouth looks so strange.
I am super squinty but I love this family.
Rainbow fire...ooo...ahh.
Grabbed a pre-game brunch @ Texas French Bread with some of my LB sisters {via}.
#6 was dancing when I snapped this photo. 
Babs & Devi used the "come early" rule & 
caught me on the field.
A much needed "me day" on Sunday. 
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Apartment Reveal!

So if y'all have been following along on Insta &/or Snapchat {hayden213} you will have seen some sneak peeks of my apartment! Well today is the big reveal {eek!}. My fam was absolutely amazing and spend a good two {separate} weeks creating the atmosphere you see in the photos below. I am in love with it. I would also like to thank Ikea for always having classic furniture, Mission Reastuarant Supply for the bar stools {they even delivered them!}, and my parents. If you have any questions about the apartment {where I got stuff, etc.} email me here! What does your apartment/dorm look like? Let me know in the comments-xoxo darling, Hayden.
Living Room: Come & Take It from Etsy, DIYed burlap triangles
Feat. my Babushkas!
That's the Queen...and a sheep.
Feat. Target pillow
My attempt at #CoffeeTableStyling
Eek! Gallery wall!
Ikea bench with baskets from TJ Maxx.
Used tea tins & my Lilly for Target vase to style 
the tops of the cabinets. 
Shelf in my bedroom
Kind of love how this DIY turned out!
Love my subway tile bathroom! 
Because are you preppy if you don't have Lacoste hand towels?
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