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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Best Friend Gifts

I adore buying gifts for people. Like you don't even know, I love getting them for other people more than I love getting them myself. 
That being said, some people are harder to shop for than others. Specifically my BFF. We don't spend a ton of time together {we have a strange BFF relationship} so I don't always know what her style is at the moment. 
But I always come through, and below is a guide to coming up with gifts for those more difficult friends of yours {complete with a little quiz!}-xoxo darling, Hayden.
Start out with this simple quiz to figure out what category you should be shopping in:
1.Is she preppy? Yes {Go to 2} No {Go to 3}
2. Does she like monograms? Yes {Go to a} No {Go to 3}
3. Are her ears pierced? Yes {Go to b} No {Go to 4}
4. Does she have a favorite actor? Yes {Go to c} No {Go to 5}
5. Is she going to college? Yes {Go to 6} No {Go to 7}
6. Is she moving out of state? Yes {Go to d} No {Go to e}
7. Does she like witty sayings? Yes {Go to f} No {Go to 8}
8. Is she your best friend? Yes {Go to g} No {Go to h}
a. Marley Lilly Monogram Baseball Cap {My BFF got me this & I love it! Plus it is personal & preppy!}

b. Kiel James Patrick "Drift Knots" Earrings  {They are subtle yet cute!}

c. Feminist Ryan Gosling {Or something similar, my BFF loves Ryan Gosling so I bought her this!}

d. State w/ Heart on Home Town {Chances are your BFF will miss home and you! So give her something to remember you by!}

e. Frat Collection T-Shirt {They're perfect for lounging or wearing to a football game!}

f. Design Darling Pencils {These are so cute & my BFF would love the sayings!}

g. Best Friends Whale Necklace {These are so adorable and perfect for two BFFs!}

h. Diptyque Candle {So she isn't really your BFF? That's fine, just get her something nice...candles are always nice!}

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  1. This is a great list of options and I love the quiz. Supe cute items and definitely gets my mind going in what to get my friends!