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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Netflix: Obsession {Part 4}

Welcome to part 4 of my journey through Netflix-xoxo darling, Hayden.
First Night

I want to watch this film again. It is so cute and perfect. I mean how can you not like a film set in the English countryside about an Opera?! Plus Julian Ovenden is one of the main stars {and that is always a plus}. Yes, it is predictable, but in a good way. You begin to root for the characters to end up with one another or end up getting the opera career of their dreams. It is a great way to spend a car ride home {which is when I watched it...for the first time}. 

The Decoy Bride
I love Kelly Macdonald....mainly because her voice is amazing. But this film was pretty terrible from the beginning. David Tennant's character was so unlikeable I didn't want Macdonald's character to end up with him. Scotland and Macdonald's voice might be the only good things about this film.
What Rats Won't Do
This was cute...sort of. I liked James Frain and the chemistry between the two main characters. However, it seemed to lag and was very predictable. There was something about it that I found myself skipping parts so I could get to the good parts with chemistry. But it is a nice distraction from whatever project you should be doing but aren't feeling at the moment. 
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