Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Week Re-Cap

Hannah & I really needed some Shake Shack 
during MCOC week. 
 This week I was able to participate in Pie a President 
where we raised over $8,000! 
 The calm before the storm.
After my first pie. 
I was pied in the face a total of 6 times y'all. That whipped cream was everywhere. 
*waves to 101 in 1001*
A frat was doing a "donut tab" at Voodoo so of course Hannah & I went.
 Cookies after a successful MCOC week! 
We did a 5k on saturday, I should say I power walked.
 After the 5k we went to the Texas Hill Country to relax {via}.
The Ladybirds adopted a street & cleaned it up on Sunday. 
After which I finally tried Mighty Cone {and loved it}! 
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