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Monday, July 21, 2014

Girl Power

I've been listening to iTunes radio quite a bit & looking up You Tube videos for Iggy...don't ask...and I have come across three very distinct, very different videos, all three of which you should check out, find them below-xoxo darling, Hayden. 
I was listening to iTunes radio while cleaning my room and I came across this song, BO$$ by Fifth Harmony. It isn't my typical song, but there is something about it I love. I've since listened to it a billion times and I can't stop. The message is awesome! They tell you to use common-sense, be confident, and they ask for respect. It is a great message in the era of girls having no self-respect. This song wants you to Pledge Allegiance to the Independent Girls. It is awesome, and I hope you think so too!
I have also been hearing All About That Base lately and I find the message amazing as well. She sings about how no one can be the perfect model, even models are photoshopped. She might not be a Size Two, but that's okay. She even calls out the fashion industry asking them to stop photoshopping women because it is clear that isn't what they really look like. They turn them into silicone barbie dolls and that isn't what real women look like. She also sends a shout  out to women everywhere that if a man wants the Barbie he can walk away. It is very powerful and I love it so much!
This video isn't a music video but it has a seriously powerful message. And it is kind of funny because after watching it I started noticing how often I said I was sorry for things I shouldn't have apologized for. Both Pantene & Always have started making commercials for girls/women and I think it is awesome. We shouldn't have to apologize for asking a question or taking up an armrest. We have just as much of a right to it as anyone else. Check it out:

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