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Sunday, July 20, 2014

School Spirit

In high school I never had a ton of school spirit. I always felt like my school focused way to much on overrated athletics and didn't highlight the things our school was actually good at. However, I have always had serious school spirit for colleges. The list of teams I love out ways the teams I hate. 
But now I have pledged my true allegiance to one school...and that school's colors are incredibly difficult to wear a lot of. But that is where Jack Rogers come in! 
For my graduation present I was given a pair of UT colored Jack Rogers and I cannot tell you how often I wear them. Not only are they incredibly conformable, preppy, and cute, but they give me a way to show my school spirit even when I'm not wearing a burnt orange t-shirt with Texas written across in giant, capital, block letters. 
The college color line Jack Rogers has is amazing & I'm pretty sure you can find your school's color combo, check it out! -xoxo darling, Hayden 
P.S. If you are in a sorority, they also make sorority colored ones {here}!

My Texas Jacks are amazing.
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  1. love these sandals! i wish they have my school color! Go Dragons!