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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daytona Beach, FLA

My family had a work function in Daytona so I tagged along. My dad and I went out and visited all of these random, free places! It was awesome! Below are some of the shots {and links to what we did!}-xoxo darling, Hayden.
 The first night in Daytona we grabbed some Chipotle,
 took it back to our room & ate it ocean-side. 
 For breakfast the first morning we ventured to the Cracked Egg Diner. 
It was the perfect local spot!
I had chocolate chip pancakes...what a surprise!
 We then visited The Casements, the retirement home of John D. Rockefeller. 
 Love the old Ormond Hotel Monogram!
 A banana tree at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens
A mysterious fort in New Smyrna, FL
At 10:11pm we ran into Cow Lick's hoping they would still serve us...they did! 
I had "Death By Chocolate" and "Cookies & Cream." 
Both scoops were amazing and creamy!
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