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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Orientation Diaries: What to Expect at Freshman Orientation

As I sit here in my dorm at 1:32am I cannot say how happy I am that tomorrow orientation will be over. I know, that seems like something bad, but in fact it's good. The reason I want orientation to be over and done with is because I cannot wait to get on campus this fall. It's like they've shown us a tiny bit of what being a college student is like and now they're taking it away. Below is my guide to orientation {because it is stressful, hectic, fun, tiring, scary, and awesome all at the same time}.

This will sound so cliche and annoying but, get some sleep! I went out to dinner with my roommate the night before orientation, I was in bed by around 11pm, and I still didn't get enough sleep. I woke up early and was so nervous I could barely eat {but shove something in your stomach because eating isn't a thing you get to do a lot of}. Drink some coffee {or tea if that's your thing} because you will need it to make it through the seemingly endless day. 

You will {most likely} get to orientation, have to park in the longest parking line ever and then you will go pay for your parking, stand in line for forever, get your room key, packet and schedule, and finally proceed {arms full & hurting} to your dorm room for the next 2{or 1 depending on where you go} day(s). My arm still hasn't recovered from my first day! But don't worry everyone is going through the exact same thing. Here are my tips to having a good check-in:
          • Have a roller-board suitcase
          • Have your pillow/blanket in your suitcase
          • Have a tote bag or backpack where it isn't in your hands
          • Have your ID {license or passport} in your back pocket or somewhere easily accessible
          • Don't panic 

Don't panic. Your parents aren't there and you're freaking out. I know. It's scary, you've checked into your room and your roommate isn't there. Everything will be fine. Remember that girl who was in line with you? Go find her. In fact, find anyone. Or go do something! Get your student ID! That's what I did! Then make sure to be back in time for any events you absolutely have to go to. Like a floor meeting where they basically tell you everything you already know.

I had to attend some mandatory programs where they told me I would fit in, to get involved, you know, the usual. Then they sent us off to our individual schools and we had four hour long meetings with them. Mainly in which they explained the whole registering for classes process. It was really boring, I suggest you have a sugary snack to make it through these dry meetings {I had a cookie left over from lunch}. Then they'll ship you off to a dinner, with your parents most likely {ours was a Texas BBQ}. I was in line for forever because the journalism school went over our meeting time. I barely got any food before I was expected to be back for yet another floor meeting {we had so many thank goodness my wing leader was awesome (shout out to Kim!)}.

Then you'll have another mandatory thing where they talk about campus safety and what to do in certain situations. This is helpful and I actually learned a lot. Then they'll have choice activities before yet another floor meeting. I attended "Keeping Up With Bevo" a spoof on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. After the floor meeting I was so exhausted I took a shower and went to sleep instead of doing another optional activity. And let me tell you, sleep never felt so good. I never appreciated a dorm bed until that moment.

You don't have to be somewhere all morning. How crazy is that? After yesterday you will be incredibly {and pleasantly} surprised! I got up, had a leisurely breakfast before heading off to my Orientation Advisor meeting. She was awesome (shout out to Karen!) and we talked about Orange Is The New Black. After that I headed back to the dorm to catch up on HT stuff and then walked across campus to my advisor meeting. I had a great meeting with Theresa and learned so much about what classes I should take that I walked out knowing exactly what unique numbers to type into my computer the next day.

I had two mandatory programs, one was entitled Bevonomics in which I learned that I needed to make a budget and that college is really expensive but I can handle it if I keep my head on my shoulders. Then I went to a program where I learned how to take notes and that not studying is not an option in college. Also, my schedule will be insane {thank goodness for my class schedule!}. After that I grabbed some lunch in my dorm room and then headed out to take a Spanish placement test {that did not go well...}. But it was a good afternoon.

After the Spanish exam I had a fun dinner with my floor and then another floor meeting. Then came optional things for the evening but I am so happy that I selected to go to Longhorns Beyond the Surface. I had tears in my eyes {not from sadness but happiness that my schoolmates are so open}. It was a wonderful program and I wish I could watch it again! Devi {the roomie} and I headed to an astronomy party after on the roof of a science building. Floor meeting no. 850 {just kidding, but there were a TON}, happened after that and then Club Turn Up {Devi and I only stayed for 20 minutes before we got too tired!}.

Best news yet? Nothing happens till 10:30am when you need to be at your location to register for classes. Then it takes about 15 minutes to register and you can go home! It was wonderful to finally be done with the whirlwind days.

  • You're going to be tired. Accept and move on.
  • You're going to be hungry. Pack some snacks.
  • You're going to want to go home at the end of it all, but that's okay.
  • You'll have fun.
  • You'll meet some awesome people, and some you don't care for. That's okay too because the chances of seeing them again are very slim.
For me, I am so happy that I learned so much and I am looking forward to be in Austin in a little over a month! These are going to be the most exciting years coming up and I am ready to conquer them after orientation! #hookem
-xoxo darling, Hayden

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  1. i cant wait for orientation! mine is in two months :( but i can wait!
    it looks like you had a blast, and the pictures are great