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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Post High School Resume

So you got a high school diploma...now what? You were so involved in high school, you were a member of Student Government, you played softball, and you were a straight A student. You got to put all of that on your college application but where else is it useful?
Your resume of course! 
I put my most important info on a professional, yet very me, resume. I needed one for recruitment {sorority girl right here} but I am also planning to use it for possible job applications and anything else that might come my way. 
Resumes are easy to make and if you find {Microsoft Word has them for free} or buy {Etsy has some super cute ones} a template you'll look extremely professional. 
Below is a screen shot of mine, have any questions? Let me know-xoxo darling, Hayden

Pick one of your favorite colors and make sure it is presentable! I loved the monogram addition to the right hand corner because it is very me!

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  1. love your resume, Hayden! I am currently adding stuff to mine and i am working on it bit by bit.