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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Week Re-Cap

It has been a week! It started off with a volleyball game on Wednesday evening, followed by three different events on Thursday and then an early morning flight to Pittsburgh on Friday. I met my parents in PA for the West Virginia game {we won!} and then we spent Sunday driving through the cutest little towns in Pennsylvania. Monday was yet another early flight home to get to school for my stats class and then yesterday I had my last class before Thanksgiving break. I'm officially done for the week and this morning I am off to Lost Maples State Park to see some pretty leaves. I hope you are having a wonderful break, let me know what you're up to-xoxo darling, Hayden.

 Wednesday night our volleyball team took on 
Kansas and won easily in 3 sets.

 Kelly, Serena and I

 Finally went to a Madrigal Dinner at UT, if you go here
 I would recommend it. 

 Late Thursday night broomball with Comm Council.

 So strange to think that my big and I will be graduating in May. 

 Texas Ex Ambassadors take on Broomball.

 Church Brew - a brewery in an old church - in Pittsburgh.

 The Southern Tier taproom in Pittsburgh. 

Max & Erma's warm cookies really hit the spot on a cold night. 

 My first trip to Milan Puskar Stadium.

 It was a cold, rainy day.

 BUT Y'ALL, WE WON!!! And we are bowl eligible! It was such a great moment!!

 Let me stop for a moment to talk about the PRT at WVU, aka the cutest thing ever to exist. You will see a full video of it in my vlog coming out next week but guys. If you haven't gone to Morgantown to ride this little guy, you haven't lived. It is the cutest most adorable thing I have ever been on. 

A local Morgantown brewery.

The family finally got to eat at Wings Ole, something we have been wanting to do for years.

 Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA was super cute. We took the photos from yesterday's post on the campus. 

Y'all, it snowed and I was so thrilled.

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