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Friday, December 29, 2017

Resolutions in Review

Every year I make resolutions and it is that time of the year to review how I did on them. I did a 1/2 year update in the summer but now we shall see what the second half of the year brought.

1. Organize - I would say I got a 70% on this goal. I did switch to GMail, and it has been a godsend but I didn't do exactly what I wanted with it. I am currently in the place of deleting tons of emails so I can start the new year with an {almost} empty inbox & trash can. I did use my Lilly planner a lot this fall semester and it will come in handy in the spring. I recently organized my iPhoto, something that hadn't been done since 2014 {!} and I feel so much better about that. My desktop was a disaster in the fall but it has since been cleaned. Also, this semester I will be doing a mass cleaning of my laptop's hard drive because I will no longer need a ton of the files that exist. My apartment is hit or miss but I did do some heavy organizing of part of it so I'm fairly proud.

2. Activity - I think this actually went really well. As I said when I made my resolutions I would only be with my best friend when she went to UT but since she graduated I have become closer with some of my now best friends and I have made new friends in some of my classes. It has been so nice getting to know people who were only acquaintances last year. I also stepped up in the Texas Exes Student Ambassador program and have been able to meet a ton of new people through that {they're all amazing}. I'm looking forward to this goal continuing in 2018 as I am no longer president of Texas Ladybirds so I can focus on some of my, previously, lesser organizations.

3. Effort - Oh this was a definite accomplishment...but also I now have issues with this goal...so there is that. On the first part, studying/spending more time studying I DID! Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 were some of my hardest semesters of college {hi finance, stats, economics} and I buckled down. It felt really rewarding to put in those hours and truly study. But gosh am I glad that's over. A secondary part was to put on an actual outfit every day and I did this in the spring. But then my dad raised a very good point to my attention - when am I ever going to be able to wear leggings and giant t-shirts again to my "job?" And he was so right. So in the fall I sometimes wore a "real" outfit when I felt like it and the others I luxuriated in the fact that I am a college student and I can wear whatever I want to class. The third part was keeping all of my things separate and I definitely did a better job of this than I had in the past but I still let stuff effect me that shouldn't have. I do think I have learned a lot about myself since January 2017 and I am happy with that. In 2018 I look forward to working on this even more.

4. Motto - "If not now, when" is still a very prevalent theme in my life. And I think I went out there and did a lot of the stuff I wanted to accomplish in 2017. I'm really proud of traveling alone, working harder on myself, trying new Austin restaurants and fostering new relationships with people.

2017 was a good year, not the greatest ever, but definitely up there. I am proud of how I did on each of my goals and y'all will have to check back on January 1st to see what my new resolutions will be! To be perfectly honest, I have high expectations of 2018 {graduation, a new job, maybe a new city, and plenty of traveling} so I expect to surpass everything I did in 2017 {in a good way} - xoxo darling, Hayden.

{1: Momofuku Cake // 2: 21st Birthday // 3: UT Ring Week // 4: Sun Harvest // 5: St. Patrick's Day // 6: UT Ring //
 7: Texas Monthly Internship // 8: Mother's Day // 9: Sprinkle's in Hyde Park

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