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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gift Guide Under $40

Tea Set // Pillow // Scarf // Headband // Austin Print // Unicorn Headband // Whale Ice Cube Tray // Pom Pouch // Scallop Sticker Pocket // Tassel Earrings // Top // Agenda // Stapler // Bandana // Pom Pom Necklace // Passport Holder //  Dinner Plate // Calendar // Sunglasses // Umbrella
Tea Set - How cute is this individual tea set?! I've been really into drinking tea lately instead of coffee (because one day I had over three cups of coffee...) and I love this one from Anthro so much. Plus, this is a great gift for a friend that loves tea or a hostess. 
Pillow - If you have someone that loves Lilly, Florida, Hawaii or the pineapple fruit...you should buy this for them. It is the perfect accent pillow for any prep, especially in your dorm room. What a great way to "re-do" your apartment for the spring semester! 
Scarf - I love pretty much everything Pendleton and then I found out they had a National Park collection...I want it all. This one is from Glacier National Park and I just really like the stripes on the white. The collection is pretty expensive but this scarf is on sale at the moment, so if you like it go buy it while they last! 
Headband - How cute is this oversized bow headband? I would love to believe that headbands are coming back into style because I seriously miss them. I was one of those little girls who had a headband for every outfit...were any of you like that? Seriously, I loved them and I still have one that I use when I put my make-up on but it is falling apart. Let's bring them back y'all! If you aren't into the velvet bow, this one and this one are real cute too. 
Austin Print - I featured Evelyn Henson's work in my last gift guide but her prints of the cities/towns needed to make it in too. I absolutely love them and want her to do Fort Myers so bad. But until then I might need the Austin one for my future apartment/home in my new city...wherever that might be. You can get them from all over so if your family vacations to a certain place she may have one.
Unicorn Headband - This whimsical little thing is just too cute. Like you would have absolutely no where to wear it but...there is something about it. I could totally see myself buying this for my best friend {maybe one for me too} and wearing them around my apartment for a birthday or something. They would also be really cute instead of party hats for a 21st birthday. 
Whale Ice Cube Tray - If you love whales like I do this ice cube tray is a must. I never make ice {hello ice maker} but if I was throwing a party in the summer I would NEED these trays. They would make a really cute hostess gift or if your friend loves VV they're an option. If you aren't into them these pineapple ones or these hashtag ones are adorable. 
Pom Pouch  - Packed Party is one of my favorite brands, they have been for a while but they just keep getting better! I love this pom pouch because it would make such a cute clutch that would go with my entire wardrobe. It's great for a new friend, secret santa present or you can stuff it with a bunch of little gifts to really make some one's day. 
Scallop Sticker Pocket - I have not really been into this trend of pockets on the back of phones because most people put some ugly logo on them and they are that weird rubber material that I don't like. But dang, I could get behind it with this sticker from Kate Spade. I love that it is made out of high quality material {shout out to my wallet that has lasted since high school} and it has those scallops. 
Tassel Earrings - These are so popular around the influencer world and while I don't have my ears pierced I wouldn't hesitate buying a hostess or friend this gift. They come in tons of colors and are the perfect amount of cute. 
Top - Gingham is one of my favorite patterns/fabrics so why would I not include this top in the guide? You might think you look like a picnic but I think you'll look adorable! There is a ton of gingham out there but I like the idea of black and white for winter. 
Agenda - When you're in the real world your year probably revolves around January - December so getting someone a planner for Christmas makes so much sense! Plus there are a ton of really cute ones out there. Get this for someone that would enjoy it...not for someone who might think you are saying they are unorganized {yikes!}. 
Stapler - Tortoise shell is such a great thing and this stapler is so perfect. I don't care who you buy it for most people would love it. Especially because most people's staplers are plain, boring. This would add the perfect pop of color/pattern to any one's desk. 
Bandana - KJP's stuff is always perfectly preppy and I really like their bandanas this season. The one above would be great for UT events because it has great complimentary colors. Also, they seem a little bigger than most bandanas so you have more ways of tying it to look cute. 
Pom Pom Necklace - If you are as obsessed with pom poms as I am, please comment below. I LOVE THEM. This necklace is so stinking cute and the muted purple would be great for the winter months. I would totally get this for my best friend. 
Passport Holder - For your friend that is always on the go, a passport holder is a great gift. The color of this one and the cute "Jet Set Go" phrase made me choose it but there are tons around the internet. I have a pink one from a friend that I use and I love it as well as one from my parents that is Pan Am themed. 
Dinner Plate - If you have been a reader of the blog for any amount of time you know I am a Francophile...I love me some French items. When I saw this plate on Anthro's website I wanted to buy it immediately. It has the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame gracing it's stoneware face. Plus, it is dishwasher and microwavable safe! 
Calendar - When I was younger I always got a calendar for Christmas because I love them! I haven't gotten one in a while because I rely heavily on my planner and college is crazy, but when I become a fully fledged adult I plan on getting a really cute one. I love this one from Anthro because the places look so beautiful, it would inspire your wanderlust just by crossing off a day. 
Sunglasses - Millennial pink is my current favorite color {navy blue will always be my go-to} and these sunglasses are affordable from H&M. For trendy things my go to is H&M because I know the clothes won't last and I don't need them to. These would be a great stocking stuffer for a friend or sister. 
Umbrella - One Christmas I received an umbrella and you might think that isn't the best gift but it has been such a lifesaver. I used to just use free umbrellas and they would always break but a really solid umbrella is a great practical purchase. The one I have is made all out of recycled materials but this one from Kate Spade is so flipping cute. 

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