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Friday, November 17, 2017

Intense Wanderlust

     This fall has been difficult in a weird sense of the word. No, I'm not talking about school/organizations/friends, I'm talking about the most intense wanderlust I have felt in a long time. Normally I can tamp it down but this fall it has been leaving me feeling empty and craving travel photos on Pinterest. I swear I have planned 800 trips that I have no intention of going on purely because I want to go so bad.
       I'm not sure what started it - maybe it was two summers ago I had the most amazing adventure of my life and this summer I was in Florida working 5 days a week...or maybe it is all of the bloggers I follow...or maybe it is something else. But I've been craving travel. My trip to LA and Dallas helped a little but it still only slightly lessened it. I am so looking forward to heading off to Pittsburgh and West Virginia today because I love the north and the cold. I will try to take some real cute photos {I've been feeling inspired by Julia at Gal Meets Glam lately}. But will this quench my wanderlust thirst? No clue...I hope so, because it has been difficult to focus when my mind just wants to be seeing new things, experiencing new cultures and learning new information. 
       Now that I have written this blog post I realize maybe it is a strange form of senioritis that has me feeling this way? I love college and I am going to cry the day I have to leave it but maybe I am finally starting to crave a new adventure?

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