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Friday, August 4, 2017

Miles Partnership Internship

And like that, my summer internship has come to a close. It seems insane that two months have flown by as quickly as they have, it seems like just yesterday I was overdressed and waiting in the lobby to begin my internship here at Miles. I, honestly, had no idea what to expect, I'm a journalism major but I knew that what Miles does isn't exactly journalistic. When I discussed the position with HR we talked about a ton of different things I could be doing, so I was really nervous about being pulled in a bunch of different directions. 
But when I got to Miles headquarters, I felt so welcome, everyone was so sweet and my first week consisted of about 25 meetings that were one-on-ones with the entire team I worked with. I was extremely fortunate to work on the Brand USA team at Miles, if you don't know anything about tourism, Brand USA markets the United States to international travelers in hopes that they will come visit the U.S. {there is a lot more to it, but that is the basic definition}. Through the internship I was able to write Outbrain headlines {those click bait things you see on websites}, create content for our next culinary guide, help organize our data asset management system, write meta data and photo captions, upload pages to our website and even more. It was a phenomenal internship because I got the opportunity to work on every team over the two months. 
This doesn't even include how much fun I had celebrating fellow team member's birthdays, eating out with fellow interns and participating in an uber competitive international cook-off. Overall, Miles was so good to me and if you are ever looking for an internship in the destination marketing field, they should be your go-to. 

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