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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Resolutions // 2017

Every year I make resolutions on the blog, so here we go again! Let's take 2017 by the horns and make it a good one-xoxo darling, Hayden. 
1. Organize 
In 2016, toward the end of the year I had thousands of unopened emails sitting in my inbox. I finally went through them the other day and no longer have any unopened emails but I still have to sit down and go through thousands of emails I just never deleted. This has got to stop. I also realized that while I remain organized in some aspects of my life, I'm not in others. This year I am trying to make a concentrated effort of keeping my apartment organized as well as emails, my desktop, kind of everything.
So here's to organizing my life in a non-crazy way. 
2. Activity 
The best friend graduated in December and upon some serious reflection I realized I have been kind of using her as a "crutch." Not that I do not love hanging out with her and wish I could continue to do that in the spring, but I haven't been making new friends or meeting new people because I would just hangout with her. So this year I am challenging myself to, instead of heading back to my apartment when I'm done with class, to go to some new libraries. Hangout in new buildings and...the scariest of them all...talk to new people during the first few weeks of class. 
So here's to being more active in my school community. 
3. Effort 
This one has a lot of words that can describe it, but it basically boils down to I want to put extreme effort into all of my life. Some would say "hustle" but I hate that word. I have gotten very complacent with where I am, in school, organizatons, my wardrobe, etc. and I think that needs to stop. So I am challenging myself (and it's going to be rough) to get up and actually put on an outfit (not just my usual leggings and huge shirt + sneakers), to work harder on my journalistic works because they have been falling behind, and spend more hours in the library (or Starbs because I hate our main library). But the other portion of this is (and it ties in with organization) is I want to keep everything seperate. I want to be able to completely focus on the task at hand not a million other tasks I need to complete. I live a pretty hectic life but I want to be able to sit down and just work on my classwork or HT or my dirty dishes. I honestly think this will be the hardest one but we shall see!
So here's to putting more effort and focus into everything. 
4. Motto 
I was scrolling through Pinterest on Sunday and a quote kept sticking with me, "If not now, then when." I'm a sucker for quotes but usually I think stuff like that is kind of for Pinterest but not for real life. But as I said, it stuck with me, and it got me thinking. I have a little over a year left of college. Gosh, that is terrifying to say. I love college. I don't want to have to deal with everything that comes with graduating but soon I will have to. So my new motto for resolutions and for the entirety of 2017 is ,"If not now, then when." Because I need to try all of the restaurants in Ausitn, I need to get out there and meet new people, I need to go on adventures, and I need to do fun things because after I graduate, who knows what will happen! 
So here's to sticking to our 2017 mottos.

Cheers y'all.

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