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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gift Guide Under $60

Plaid Shirt - This flannel sleep shirt looks like what dreams are made of (pun intended). I like it because you could just wear it with underwear and head off to sleep and still feel cute. Plus, blackwatch plaid is my all time favorite. If you aren't into this kind Vineyard Vines also has a more traditional PJ set in pink. A lot of families give PJs as a night before the holidays gift so I would be asking for this one...
Packed Party Box - Does anyone else follow Packed Party? I have watched this company grow and their Instagram is on FIRE. I have always wanted to send one of their boxes to a friend or receive one myself. Each item is so unique and chosen with such care. If you have a long distance friend and you want to get them something that will really surprise them, go for Packed Party. 
Coat - How cute is this coat? This would be a great gift for a sister or mom if they are looking for a new coat or don't have this style. It is made out of good material that should last for a long time plus it comes in a ton of colors so anyone in your life can find the right one for them. 
Photo Frame - I don't know why but this photo frame really caught my eye on Kate Spade's website. I think it would be the cutest thing to get for your best friend and get your all time favorite photo of the two of you together. It is a thoughtful gift without being too hard to do. 
Rain Boots - These are so popular around our campus? I'm a Hunter girl myself but I do think these are way more stylish. They come in a variety of colors but I think black is the best color to get anyone in your life. 
Beret - Y'ALL. I am obsessed. I've always loved berets but now they are finally coming back into style! I am waiting to pull the trigger on this cotton candy pink one because it would be so cute for the January/February times. 
Canvas Tote - If you are looking for one of those cute Madewell bags in leather but it is just too pricey this season, go with the canvas tote. I love it in the military green because I want that color to be our color of the year in 2018. 
Shoes - OBSESSED with these shoes. Loving the mustard color and its continuation into winter. Plus, the embroidery is really cute and I just want to wear these with everything. I think they would really complete most outfits {with skirts, pants, jeans, etc}. 
Ice Bucket - Okay, no one needs an ice bucket but like...don't you want this one? I think tortoise shell is the best neutral pattern for any home, apartment, dorm room you can find. And don't use it for ice if you don't want to, just store stuff in it or have it in your room with nothing in it. If a friend or hostess has a bar cart, this is such an easy choice. 
Beanie - I have been having a real infatuation with beanies recently. I think it goes back to my intense fall wanderlust but I have been in to them. This one is just so adorable - I love the huge puff on top and it comes it tons of colors. The maroon just goes with everything (black, green, blue, etc). 
Phone Case - Yet again love me some tortoise shell pattern. I probably should get a new iPhone case because it has been a hot minute and this one would be so cute. If you put the scallop pocket on the back {from this gift guide} it would be even cuter. Get this case for literally anyone in your life.
Bag - This bag makes me feel a little summery but with the other color options you can really wear it anywhere. I think the woven detailing makes it interesting and not like every other cross-body you see. Get this one for your good friend who has worn out her previous cross-body and she will be forever thankful. 
Top - How adorable is this navy striped top? It is such a great gift for your best friend or mom for the spring season. I love the bow detail, it is extra but not too extra. 
Lee - I have a small obsession with Lee Radziwill and I want this book so bad for my future readings. If you have any friends that love history, women or Jackie O get them this. 
200 Women - These 200 women were all asked the same five questions and all gave the most fascinating answers. The photography that accompanies is beautiful. This is the perfect hostess gift, best friend gift or even just if you know a feminist you should give it to them. It will make a great coffee table book and an awesome read in the future. 
Gray Malin Book - Gray Malin is one of my favorite photographers of all time and this book is absolutely wonderful. This will be a wonderful addition to any coffee table but also just to enjoy the amazing photos this man takes. 

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