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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Week Re-Cap

What a week it has been, and all of it was good. First, it snowed. IT SNOWED. IT SNOWED IN AUSTIN. I was walking to meet two friends and it was sleeting and I was happy then as we sat in El Mercado {a cute Mexican restaurant near campus} it started full out snowing and I freaked out. I literally stayed outside until it stopped because I couldn't handle it. I took some horrible photos below so y'all could get the gist of it. 
Second, I visited the best friend in San Antonio. Check out the vlog of our weekend here. But there are some fun photos from Hannah's Teach for America holiday party {the gifs crack me up}. We did some hiking, ate a lot of food and mainly just enjoyed each others company. I miss her all the time so it was so nice to see her before the year comes to a close. P.S. She got me this book for Christmas and I freaked out. 
Third, it was Texas Ladybirds' formal on Monday and I took one of my good friends Jimmy who I met during a service project what seems like forever ago. Those photos will be going up next Thursday because there were too many good ones to just choose a few.
Fourth, after formal Serena & I went to Miracle on 5th Street a holiday themed pop up bar in Austin. It was magical. I've included some photos so you can see it, but you must visit to really get the whole thing. 
Now, that was the past week, it was amazing but this week isn't going to be so amazing. I have two major finals on Monday so I will be buckling down and not leaving my apartment, the library or the main mall for the rest of the week/weekend. I am determined to do well in Stats and Economics so we shall see. I have scheduled the rest of the posts this week so I hope you enjoy them - xoxo darling, Hayden.
P.S. What are y'all up to? 


 The sunrise on Saturday from Hannah's apartment.

 Demo's Greek in San Antonio.

 Pre-holiday party festivities.

 My outfit for a light hike {seen here}. 

Loving that it is finally fall in Texas.

 I went to DryBar before my formal and y'all. I had the best time. 
My hair looked amazing.

 Miracle on 5th Street

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