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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week Re-Cap

Whew, it's been a while since I've done one of these, huh? If I am being honest I have been avoiding them because I haven't taken any photos as of late but I have been collecting every couple of few from the past three weeks. Interning and an online Spanish class have been taking up a lot of my time recently but I am headed home this weekend to get ready for my trip next week! This time next week I will be in Colorado and I am so excited! Working full time this summer has given me a glimpse of my future...and man can I say I am worn out? Anyway, I am glad to be back to recapping my weeks, and it is crazy that I only have two weeks left in Sarasota but I am glad to be headed home for the rest of August before I begin my...oh it's too hard to say...senior year. Hope y'all are enjoying Haute Table recently, I've been working really hard on the posts. Let me know if there is more you want to hear about-xoxo darling, Hayden

First, I celebrated 7-Eleven Day the only way I know 
how...with a Coca-Cola Slurpee.

An adorable breakfast spot in Sarasota.

I've been obsessed with Yoder's Amish Village for so long, 
the food is to-die-for.

Big Top Brewing with the family.

 One of the best museums in Florida, it features a beautiful art-deco 
mansion, the Ringling Circus Museum and a world-renowned art museum.

 My favorite part of the whole museum is the miniature circus. 

 A new art instillation. 

Still in love with neon, and especially this gold mirror.

 Parts of the circus museum.

 The art collection is housed in this gorgeous pink building.

A pair of roses from the impressive rose garden. 

 The new Center for Asian Art is absolutely gorgeous. 

 One of the few windows in the building.

I saw Relatively Speaking on Saturday and if you are anywhere near Sarasota in 
the next month you should see it! So funny, so good!  

Celebrated National Ice Cream Day at a cute little shop in Sarasota.

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