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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pink Lee

I wear this outfit so frequently that I am a little worried it is becoming what everyone recognizes me in... Anyway, I love the comfort of the pink tee and the business of the black pants and flats. The bag adds even more splotches of color, maybe it is a good outfit to have as your signature. 
Location note: We took these photos on the side steps of the old courthouse, I love the door windows with the old Lee logo and the steps are made of the circle tiles which makes for great shoe shots. Have a great Saturday!
P.S. No Weekend Re-Cap tomorrow, I will be coming home from LA, instead there will be a post about my recent collages. See you then! 

{What you need: H&M Tee, J.Crew Pants, 
Steve Madden Flats (Goodwill), Bag (Gift with no brand)}

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