Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Inspiration

Happy Saturday! I am off to my final Irish dance Ceili. Then I am vegging out on Chinese food and Netflix {speaking of which, any suggestions?}. Sunday I am baking Orange Crunch Cupcakes & studying up for my final English test. The next week is a full one {including my last three days of school!!!!}. What are you up to this weekend?

 Summer please get here faster!
 Perfect for joyrides in the city.
 Adorable invitations for a summer party.
 Flowers on Flowers
 Perfect dress for spring events.
 This is so precious.
 Rice Crispy sandwiches with toasted 
marshmallow filling dipped in chocolate.
 The bow clutch is awesome.
 I would like to summer here.
 Well...I am still single, but...
 Seriously though, summer come on.
 Perfect accessory for a prep.
 Is anyone's birthday coming up?
 1976 must have been a great year.
Bow tie flats? Ummm yes!

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