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Friday, February 1, 2013

Pinterest Love

Hi all! I am so sorry for not posting anything the past few days, my week has been INSANE!!! And this weekend will be just as crazy, so I am happy to have half an hour to update everyone! I went to a Robin Williams "sit down" on Tuesday that was hysterical! Then Wednesday I had an SGA meeting to finish up the final details of the Sweetheart Auction (pictures are coming!). Thursday I baked cupcakes for a friends birthday (post coming soon!) and then I had dance class. Friday was jam packed, yearbook meetings, cupcake deliveries, Greenies Invade Art Walk, and a baby sitting job. It was nuts! Saturday is baking cupcakes, making sweethearts, and trying to meet my publisher deadline. Sunday is Art Walk volunteering and a film shoot. It should be an exciting Weekend Re-Cap! See you all soon xx!

I wish

My birthday is in 11 days...

Kate Spade


They used lace to paint this...how cool!

I want this framed.

Where can I buy these?!

Weekly Irish Dance inspiration! 



So happy!


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