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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Space 39

Caline came up with this outfit two years ago for my 15th birthday party. It was a lovely French dinner, made by me, in my backyard which Caline and I artfully decorated. Something about the different elements of the outfit, the frill vest with the harsh black skirt of the dress, the layered necklace, and the garnet shoes just makes it interesting. The location is Space 39, a cool bar/ art gallery downtown. It's done in an Arabian style, and it is much like the outfit in that it is different than its surroundings. Have a great Saturday! 
{What You Need: Deliah's Dress, Staring at Stars 
Vest (UO), Bag (DSW), American Eagle Necklace, 
Steve Madden Shoes (Marshalls)}

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