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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Re-Cap

Hi all! This weekend has been incredibly exciting! Yesterday I wasn't home at all, modeling does take up a lot of time, haha. I was everywhere filming and carrying a crane...doesn't that sound odd? Anyway, then last night I was informed that I had the option to go to LA with my mom in a little less than two weeks. What girl would say no? So I bought my tickets and I am so excited! Today I am baking macaroons for my luncheon with Rosame tomorrow. I am also attending a baseball game, go Greenies! Tuesday I am baking cupcakes, Wednesday is my birthday, Thursday is Valentine's day, and Friday is the Edison Ball, so it should be a hectic week! Here are some shots from my weekend-xo.

Katie Meckley on shoot downtown with me. 

A shot from the car ride to Miromar

After a long week of shooting
 Katie was ready to be done!

Shamrock Shakes make everything better

A shot of Neil & I modeling downtown

Ticket bought for LA!

Tour of USC scheduled! 

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