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Monday, February 7, 2022

Monday Links

Happy Monday! I'm off to the office this a.m. for another week with our interns. How are y'all?

The hedgehog highway is the cutest thing ever?

All the literary movies & shows to stream this month.

Black History Month: 14 home essentials created by Black inventors (personal fave: Marie Van Brittan Brown). And Black-owned businesses to add to your list of places to support. Also, 24 Black history docus to watch this month (13th and Homecoming are personal favorites).

Loved this read on "The Softness of Black Women."

Jasmine Guillory loves food as much as I do!

7 most beautiful bar bathrooms in Denver...I adore this.

I'm obsessed with the photos in this post.

Ugh I want all of Princess Di's outfits.

LOLed at this piece on how people view librarian workdays.

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