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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tuesday Links

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday's post got delayed because of a late flight, but here we are.

3 Historically Black communities to learn about.

Some new recipes to try, plus more for your next snow day.

Underrated rom coms — I loved "Set It Up!"

And movies that aren't necessarily rom coms — "Girls Trip" is one of my all-time feel good films.

Fascinating read on the Comstock Laws.

Denver: Welton Street Cafe's new home. And Whataburger is coming to Colorado Springs!

For my Texas readers, 8 restaurants in San Antonio you have to check out.

Denver restaurants on why they are moving to the suburbs — something I'm all for.

Wordle is cool but have you played Worldle?!

Cozy February.

Need, need, need this gingham rain jacket.

"Why can't a fat girl fall in love?"

41 Queer romances to read asap.

Ugh I want to go to Palm Springs real bad.

Cute small businesses to check out.

Want more?

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