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Friday, February 4, 2022

11 Perfect First Date Restaurants in Denver

First dates are hard! Like so hard. I have a love/hate relationship with them. They can be incredibly fun — you get to know someone totally new — but they can provide so much anxiety and stress. So, in order to take some pressure off your next first date in the Mile High city, I'm providing you with 11 incredible places to have your first date. They range, some are fast-casual and some are fancy. It's up to you what you choose, but, they are all good. Do you have a favorite Denver first-date restaurant?

1. Deviation Distilling

Located in Dairy Block, this place is fancy-casual. What do I mean by that? The drinks are super classy, the charcuterie board comes with Colorado made cheese and meats but if you hate your date you can peace out really easy. One drink and done — then escape into Milk Market. Or, if your date is going well, you can venture into Milk Market together.
What to order: Blood Orange Flip

2. Ge-Jo's Original

Why I've included this Centennial spot is because it would make for a great love story. "On our first date we went to this little, local Italian restaurant where everyone knows everyone and we've been going ever since." Ge-Jo's has the vibe of being in a Hallmark movie, I promise.
What to order: Ge-Jo's Meat Ravioli

3. Hey Bangkok!

With a simple menu, central location and parking lot, Hey Bangkok! is a good option when meeting for the first time. See what your potential partner's tolerance for spicy foods is and stay for as little or as long as you want. No pressure!
What to order: Drunken Noodle

4. Konjo Ethiopian

Tucked into Edgewater Public Market, this Ethiopian counter-service spot is delicious. I like a food hall first date because you can taste-test a bunch of things and head to the bar for something sweet.
What to order: Chicken Tibs

5. Linger

Okay you might not think a mortuary is the ideal place for a first date BUT, I disagree. They have a rooftop, incredible foods from all over the world and give you popcorn instead of a bread basket...like come on that's amazing. This one is definitely on the pricey for a first date, but treat yourselves! 
What to order: Chicken B'Stilla Bites

6. Perdida

If you love aesthetically pleasing spots, this Gaylord Street Mexican-inspired place is a great option. The back patio is beautiful and great if you're anxious about COVID still (like me!). This one is probably best if you think you have a lot to talk about because the drinks, appetizers and mains are all good so you'll want to stick around.
What to order: Yucca Fries

7. Somebody People

I am not vegan, but I respect it so much and Somebody People is one of the best restuarants in Denver — before you even add in that it's vegan. Plus, they do this prix fixe menu where you get a bunch of shareable entrees for about $40 a person. It's a nice way to get to know someone and try a bunch of delicious vegan dishes.
What to order: Focaccia

8. The Cozy Cottage

Brunch dates might not be for everyone but I kind of like how non-pressure-y they are. You can have a dead-set time to end because you have the rest of your day to get to. OR, if it goes super well you can keep it going — get another drink, go for coffee, etc. I love this spot because their patio is amazing, and it's fun to order a bunch of different things to try.
What to order: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

9. The Feedery at Grow + Gather

This casual spot is right by Swedish Medical and I love their concept. It's farm-fresh, nicely decorated and kind of perfect for a lunch date on a chilly, sunny Sunday. The menu lists all of the farms that they use and the mission is a good one to support while on a date!
What to order: Bacon Vinaigrette

10. The Red Barber

This is another one of those if-we-were-in-a-movie first date. It's located in Five Points and has one of the best rooftops in Denver. Go at golden hour, order some drinks and try a bunch of the small plates. Take a selfie of you two and one day — at your wedding or something — you can talk about how you fell in love under the pink sky at Red Barber.
What to order: Sourdough Grilled Cheese

11. Tocabe

Anxious about meeting someone and not liking them? I introduce you to this fast-casual Indigenous Peoples restaurant. It's like Chipotle or Qdoba where you go down the line choosing the things to make up your meal. So, you can be in and out in less than an hour if it's not going well. Or you can stick around for fry bread for dessert!
What to order: Posu Bowl

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